Basil Thai Restaurant

828 11th St, Paso Robles
(805) 238-9945

Recent Reviews


This has got to be the best thai food in the central coast! I know it’s better than anything you find in the Monterey Bay area. Keep it authentic!! Great food, flavors and quality.

Braeden K. Cohen

Truly some of the best curry I’ve had since I visited Thailand. We had the vegetarian Thai Platter, a red curry and a panang curry. Would absolutely come back!

Eileen Hu

Nice outdoor dining. Friendly service. Distinctive flavors. Overall great experience.

Michael Crego

This is one of our must go places in Paso. Love the food and the staff are great! Quiet place!

Sarah Zahorchak

Standard american-thai food. Good menu selection. Nice place to sit outside on a nice evening.

Ms Jane

Disappointed with all the dishes ordered & serving size ( sizzling seafood, crispy basil chicken, & prik king green beans. Way too much thickly sliced carrots & brocolli, sauce was the same for all 3 dishes (not [email protected]). Only redeeming order was the sticky rice w/ mango. Place overrated. NOT coming back for sure. Had tasted better Thai food elsewhere.

Donna P.

late lunch outside on temporary patio. Yuii friendly and attentive server. Beer good. Thai rolls excellent. HIghly recommend.

Jerry C.

Basil is our number restaurant in Paso. Food is always great and the people are nice. First time having it delivered.

Ken K.

Excellent food every time we go. Great Pad Thai and spicy rice, pretty much everything else we have tried too.

Darien G.

The wife is ALWAYS in the mood for Asian food so on our most recent Paso trip she wanted Basil for lunch. We walked in and got a table right away. I had the Basil Chicken. You can specify your level of spice from Mild - Medium - Hot - Extremely Hot. I found it funny that the menu states that you're on your own if you ask for your food spicy but can't take the heat. A few years ago I was at another Thai restaurant and asked for my food hot. The waiter said, "Do you want it hot or Thai hot?" I thought what the hell and asked for it Thai hot. I'LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. My lips were on fire for about an hour. At Basil I said, give it to me kinda hot. This was the perfect spice level for me. It had my scalp sweating but wasn't painful or uncomfortable. The food was good and their prices are reasonable. We would certainly eat here again.

Anastasia A.

This place is always amazing! I visit Paso every few months and always have to eat here. Great options for vegetarians and meat eaters. The tofu satay is my absolute favorite! Staff is always friendly and helpful. Really can't rave about it enough


With peace and love, this is not authentic Thai cuisine at all. Disappointed in the taste of everything we ordered: shrimp red curry, pineapple fried rice, and chili basil stir fry. The red curry was carrot sweet. There’s no taste or scent of coconut. The pineapple fried rice had too much turmeric and tasted more like Indian cuisine—-and it had two random cherry tomatoes that did nothing for improving the taste. The chili basil stir fry was the closest dish to being authentic, and close is still miles away. Basil is in the name of the dish - two small sprigs doesn’t justify calling it chili basil. Worst is the price we paid for this: $67! Maybe that’s why they decided to throw in….a small crumpled bag of Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips…could it be any more random? Nice customer service, but not enough to make up for the disappointing food and price.

Ravi Ganga

We loved the food here and the Shrimp in Black sauce stood out. The Red curry with Tofu was RIDICULOUSLY good!

P Sanchez

Decent pad thai, $19 each because it's Paso Robles. I like that the regular pad thai comes with chicken, tofu, and shrimp but adding vegetables will make it so much better. For the vegetarian pad thai, please slice the carrots much, much thinner as they take longer to cook so the carrots were still crunchy.

Sakshi J.

Great food and lovely ambience. Basil fried rice, pad kee mow and panang curry were our favorites. Friendly staff. And great with GF/Vegan/Vegetarian options.

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