Angelo's Gourmet Delicatessen

12025 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-2485

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James K.

If you've been to Angelo's then you know why they get this five star. They've been serving these wonderful sandwiches for many many years. And I'm glad that I get to leave a good review for them. Also try out their smoked turkey legs and things

Arash M

Lots of meat options and good ingredients assembled into a proper sandwich. Comes with all the fixings you'd expect from a deli sandwich. Friendly service.

Rob B.

Great customer service! Great sandwiches and the lady who makes them has the fastest hands in the west! I feel like she makes the perfect sandwich in under 1 minute. Pull up you won't be mad! Dutch crunch recommended


For some reason i keep getting the #19 with mayo & lettuce.omg on a sweet roll? Man i love this place

J Del Prado

Great owners. Great sandwiches

Adrian B.

Thanks to Angelo's for being open and available during the COVID shelter in place and following safety and healthy guidelines. My friend took me there for order and takeaway as we're going to walk at a park and it was perfect for a picnic on a bench after the long walk. The chicken salad on rye and the Rich Lady on Dutch crunch bread are really tasty and large with good amount of fillings. I really liked the service of this family restaurant. Let's support local business especially today. Highly recommend !

Jakob Kuhlman

My fiance and I have been here 4 times, The sandwiches are decent, pretty basic however not bad. But what you would expect from a deli in-and-out. The 2nd time we went in the older gentleman who I'm assuming is the owner was extremely nice thanked us for coming in and told us how hard it was to stay open during COVID.we made them a promise that we would attempt to come in and support local business. This is where it all went downhill, the 3rd time we went in the older lady who I assume might be his wife is a extremely rude I asked a question about cheese and he refused to answer it. My pregnant fiance who cannot eat sprouts requested no sprouts and she still put sprouts on her sandwich. Let's keep in mind this is the only customization requested so it really not that difficult. We also ordered the potato salad which tasted like a mixture of swamp water, Indian spices, and rotting potato salad that you had find in a dark aisle of a food for less. Still though we thought the sandwich was decent enough and the man was nice enough to return for a 4th time. This time we ordered our sandwiches and I asked if they had any spicy Turkey the lady very rudely stated they only had peppered Turkey which I said was fine I once again request said no sprouts on either of the sandwiches thinking that this would prevent sprouts from being put on my fiancee's. In front of us there were to people of color that the lady was treating in my opinion less than human. As soon as it was our turn to pay my fiances card was not being read by their machine properly the lady kept using the chip and their machine would say processing but never process. As this was happening I asked the lady if there was no sprouts on the sandwiches and at which point she said we made them as you ordered them and I said OK so no sprouts and she said did you order no sprouts very rudely. She was also the one who made the sandwiches so she should have known whether there were sprouts or not and she seemed overly confident for somebody who had messed up my sandwich before. After about 10 minutes of her inserting and reinserting my fiancee's card I asked her to try to swipe the card at which point she said she already did, mind you were standing right in front of her so we would have known if she had. We could tell that it was an Internet connection issue not a card. so my fiance said can you just please cancel the transaction as a line now grew behind us of 10 to 15 people. As we were leaving my fiance put down our drinks and the sandwiches and the lady yelled at my fiance what am I supposed to do with these. I said whatever ylu feel like lady, you're extremely rude, and we will never be back. I feel bad for the older gentleman who I think owns the business however treating people of color poorly Is not something I can support as a Caucasian male. Also a simple yes there are no sprouts on your sandwich to ensure the health of my unborn child is something that I don't think it's too much to ask. Best of luck to them.

Kristina Ketelsen

Based on previous reviews, you already know it's a great place. I'm posting this so that you don't forget about it during the lockdown.

Winston Jackson

The best I ever had please go and eat there

Kim Bonnema

Great food, great service. It never disappoints!

Kim B.

I was a frequent customer at Angelo's ever had an issue. I would always get a turkey and bacon on sweet roll. However, after today I will never eat there again. I got a chicken salad which was pretty bad. The chicken had no flavor, the lettuce was poorly chopped and the salad dressing was terrible. I started to eat it and then I found a dead fly in the salad!!! The best part of the salad were the croutons. I WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN!!!

Thor Bucy

Needed a late lunch on the way up to Tahoe. Found this deli and the sandwiches were fantastic and hoesntly the nicest deli staff and owner I have ever met. Get “The Angelo”!

Monika T.

My skimpy "broke" lady sandwich. See the tiny piece of roast beef compare to the ratio of lettuce?The bread was a bit stale too. I was in love at first sight.. and now have a bitter aftertaste. Guess I be going to sprouts or Safeway for better sandwich

Glorine Moncrieffe

They make great sandwiches I really enjoy what I brought. In the way they listen to me to the details of my sandwich I thought it was very nice. Try it!

Akari Yama

Good ingredients and really affordable. This place is a gem.

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