39580 Lowes Dr, Palmdale
(661) 224-1474

Recent Reviews

Tammy Jones

Horrible cashier's unprofessional and needs more training. If there is alone almost out the door you should get help instead of laughing at how people are getting upset. And this location needs better training for all staff even management if they can allow all the stuff to go on with no customer service skills.Food: 1/5

Jhonny Chingas

Wendy’s, Oh Wendy. I love Wendy’s but this Wendy is outdated which is kind of cool brought me back in time it has the old school Casino carpet people workers are friendly. Talk about the food now I love getting a baked potato butter it up add sour cream and add the Chili to the baked potato. The Chili I get it with onions and cheese I add crushed crackers sometimes French fries depends how fatty I feel and add two packets of hot sauce mix it, then I’ll add it to the baked potato delicious let me repeat that DELICIOUS! Now the Salads are good at Wendy’s hands down fresh and great Varieties I order the Chicken Avocado yum!

Elizabeth Kobata

Well, I had stop going to Wendy's because of their horrible service. They didn't mess up my order this time, the cashier wasn't rude nor friendly; the food was ok.Food: 3/5

Amy Reyes

First time eating at wendys. Wasn't aware there was no lettuce until I went in and asked. Was rudely told that there are signs about it and I should have read them.Food: 3/5

Deanna Valdez

Strawberry frosty is fabulous! Food is good! Chili is a hit in the family too!Food: 5/5

Toni Butts

Went there to get the French toast. Good stuff. Been there to get their plain hamburgers. Thumbs up good stuff. No complaints. You're in and out in a jiffy.Food: 5/5


Decent Wendy's, just double check your order as they are busy and can make mistakes from time to time.

D C.

I order 2 Bacon bourbon cheeseburgers but when it arrives it is not what I'm getting I'm getting somebody else's order for whatever reason but the tax tag shows that's what I ordered is the bourbon bacon cheeseburger

Levi Nelson

Food was passable, but not great. Prices were a bit much and the burgers were pretty dry, don't order without a drink.

Jessamyn Ratzlaff

We love Wendy's! My son says they have the best ranch!

Nick S.

My order was prepared quick and accurately. However, when I called the girl in the drive through a princess and asked her to accompany me on a date to the establishment built for royalty. (The nearby Burger King) She declined! Then when I asked for her manager (my 2nd choice fast food crush) She threatened to call the authorities if I didn't leave! 5 stars for service but -2 for being a hard location to find love.

Ann Kerr

Excellent service. I love using the ap to earn points and order ahead. I also like the little coupon for the free Jr. Frosty. Just the right size.

Charlie Lindberg

Chicken sandwich was excellent. 1st time here. Highly recommend.

Gregorio Juarez

Never coming here again.I ordered a grill chicken sandwich, the chicken was grimey and uncooked.The manager was acting like a jerk when I brought it to her attention.Don't come here!!!!

Jade P

Worst stop I’ve ever made. Rudest fast food workers I’ve ever had to deal with. The girl practically threw my change at me in the drive thru and rushed me away after not giving me my drinks and desserts. Find some people with smiling faces and good personalities!! I don’t care how much you hate your job, you’re getting paid, don’t act like I’m an inconvenience for supporting the business you work for!!

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