Darby's American Cantina

1 E State St, Redlands
(909) 792-2119

Recent Reviews

Mario Del Angel

Very good energy at this place, it always seems to be at least half filled if not more. Wait staff was very friendly and quick to provide service. I've been here twice and both times I've had the nachos and and both times they have not disappointed. I especially love the fact that they offer the option of fresh jalapenos or fried jalapenos. They are actually offering a new service that lets you use your phone to pay your bill. Very convenient. Will eat here again.

Mikey Acuba

The steak here is fantastic it's so good you can cut it with a fork

Angel R.

Rude bartenders and staff. Food is ok at best. Will never return. Don't waste your time !!

Scott R.

Don't know why exactly but this place reminds me of Cheers?!? Anyway, been here a few times and never disappointed. Great food and beer selection. Great "friendly" smack talk between NFL fans on Sundays and Mondays. I'll be back!!!

Charles Bailey

Was ok.. Bartenders were decent but if it wasn't the one that helped you originally the other bartender would walk by and look at your empty glass and not say anything. Had wings, chips and salsa and pretzels... Salsa ok but I'm guessing they don't make their own chips like it says on the menu... Also blue cheese was VERY watery .. Decent enough place just need to tighten up couple things.

Elle R.

You can't beat Darby's breakfast menu on Sundays. The breakfast nachos are a MUST! Great place to hang out and watch football. Kids are ok since there is a separated area from the bar.

Cynthia A.

This place was amazing, with amazing service. Their pizookies and nachos are SO good! Luke was our server and he was probably the nicest person I've met! I would definitely go here again just for the service! Someone give Luke a raise! Looking forward to my next visit here!

Monique Perez

Great place to eat, drink and watch your favorite sports. Food is delicious, drinks are great and the staff is wonderful especially Alex! Alex was super nice, helpful and fast! Can't wait to go again!

Adam Hughes

Ana is an excellent waiter, this is the best service I have had in redlands. And during a football game too. Thanks a bunch. Turned my darby's past experiences around. Food was affordable. Drinks are average price. Good environment though. Worth it.

michael morse

I think the waitress was having a bad day, which all have. Believe me in going through a breakup, but I went in during lunch hour. I had to wait 10 min after getting my water to order, which put me there at 20 minutes. Got my food pretty fast. A buffalo chicken sandwich with no sauce, I ordered it with onion rings. I got a whopping 6 rings, 3 of which were too hard to eat. I had no choice but to eat the dry sandwich cause I was hungry. Then had to wait another 20 minutes for her to bring my check while I was watching everyone else around me leaving.For what they are serving the cost of it should be half priced, let alone the cook on a chicken breast and a few onion rings on a not so busy Monday lunch. It cemented in the fact that I've been three 3 times, since it's opening, and would rather go to Denny's.

Doug Holden

Good food lots of t.v. service was slow

James N.

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Food was off the charts, full of flavor. Definitely be a place to come back to.


Always great service, good atmosphere and tons of TVs to watch any game. -1 star for the food, hopefully the owner changes chefs (met him a few times, super nice guy). Place can get busy as you would expect, I steer away when the college kids pack in. Great beer selection!

norma monge

Great food, drinks and service! Prices are pretty reasonable and atmosphere is fun or cozy depending on what area you decide to sit in. Just a great place for folks of all ages!

Conchita A.

From providing versatile environments like going to have a quick lunch, drinks with some friends while watch some good sports tv and/or even a nice dinner with some family... even a night out. ALL GREAT. Their food presentation is just a good and the taste, DEFINITELY LEFT SATISFIED EVERY TIME. To the high quality employees they have hired. That make you feel welcome and provide spot on customer service. I applaud the owners and management for achieving to create such a location that is such an enjoyment to be at.

Rachel M.

Tried to take our family this Sunday morning at 10 o'clock to watch the Chiefs game. The hostesses were unaccommodating and most of the tables were reserved. The only tables we could find with the Chiefs game playing near by were " too big for our family" according to the hostess and they told us we couldn't sit there because the table is too big for us. Then we asked if a TV could be changed to the Chiefs game in the back where no one was watching the server said the tv was "locked" and could not be be changed even though no one was watching it. Don't bother to go here

Cindy Brokman

Nice late night menu. Loud so it is hard to tall at times.

Monica P.

I would like to give Darby's 5 stars my husband and I love it here, the staff, the people, the food, the great service, TVs everything is great everything time. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Wendy Van Savage

Great food, decent prices and the Cucumber signature cocktail is awesome!

Julie Emery

Good food. Good help. Very clean..

L. M.

We came across Darby's Friday night, unplanned looking for a family friendly restaurant with good food & cold drinks. We hit that motherlode! We were greeted by a cheery hostess & immediately guided to our table. We were a party of 6 including a teenager & 11yr old. We were seated near a family far enough from the patrons enjoying Friday night spirits. A+ on that call because I know it can be a bit uncomfortable when kids are too close & I have to watch my Ps & Qs. We ordered drinks & they were perfectly chilled bottles. The kids drinks were not your typical small cups. We ordered a few appetizers to share: Pretzels (warm & soft) buffalo wings, shrimp wrapped in bacon skewers, fried zucchinis & chicken quesadillas. Every dish was perfect temperature (if its meant to be hot, serve it hot). The presentation was top notch & the sauces were original & perfectly paired. I was tempted to try the Cool as a cucumber drink. Its similar to a mojito but with vodka. It was delicious. This place is not close enough for my family to make a stop anytime. But considering the great service, delicious food & cold drinks, its totally worth the drive.

Amanda V.

