Bionicos Yahualica

931 23rd St, Richmond
(510) 237-0306

Recent Reviews

Viviana Lopez

Like their bionicos!


Prices too high and place needs to enforce mask to get served, too kids jumping up and down with no masks, no good for the times.

Mariana Gomar

The bionico was good but you could tell that they freeze the raspados in advance :( I was really excited to try the chamoyada and when i got it, it was rock hard and after a while I was just left with chunks of ice in a pool of chamoy. NOT worth the $17.00..

Joyce Clark

Wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. Clean place!

Princesa Michoacana

Over charged and it has no flavor at all the only one thing that I like is the place colorful and smells good

Lindsay J.

We went here for mangonadas. Total disappointment. Those were not mangonadas. More like $8 syrup fruit juice with all ice and some chamoi on top with like 15 chunks of old mangos with no flavor and some gummy. Normally I go to Oakland to get them and now I remember why. I will never come here again.

Yuselfi Calderon

This place is awesome ! Biónicos and the cream are bomb !!! Not a fan of the mangonada, has a weird after taste. The raspado de nuez is also really good. The ladies are not too nice though. Wouldn’t kill them to have better customer service.

Marco Garcia

The place its clean good service and good food

Olivia M Stephens Guzman

Fast, Fresh and Delicious!

Laura A.

Came here because the churro man wasn't out tonight. We walked in, and there is two women behind the counter having a conversation. They finish up with their conversation, and one of them heads to the back to put something away. The woman that stayed up front didn't greet us, and when the woman came back out, all she said was "Are you ready?" (In Spanish), but no greeting or anything. The small fresas con crema was also a bit pricey, in my opinion, $10. There was also no customers in there, and no music playing, the place felt kinda sad. I don't think that I would come back, honestly.

Jae P.

First time visiting this place and definitely will be the last. Costumer service is just awful. The two ladies at the front obviously dont like to do their job and are just too arrogant. I asked what was in the wrap at which she replied cant you read?. So disappointed, very bad service plus overpriced items.

Iliana A.

Poor customer service!!! Very rude ladies, both of them . The raspados are awful no juice in it. I asked one of them for a little bit more she answers back with a bad attitude " I can add water to it " and I noticed they were being rude to other customers as well. I do not recommend this place is a waste of time and money

Juan Parra

Fresh fruit drinks mexican stile

Julio Cesar Flores

I feel bad, this morning i was exhorting the lady that works there because in the past time (not sure how many months)they didn't had any info about there good bussines on internet... them juices are delicious by the way... about thirty something options in the menu... they are talented other than juices i havent try it but i can ensure fruits are cold and fresh... Good Job!

Aldo Yck

Mangonadas could be better! They were too sweet and pricey.

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