Ttobongee Chicken

1184 Forest Ave Suite E, Pacific Grove
(831) 658-0134

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P Anthony

It was our first time here, my friend and I really enjoyed the lunch specials. The service was great - super fast and ever so friendly. Will definitely be back soon!

James Adams

Classic, mom and pop Korean chicken place. Reminded us a lot of our trips to Korea. A happy spot

Kara Wall

Really good! You are safe choosing anything on the menu


Friendly staff, delicious food & good drinks. We tried Soju for the very first time!!! Definitely there's going to be a 2nd time ☺ I was not aware of how many flavors there're of Soju...


We drove by this restaurant on our way in to Pacific Grove. Ordered chicken, ribs and mashed potatoes. The rotisserie chicken had no flavor and was overpriced at $21. The ribs were good and the mashed potatoes were OK. I can't speak for other items on the menu. Service was fine and the restaurant was clean.

Rochelle Trinidad Olalia

First time here. Tasty food and friendly staff. Good service.


First of all, customer service is superb! My boyfriend and I discovered this gem by accident. Turns out, it is the best Korean restaurant we have been to! We ordered bi bim bap, half & half chicken, and dduk boki. Everything was so good especially dduk boki because the taste is unique than any other dduk boki we have tasted. Even the rice cake is sooooo soft (we had left overs and the next day, it's still soft!). Definitely we will come back

Marina Z.

Great food and amazing staff. We had 2 toddlers and a baby and they could NOT have been kinder or had more humor. We got like .. everything on the menu and it was ALL ! The chicken was crunchy and the sauces were SUPER flavorful. Also the shrimp chips ... and the super fresh kimchi and the pickled radish. Above all the staff was fast, super helpful and HILARIOUS. Best trip to Monterey yet - thank you guys SO much!

Mitchell W.

Coming from the Bay Area, I didn't expect to find such amazing Korean fried chicken. The outside was perfectly crispy and saucy, and the inside was perfectly juicy and tender. Definitely one of the best Korean fried chicken places I've ever had!

Ritz C.

Delicious! Definitely a spot to check out while your in Monterey we got the half and half full order and it was soooo good. Japchae was excellent, mandoo was cooked to perfection and of course had to take out some rice. They are only open for outdoor dining.

B H.

This place is great. The food was delicious ( had the sweet and chili chicken wings and beef jap chae). Chicken was crispy and moist, come with plastic gloves for my savage eating habits and jap chae was flavorful. Great family runned business with friendly service. Prob the best in pacific grove. It is def on the list when I come down here.

Mike D.

Oh my goodness, this is a little gem in Pacific Grove! scrolling to find out what we would order for the evening and when I saw the Korean Fried Chicken I had to try it. The reviews were all stellar so they had to have something good going but I did not imagine it would be so damn good!!! We ordered the Ttobongee Fried Chicken and the Green Onion Chicken with Onion Rings and Kim Chi. It could not have been better, the fried chicken was crispy and not too spicy but super flavorful, tender and just delicious! The Kim Chi smelled overpowering when we opened it but the flavors were right on and not too spicy again but full of rich smokey chili flavor with the tangy sourness of the fermented cabbage. Even the onion rings stand out from others with a little spice and then just an awesome flavor. This is now a goto restaurant for great Korean Fried Chicken!


This is the real deal my friends! wonderfully flavorful, perfectly cooked, authentic as it gets (trust me, been to.Korea a couple times). Great service, a bit pricey but worth it. Featured here is the half order of the Gal bi fried chicken.

Moses Birmelin

The food is so good, we went back again. They know how to make some amazing food.

VG d.

OMG. I know it might sound weird, fried chicken with a Korean sauce, but upon chewing the first wing, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. THEY ARE THAT GOOD.

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