Retail Center, 39570 Lowes Dr, Palmdale
(661) 540-0881

Recent Reviews

Dan Dirksen

I start every morning with Pike Place Black. Great way to start the day.

kats Jessie Lar

It's OK wish they would listen more closely when orderingFood: 5/5

Kris McCutcheon

Always A pleasure st Starbucks ? who makes better coffeeFood: 5/5

Sunshine Lyons

I love the vanilla sweet cream cold foam cold brew. They did forget my caramel drizzle, but fixed it right away and remained friendly.Food: 5/5

Luciana Barbic

Customer service was better than my actual drink!! Thanks to the nice gentleman at the late night window!! Very cool!!

sarah johnson

Walked in, was welcomed right away. Keighley took my order, called me mister. I ordered a chocolate cold brew. It was corrected right away.

Michelle G.

Horrible customer service. Every time I stop by they all have bad attitudes. Literally charged me 15 cents for a straw because apparently my drink wasn't supposed to come with a straw... I thought that was customers preference?? Ive been mistreated here multiple times during the day so I came I night and the Night Shift is even worse. Last time I stop at this location.

Nick S.

Was asked to leave because apparently putting my girlfriend on a leash and having her crawl on all fours "doesn't qualify her as a service dog" But they were still kind enough to give her a pup-a-chino. So cheers for that!

Seeley A.

Horrible. They literally gave me my food still in the plastic bag plus gave my mom the wrong coffee. I would never go here again. Plus they immediately looked at us like we were Karen's the second we went to ask for a different loaf.


Great job by the staff. Very busy locationMy drink came out amazing. Thank you everyone!

Mara Cano

Starbeezy was delicious. Super friendly people and so quick it was crazy lol

Jason R.

Service is always terrible. Drinks are never correct. No matter the time of day, it's always bad. Don't waste your time.

David R

Its pricy coffee but it hits the spot. Love me a Vanilla iced coffee with sweet cream foam and some classic syrup sweetner. Try it if you like sweet coffees. Other than that its a nice place to set up a laptop and get some work done.

Leda Nornang

Great late night coffee spot. Cafe is open until 10p. Drive thru until 1a. Clean and usual Starbucks experience.

Frank M.

By far the worst customer service ever. Been here 3 times in hopes it will get better but instead it gets worse. Employees seem to be there for themselves and not the customers. Most are extremely immature and there to socialize. Management needs to step up.

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