Mariscos La Piedad

1344 Park St, Paso Robles
(805) 296-3486

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Lucy Rodriguez

Food does not taste good. Some of our food was uncooked. Aguas frescas and tortillas are not homemade. Service is ok. Will not come back or recommend.

Jenna Rios

The food was not good enough for the negative treatment my family endured. This is not a family friendly establishment. If you want to fight with the waiter about what you ordered, or get reprimanded for trying to get a water bottle out of the refrigerator, or get attacked and threatened by the waiters friends, then this is the place for you. I am still baffled by our experience. Just be careful. We truly didn’t want any trouble but it seemed like they did for some reason.

Cathy Rios

Bring brass knuckles as the bartenders friend feels the need to challenge you to a fight if your order is wrong. #notafamilyenvirinment


Bring brass knuckles as the bartenders friend feels the need to challenge you to a fight if your order is wrong. #notafamilyenvirinment

Omar Flores

I loved this place when it was Jaffa Cafe !!! … This Mariscos La Piedad lost me as soon as they said they charge $1.99 for a refill - call me cheap or judge me how you see fit but I’ve NEVER been charged for a refill unless it was a Specialty Drink or something like that.$20 for a shrimp cocktail ??Habaneros Restaurant on 12th Street is waaayyyy better at a reasonable price( $14 ) the staff is friendlier and the overall experience is more enjoyable….This is simply my experience- I’m sure people with big MONEY are happy to throw their money here but Mariscos La Piedad was a complete disappointment for us

Rhonda Falcone

I would say Mariscos is one of my favorite places to eat here in Paso Robles. The sign is hidden and hard to find, but man the flavor of the food was above and beyond my expectations. If you haven't tried their food yet, I highly recommend it! I appreciated that they made a special request I had. The food and service are exceptional.

Eva Sánchez

Sea food is good.... i believe is the best in all paso robles.....customer service is on point ?

Becky Stribling

1st time here and can't wait to come back. Try their shrimp tacos, super different than the other Mexican restaurants in town. Very friendly staff and their menu looks great.

Bonnie Tilley

First of all, before any food came to the table, Ivan is HANDS DOWN the BEST SERVER!! His smile lights up the room! He really went above and beyond taking care of our table on a busy night. We were visiting in town & will definitely come back! Great food, great beer and cool vibe!! ☺️☺️

Leah Santibanez

The main courses were pretty good but a Mexican restaurant should have great chips and salsa and they were dissapointing. The rice and beans were ok. The pricing was all over the place. Some items were ridiculously high priced like the Michelada which was 17.99 with one beer and a few shrimp. It wasn't very good either.The service was terrible and the staff was untrained. It was like they were short staffed and brought in a family member that knew nothing about service to cover for the night. She was Rude.I'm not too interested in trying it again

Jan Braham

Great food at reasonable prices! Our meal was excellent and I recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Mexican food.

Albert “Beto” Rosas

Atmosphere was great. Dinner was decent. A bit pricey.

quietcat290 2

The best food

Jeannine Compton

I was pretty disappointed in my meal. We got chile rellenos and flautas. It was quite plain and the flautas did not come with any sides.

Syndee Greenwood

We had dinner here tonight with 3 other couples. Everyone ordered something different and everyone thought it was very good!

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