A&W Restaurant

15555 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 222-2814

Recent Reviews


Just as good as I remembered when I was a kid

Bonnie Martinez

Love their 2 for 1 papa burger special


Got fresh got chicken,soft biscuits wonderful customer service at the cash register ?

Richie Sarinas

My first time paying this restaurant fast food place. Friendly staff who took my order and she was all smiles and not uptight when it comes to interaction with the customers. The location I thought, was just perfect because for convenience, a fuel station is across the way and also a cannabis club a couple doors down as a business neighbor to A&W makes a perfect visit right after eating.

david p

Again fast food but 2 fer Tuesday's how can you go wrong

Anil Narayan

Root beer float was good but KFC not so much, next time will just stick to A&W.

Michelle Husby

Love being able to get an ice cream float with A&W root beer but even better I can get it with diet root beer!

Logan P.

I came here during lunch time because i wanted to try their cheese dog. The line was pretty long but the drive through service was pretty fast. So it didnt take a lot of my lunch time. I ordered the cheese fries and the papa burger. $5 dollar for the papa burger?? Man it was not worth it. I can make a better burger than that. I did like the cheese fries though so it made up for the papa burger. I only gave them 3 stars because they moved quick with the line and cheese fries isnt so bad. But I'll prolly never come back.

Anthony Lockhart

Everything was cooked to order hot and fresh "Papa Burgers" are my favorite, but are a bit pricey and the chicken pot pies are very tasty but watch out for the saltyness. Bathrooms are kept very clean.

froilan Salabao

The place is clean and the crew" is friendly and food serve fast

tiffany riley

It's floats pretty good

Karen S McBride

Great food. Decent prices. Friendly staff. Slow slow service.


This place sucks. They often screw up your order in the drive through. Don't go here!

Simon Iau

Just want to get Root Beer Float

Roy DeGaetano

Food was hella dry, fries were undercooked. Service was slow and they messed up my order.

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