Boulevard Fish & Barbeque

3051 Cutting Blvd, Richmond
(510) 234-3500

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Ivan Fletcher

Great atmosphere and very affable service. The meals were crisp and enchanting. Will definitely recommend this place to friends and family. Reasonable prices and generous meals. Good job.

Dorothy W.

It bothers me to leave this review because not only did I have a favorable impression of this restaurant and its owner prior to today, he actually accused me of trying to "blackmail" him of two fish sandwiches. I went in to pick up a to-go order. The lady at the counter was wearing a mask. The owner was out back of the restaurant arguing with a former employee, neither he nor the former employee were wearing a mask. He then proceeded to return to the fryer (without a mask) and when I said "Are you not wearing a mask?" (twice, loudly) his worker said "Yes, we wear masks!" Only then did he put his mask on. And he also never washed his hands after arguing outside with the maskless employee (without his mask). I got home and wasn't comfortable eating the food which he clearly is not taking the County nor State Covid 19 guidelines seriously. I called back and said that I would like a refund, otherwise I will call the health department. He said "you're blackmailing me." I said, "no I don't have time to leave my job again." For the record, the owner admitted that he was not wearing a mask in his close interaction with the maskless former employee, but "things happen."Alas, here I am at Yelp.

Shawna Byrd

Ive been going here for years its always good this time i could tell there was a different cook


Good food and staff. The sole filets were super thin and the snapper pieces were small. I ordered the 21 piece bucket, not worth $45.

Mohammad Ibrar

THE BEST FRIED FISH IN THE EAST BAY, HANDS DOWN!! Multiple fish options to choose from and sides. Cole slaw with the catfish ??

Genequina Blackmon

LOVE the Red Snapper and Cole slaw! Always the best tasting fish!

Montorio Rolling

If you call ahead , the wait isn't long at all... And unlike others they seem to have fresh fish in stock ....

Eddie K

Their fish is cool and at a good price. ??

Angle P.

I love this place if I could I will eat it every week but my boyfriend don't want to drive that far we live in Brentwood.When every he ask what I want I say boulevard I just love the taste of the cat fish ,prawns ,hush puppies and greens.And there fish isn't greasy like other places I just love it

Zachary B.

Why would u put hot sauce in my bag i didnt ask for any and got it mixed up with the ketchup. Must i think for you simpleton

Petr Griffen

Very good quality fish. Their shrimp are the best. Some of the best fried shrimp I ever came across.

Saucer M.

Excellent menu selection and prices are good and the food is awesome. I'll add and say that as a kid the food still taste the same and quality is the best. That's why I've been eating here for over 45 years. Keep up the great work and food you provide for the city and community of Richmond. Thank you so much.

Margo N.

The only thing I order here is the prawn dinner with fries. I just wish they season them(fries) better. Didn't really like the yams and the red snapper has way too many bones.

Amia V.

Been coming here since I was a kid. Tastes exactly the same. Love it. You wont be disappointed & always fresh hot.

Kari Z.

short story: delicious food perfectly fried with great sides... you won't ever be sorry for eating here. the end.

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