Cafe Boheme

8428 Pershing Dr, Playa Del Rey
(310) 439-2242

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Leah B.

We've been here 4 times now and every time it's incredible! The food is amazing! Their lattes are some of the best we've had. The cafe itself is pretty and always plays good music at the right volume. But, most importantly, the food. is. the bomb. Going here is our new Sunday tradition!

Bea H.

I really want to like this place but every time I go back I leave disappointed. The boho-chic decor is beautiful, but the coffee is mediocre, the selection of baked goods is severely lacking, and the acoustics are horrendous. The volume is so deafening it's impossible to talk without shouting. I will say, though, that the croque monsieur is delicious, but not worth suffering through the cafe's downsides.

Anne Y.

Omg what a great addition to the Playa food scene! The food is fantastic and it is so rare to fine good French cafe food in SoCal! Everything is great--light but substantial, flavorful and well-priced. At first I was just coming here for breakfast but when I discovered their French-style omelettes, crepes and perfect French onion soup, it became a lunch favorite as well. And the interior is bright and pretty with privacy between tables. Perfect for having a conversation with friends.

Adam L.

While the food is tasty, getting it ordered is like pulling teeth. When you call in to make an order your redirected and asked to make take out orders online. This sounds fine at first until you realize a take out order is going to take over an hour to prep. I called the restaurant and they assured me it wouldn't take an hour and they'd call when it was ready. 45 minutes later, no call, so I go to the restaurant. I tell the staff I'm here for a pickup order and they inform me they just sent it to the kitchen and they are starting on it now. I just wanted a quick lunch, this is a nightmare. The next time I go and sit down to have a meal. Staff is friendly enough but seem distracted. I asked for water which the staff points out is self serve. I tip the water jug to get the last bits of water I can as its pretty much emtpy. The staff watches me do this and offers no help or assitantce in tipping a glass water jug. Also, for the remainder of my meal they never added more water. So I sat and ate my food with a half glass of water. The staff found it much more pressing to sweep the hallway.... Fast forward a couple weeks I decide to try again. I call in and skip the automated message system and get a staff member, they asked me to hold which I'm ok with. I'm on hold for over ten minutes before I was hung up on. The line was then busy for the next 10 minutes. I've informed the staff every time this stuff happens. I'm not mean about it but I take a serious tone so they know it's not a joke, they're playing with their own livelihood. I just don't know what to do. Good food but I'm pretty sure this business is going to fail b/c I cant GET the food without hassle. GL restaurant owner. you've lost me for sure.

Taylor C.

So. Dang. Good. Came for breakfast/brunch last weekend. Staff was welcoming, kind, and generous. Food was delicious and reasonably priced. Ambiance is relaxing and clean. What a great addition to our neighborhood. We loved it so much we came back later in the day and picked up sandwiches to take to the beach.

Arlette C.

The decor is beautiful l, which is reflected on the prices. I got the honey Almond latte with Almond milk which was very lackluster, tasted like a regular vanilla latte. My friend also got the same with regular milk and it tasted pretty odd. I treated myself to the egg croissant breakfast.....not worth the price. Staff was friendly but not worth the price

Mitch M.

I drove by this place the other day and wanted to stop in since new coffee shops I lov going to. I got the Honey Almond Latte and yah it's not bad but not much of a Honey flavor. I can't do the food because the prices are a little steep for some eggs. I know there's not much they can do for parking but it is tight. Decor inside is nice. I hope they can fill the place.

Chase M.

Pierre let me grab a tea after it was closed. The Generosity was complimented with the best interior design a coffee shop could have. Prices made sense. In fact becoming a regular here is something I suggest.

Dina J.

We decided on Cafe Boheme as a friend and I were trying to find a middle ground to meet. We met for lunch and loved the menu options. The food was great. The parking is limited in front and you'd likely have to find street parking. I found it odd that while the host wore a mask as was required for customers, the kitchen staff did not.

Kristin G.

I am sad to make this review, but this took over our beloved Felcia's coffee & flower shop and the coffee here was meh (I couldn't even finish it) and the pastries are bland. For a place claiming to be french I thought they would have a more spectacular assortment of baked goods. This town needs more of a bakery/coffee house then another sit down place.

Reshma Thapa

Great coffee and serviceGood ambiance

Billy D.

All the flavors are something to write home about but... I'll settle for writing on Yelp! Sooo tasty!

Romana S.

I'm always skeptical when I see a handful of negative reviews and the rest all 5-stars, so I decided to give this place a try. So glad I did! Food was delicious, made with quality ingredients, and staff couldn't have been more hospitable, what a welcomed addition to the neighborhood!

D E.

Amazing spot. Nice menu, beautiful presentation, great atmosphere. Keep up the great work.

Brent Hansen

Great experience. From the trendy interior, to the friendly, attentive service, to the wonderful food and coffee, you will not be disappointed. Well worth a try!

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