We came here on Sunday for our traditional Sunday family dinner outing! There was 10 of us in our group! We got seated very fast and the server was quick to get our drink orders. We all were overall happy with food and service the only thing I have to complain about is the kids food coming out last which makes for some upset children but they got over it once they got there food. I ordered the Merica sliders and wings which was very delicious and my best friend ordered the fried pickles which were some of the best dang fried pickles I have ever had, she also got the nachos which were pretty tasty! We all got a bomb pop shot which I highly recommend if you drink it was fabulous and the green tea matcha shot! I personally had an old fashioned and boy that was delicious! We will definitely be back! Good food good service good drinks that's a hit for us!

Tony valdez

Nice place nice service cheeper drinks then other bars we went to

Aurora Ramos

Overall we liked it...some of the bartenders could have been a little friendlier.

Christian Lee

Good food! Great Service!

Laura W.

Visited with a friend, had some drinks and we ordered hot wings and fried zucchini. The food was amazing the drinks were great and the waitress was very friendly and professional. Cool chill environment. Bartender is great!

Wesley Shumway

Never had a bad experience. The food has always been great. I highly recommend pretty much any of their burgers. There is always a great beer selection on tap. The only thing hat I was not impressed with was their tacos, they were just 'meh'. Good place for dinner with a group for any event, or to go out drinking and watch a game.

Mireya Pray

Itâ??s a sports bar.. Great choices on beers and drinks and good choices on food into.. great service

Keri C.

Came in for a bday dinner with my cousin and 3 of her friends of a Friday night, food was great, service was great, drinks were great! The table shared a large order of Irish nachos, super good when you're enjoying a cheat day! My cousin ordered the shrimp tacos and I got the fish tacos so we could share and have both and I have to say I preferred the fish, really nice crisp batter. And the beans and rice that came with were delicious! Not related to the restaurant, please be aware you need to give yourself PLENTY of time to find parking during the weekends as the surrounding streets and structures fill up early. I got down there around 6:50 and I was definitely not the only one sharking around in circles looking for parking

Mark Batson

Wide variety of dishes and a lot of different beers on tap. Full bar. But can get really expensive really quick

Sharla J.

I came in with my husband and sat down. Mind u its 100 degrees outside. The waitress walked right past us to a table that already had drinks then proceeded to take their order and walk away. My husband is George Clooney gray so we aren't a min over 40.. lol. She then refers our table to a hostess that is not old enough to take our order. The underage waitress had to go back and let her know. Just a reminder its 100 degrees outside and we are thirsty. So of course the same waitress that never even acknowledged us came to take our order. Food is always great ! Just wish these young millenials learned how to communicate.

Valerie Hannigan

Canâ??t count the number of times I have been here. Not as many as I would like. Lol. Food is excellent, not just bar food, but good food. I have not been here this early in the day in about 8 months. The bartender, smiled at me, took a second, then asked me if I wanted a Guinness!!! Talk about a great memory. I am thoroughly impressed. I love the fact that if you want to watch something special on tv they will accommodate you. They put on a Red Sox game for me .... in Dodger land!!!! It doesnâ??t get any better than this.


Waitress - Lindsay was slow, upon arrival at our table took our request, Slow to arrive beer an cocktail. Then sent manger to request prompt payment for beverages. For NO apparent reason. Will not be back, Many other places much better than this hole.

Cynthia Q.

I've been hee s couple times, the customer service had been great every single time. They have s big selection of craft beer. I had the mango cart michelada and I loved that they didnt put ice in it! A lot of places usually put ice and I hate that lol. The food was good. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich, the chicken was a little dry and it seemed like all the buffalo sauce was in the middle of the burger so I didnt really get to taste it until I was half way thru my burger.

Joseph C.

I've been to Darby's several times already and can't think of a bad thing to say about it. Even on a crowded Friday or Saturday night I've never had to wait long for a seat. The food is always good and they have many beers on tap. I think I've had different waitresses every time I've gone and they have always been very attentive and friendly.

Tylene Aldassy

Just great food. The variety is unique and special. Will need to go back many times as there was so much I wanted to try. Nummy

Julie H.

Seriously this is the spot in Redlands. Great servers, amazing bartenders, delicious food- everything is consistent about this place. Beer is always cold, food is always fresh and the owner is amazing. So greatful this place is in Redlands. I love the veggie quesadilla, wings- their ranch is delicious, steak is always cooked to perfection and the apps are amazing.

Lisa C.

This place is cozy, clean, great variety of food and beer, and sports on tvs. The food is pretty darn good! This is my go to spot after backpacking all weekend in the San Bernardino mountains. Plus they just constructed an outdoor patio yay! So I can bring my dog now.

Sam A.

I am new to the area and have been checking out all the local restaurants and bars on State Street. I have been to Darbys 4 times in the last 2 weeks. The main reason I keep going back is the food is Amazing. Everything I've had has been Amazing from the flavors to the presentation. Now the reason I rate it a 3. I've sat at the bar all 4 times. The second time I was here was last Tuesday at around 5. They weren't busy. The bartender are busy socializing with your employees rather then helping your customers. I am in here again right now and the bartender was once again busy talking to another employee. The food is amazing so I will be back.

Sam Ayala

I am new to the area and have been checking out all the local restaurants and bars on State Street. I have been to Darbys 4 times in the last 2 weeks. The main reason I keep going back is the food is Amazing. Everything I've had has been Amazing from the flavors to the presentation. Now the reason I rate it a 3. I've sat at the bar all 4 times. The second time I was here was last Tuesday at around 5. They weren't busy. The bartender was busy socializing with your employees rather then helping your customers. I am in here again right now and the bartender was once again busy talking to another employee, at one point there were 4 employees huddled together for over 5 minutes looking at their phones. The food is amazing so I will be back.