Tto Bong Ee Chicken - Korean Style Fried Chicken (ChiMak)

1184 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 658-0134

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Lucila Marie D.

Stopped by this spot for dinner after the beach and it was great! The worker who took our order was super nice as well! Overall the chicken was good and similar to the Bonchon we have in Elk Grove / Sacramento!

John P.

Absolutely fantastic fried chicken. The people are always super friendly when we pick it up, the fried rice is excellent as well love this place

Anne P.

I have heard so much about this place but in my mind there are no decent Korean fried chicken in the Monterey Peninsula. Boy, was I wrong! I do not need to drive to San Jose to satisfy my cravings, my go to place has been Bonchon. I had my doubts but once I bit into the chicken I knew I was in heaven. The crispy skin and the different flavors of the chicken, while Bonchon has only two this one has more of a variety. The price is comparable as well. I am actually sad that I did not know about this place sooner. We had the Ttobongee, Soy Sauce & Garlic (spicy) and Green onion chicken. I must say I did enjoy the Soy Sauce & Garlic, it had a good kick to it. I now must try the Maip Dak Chicken (very spicy) to compare the difference. I will be definitely coming back here sooner than later! If you are in the area this place is a must try!

Shaquira R.

Really friendly people!Chicken is good quality and sauces have authentic flavor!! So glad to finally have a popular Korean food in the area!!!

Danny V.

Not much to say except that it's an absolute must-have Korean fried chicken experience. It's the only one in the local area (besides San Jose), but it's as legit as it gets. Food is absolutely amazing, and the owners and workers diligently work everyday, so their service is second-to-none. Absolutely recommend their Yang-Nyeom chicken! The experience isn't what it is without the owner being who he is. Absolute delight to talk to and knows how to connect with the people. The workers deserve praise too as they also know how to connect with the customers and create a great environment in the workplace. Go there now!

Hannah M.

Amazing perfectly cooked saucy as a mother WANGS i would eat here every day if I could! Pure m a g i c

Christine M.

Delicious fried chicken. We're finding a lot of good eats in Monterey and are quite happy about that!We ordered the whole fried chicken and half soy garlic.We actually enjoy it when the chicken/wings are the smaller ones because they taste better in our opinion. The whole fried chicken was fried really nicely, and I like how they know to let it air out so it doesn't get soggy.The soy garlic, at first seemed like it wouldn't be saucy enough, but was perfect. It was a combo of wings and drum.The kimchee was perfectly fermented to our liking, who knows if they actually make their own, and the pickled radishes tasted good too.We thought a whole chicken and half was more than enough, it was JUST enough, but we could have probably gotten another half. FATTIES.Definitely check them out if you're in the area! Super nice and I like how some reviews mention CLOY. HEHE.

Erica A.

Stopped by on my way home from Big Sur and ordered take out. It looks like they have a table outside, but I was just passing through. I ordered boneless soy garlic chicken and it was phenomenal! It had a bit of spice to it and just the right amount of crunch, it was not a heavy batter and quite light. I also ordered chapjae which was also amazing and it had bits of cabbage to add some crunch. My daughter asked for fried rice and it was served with a fried egg in top. It was a rather large order and she at the whole thing! She said it was the best fried rice she's ever eaten and we've had fried rice at many places. I also ordered tteokboki and asked for rice cake only and mild spice. It was still pretty spicy but I love the texture of rice cake. Finally, their pickled radish is hands down the best I've had. Typically there's quite a bit of vinegar taste and this one was mild and almost sweet. I would definitely go back if ever in the area. I don't have pictures of the food (other than the half eaten chicken), because we devoured it lol

Jenna L.

Wow! Very authentic and super delicious. The owner was very kind and made the customer service outstanding!We got 2 half orders consisting of Green Onion chicken and Korean Sweet Chili chicken, an order of tteokbokki, sausage/rice cake skewers, and Korean fried whole chicken. Everything was amazing/absolutely DELISH and the chicken Drumsticks are where it's at!!!The tteokbokki is pretty spicy so be warned.. But the Yang-Nyum chicken was definitely more on the sweet/sticky heat than spicy!Most definitely do Not forget to eat this meal with a side of pickled radish!So happy we were able to try this place out.

Pam K.

I recently finished Crash Landing on You on Netflix and it really made me crave Korean fried chicken and soju so I thought I'd swing by here because 1. Fried chicken, duh! And 2. I couldn't find soju anywhere in town, not even at a Korean grocery store! Luckily, Ttobongee had everything I needed! And! The man was sooo friendly and personable that he even gave me free shot glasses as a gift! Sooo sweet! Also, this chicken is bomb. I'm so happy right now.

Jordan Montgomery

I have loved the real KFC hit my taste buds in Seoul at the tender age of 20. No other fried chicken hits the mark- so very crispy, spicy, sweet, umami-licious. Lightly battered, twice fried, this place absolutely nails it. The menu is way tighter than the old BBQ place, which everything revolving around the sacred bird. I ate my garlic wings with a side of homemade kimchi and pickled daikon- a nice palate cleaser between bites. I even finished my meal feeling moderately healthy! The only thing missing was a soju bomb. Keep them in business so we can all celebrate over one after the pandemic.

Terry T.

We are big fans of Korean fried chicken and have been meaning to stop by this new restaurant for the last couple of months (since we discovered Yi's is no longer open). Wow...I wished we had gone sooner. This chicken is so delicious. We tried the original, gal bi and green onion wings; we liked the green onion the best but the other two were very good too. The guy that helped us was very nice.Order early to get your favorites. We'll definitely be back.

W G.

UPDATED POST:I received a very kind reply from the owner Mr. Jay K.. Sorry if there is confusion in my post. As written below in my write-up:"Menu was 26.99 on Saturday, today 33.99 what?" I paid $26.99 at the establishment on Saturday. The reference at the end of the sentence " $33.99 what?" is based on the "menu" price on the Yelp site for the resturant as listed: "Half & Half Chicken--Half original chicken and half yang nyum chicken. (no substitutions)--6 reviews--1 photo--$33.39"The Yelp menu needs to be updated. My reference to the high price is based on the price I paid $26.99.A quick check today of Hooters, Wing Stop and Buffalo Wild Wings, they are all between $12-$16 for 15 wings. The food is here is good, you should give it a try.In closing, for me, the price point is still to high but I'll be back, just not as often as originally expressed in my post below. ORIGINAL POST: -----------------------------------------------Pulled into this place after rafting at Carmel river, I was famished! First try and it was as advertised--very authentic and tasty chicken. Went with the 1/2 n 1/2 (Original and Yang Nyum) but Yang Num was sold out so we went with the soy/garlic. Staff (young guy) was very polite and helpful. Great product and I don't mind paying but the price point is higher. Menu was 26.99 on Saturday, today 33.99 what? At 26.99 I thought was a little to high for 15 wing segments or 7 full wings....for $34???Whack prices but good for a visit once and awhile. Never thought wings would be a special occasion meal...


We were meeting friends for a “bring your own COVID safe dinner”. We stopped by the restaurant for takeout. My husband had the ribs, I had the pork sandwich,. Sides were potato salad, beans and coleslaw. So good!

Don Bosley

Really Good Korean Fried Chicken. Would definitely recommend and come back.

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Tto Bong Ee Chicken - Korean Style Fried Chicken (ChiMak)

1184 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 658-0134