Cane Tiki Room

1240 Park St, Paso Robles
(805) 227-7113

Recent Reviews

Evelyn V.

Absolutely love this place! Great food, great drinks. Just hate that the bar seating isn't first come first serve.

Jim T.

This place rocks! Staff were prompt with greeting as we walked in, super friendly and pleasant, no nasty attitude like Fish Gaucho (not to mention nasty food and horrible service at Fish Gaucho as well) just next door to Cane's. Food was excellent, atmosphere super fun, drinks were too notch and very creative. Server even explained that most drinks are made to not taste very heavy on alcohol so tread lightly and follow ratings. All in all, this will be a revisit everytime we are in Paso. Thank you for running a great business and having superior staff.

Janelle V.

Amazing atmosphere, great food and drinks. Bar tenders very knowledgeable and attentive.

Sonya O.

Loved their drinks and Jaime was very attentive. I didn’t like their egg rolls.I tried their nekrogobliron; it’s such a fun, delicious drink and the lime has a shot of rum in it.

Zach A.

This was me and my wife's first time EVER at a Tiki bar, and it was a lot of fun! We love fruity tropical drinks, and this is the place to get them! They have so many choices pick, I was a little paralyzed by the options. In the end I decided to go with a classic mai tai. It was great! The menu has a key for patrons to show you how much alcohol is in their drinks, which is really helpful for those who are planning for the night ahead. The atmosphere was great. I felt like I was in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, one of my favorite spots! They also had a really robust and delicious looking food menu, but nothing for vegans (my wife is vegan), so we did not partake in the food. We recommend it to all who are looking for a fun place to imbib in downtown Paso Robles, and will definitely return upon our next visit.

Kelly M.

Fun and delicious! Can't beat the vibe this place offers. Food was great "bar food" and it's nice to share with the table. We ordered 1 of everything although I didn't take a picture of everything. The firecracker shrimp was very tasty and the green beans were to die for. Legit best thing I've put in my mouth as far as food in Paso goes. The orange chicken, spam musubi and egg rolls were all good and I'm glad I tried them. Probs won't get them next time though. I'll take a pain killer, some firecracker shrimp and green beans thanks!!! Hooray for this place!!! Cheers!!!

Erica Tenney

Have a great evening.. Bartenders were funny, cordial, and chatted me up Since I was there alone for dinner and drink waiting for a friend to get into town. Fun atmosphere great food great drinks. A little pricier but definitely worth the value.

Renee F.

Fun Tiki bar in Paso Robles downtown area. Friendly staff, creative drinks and tasty food. Worth stopping by for a cocktail and light bites.

Nancy W.

We came in to celebrate my birthday and it was fun to try once There are only about 5 tables, it's a small place, plus the bar seating Ambiance is cute like Disney Tiki room, cute Every 30 min or so the bar area lights up but I expected more than just 1 area with changing lights it was minimal Drinks are ok, not great Food, limited menu, we tried most of the items on menu Pot stickers, egg rolls, Mongolian beef, chicken Kabobs, fried rice and Fire Cracker Shrimp two people commented in the chicken kabob, that it seemed cooked on a dirty griddle grill as there were like cooked on food particles adhered to it and not in a good way The food was ok but nothing special, Mai Tai was weak Everyone shared as they serve Family style snd you eat on tiny bread plates with a spork We were ready to leave and had to wait to get the check and then wait even longer to get someone to take payment even though it's a small place and seemed staffed up The worst is the AC in the building is poor or turned up so it's about 80+ in the room, and we were all ready to leave and get cooled off at home Lastly, we told the server and hostess it was my birthday celebration & there was zero Recognition of this Best part of the experience was spending it with my boyfriend and my kids, but we agreed once was enough

Emy C.

Came in on a weekday afternoon right as they opened and got a great seat at the bar. Everyone working was super friendly. We walked in and completely lost track of time because the ambiance was so perfect. You know when you walk in mid day and when you leave expect it to be dark, but it's still light out? Drinks were excellent. Probably tried 4 between the two of us. Next time we will try the food :) it got pretty busy as the day went on. definitely recommend.

A A.

Went in there with plan to have a few drinks and dinner, had one drink and left. I took 10-12 minutes to get a drink sitting at the bar. The female bar-back was grumpy and not friendly at all. Drinks are to damn sweet with way too much sugar. They need to learn how to balance a cocktail. I asked for a Chi Chi and they had no idea what that was. WTF? A self proclaimed Tiki Bar and they don't know what a Chi Chi is? Lame. All he had to do was Google Chi Chi and learn a new Tiki Drink. The Chi Chi is a vodka spin on the Piña Colada. EVERY Tiki bar needs to know this! HERE YOU GO CANE TIKI BAR! YOU'RE WELCOME! The Chi-Chi Ingredients 1 1/2 ounces vodka 4 ounces pineapple juice 1 ounce cream of coconut (such as Coco Lopez) Garnish: pineapple slice Steps Add the vodka, pineapple juice and cream of coconut into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously until well-chilled. Strain into a goblet or Tiki mug over crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice.

Jocelyn S.

Pretty solid bar with nice bar tenders. The drinks are pretty strong but someone still delicious. We only had two drinks, two dots and a dash and doctor cortex. Really great! One thing I found super neat was they have skulls next to the name of the drink depending on how strong the drink will be. They go from 1-4 (4 being the deadliest lol) Stop by if you're ever in downtown Paso Robles and want a break from the wine :)

Brian K.

Great tiki drinks and good pupus. Service was good and the atmosphere is classic tiki.

Lisa C.

What a great new place!! The theme is so fun, that I half expect the pirate Jack Sparrow to come walking in for a cold one!! Some might find the drink prices a little higher than some other local establishments. That said, the drinks are unique, delicious and definitely pack a punch in terms of potency. You'd pay similar prices in Hawaii and Las Vegas, yet get a watered down beverage for your money--that won't be your experience here. There are some cocktails that can be ordered and shared with others, which I expect to try on future visits (and there will definitely be future visits)! They also serve food (pupu plates). We did not eat there, but saw food going out to nearby tables. Everything looked amazing, and everyone seemed to empty their plates. Planning to try the food next time around, maybe with a shared 'punch bowl' with my honey. I can't recommend this place enough....VERY fun!

Melanie P.

What a fun place! Opened in February, all indoor dining but it's the experience and ambiance. We came on a Friday night and had no reservations for a party of two and were seated right away. The table was intimate and tucked away. The cocktails were delicious and the food was awesome. We got the beans and the Mongolian beef to share. The portion sizes are huge so one plate can fill 2 people. So much fun will definitely go back and recommend to others!

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