Royal Falconer British Pub

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106 Orange St, Redlands
(909) 894-3200



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I was a regular at Falconer for 7 years, three times a week until the bartender Kelly charged me an extra beer that I didn't drink. After that I deiced not to go there for 3 years. Tonight 10/28/19 I tried to give another chance to falconer . I came there with my wife, very nice karaoke night and what happened, they changed me again an extra drink. This is the last time I put my foot in that place for the rest of my life. If you drink more than one round, keep a track of full review

Got there Saturday morning at 11:30 they open at 11:00,bartender was still counting drawer and didn't say anything when I walked in. Several minutes later said hi. When I was done I had to get his attention after about 5 mins of waiting for him to come over. He was busy putting up Halloween decorations. Sadly I was the only customer in the place.

I loved the old British pub decor and old-world style. I just don't get the logic in tearing it all out and going all modernism. It was historic and famous. You play on your assets, not the competition or cater to youth. The name is a British pub! Patrons who loved the Old World identity are so disappointed. Place has lost its identity and any reason for returning. It was a relaxing, dark, cool, Euro-style place before to hang out for normal folks or discuss business. I full review

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