Tempero Goiano - Brazilian Restaurant & Coffee House

12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 237-9000

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Elijah Fischer

Would definitely recommend visiting this place. Awesome character, tasty dishes, excellent customer service. Great work.

Erica M.

Ever since I discovered they deliver through DoorDash I've been ordering at least 2 times a week. I just had a baby and don't feel like cooking much. They offer this plate of meat (different choices) that comes with rice, beans and veggies. I always get the chicken. But what I LOVE is that each day is served with different veggies. Tastes like home cooked comfort food...so good and for a great price. I also love their yucca cake and cheese rolls. The people are nice too! Muita Obrigada

Kevin Nguyen

They're really kind. Go inside and ask what they have available for lunch or dinner. Always a great healthy option that tastes great too.

Brett Dudley

Had a great experience here with my wife. The food arrives rapidly and the customer service is just good. Prices are fair.

Korbin Randall

This spot constantly delivers. They serve fresh food for reasonable prices, there no long wait even when they are busy.

Desmond Pugh

Had a good experience in this place with my son. The food comes out rapidly and the service is just good. Prices are convenient.

Ana Camila F.

The food is great. Super tasty. Very clean and the staff is excellent. Brazilian food represented very well... I'll definitely come back.

Mary Louise Stymiest

The place is tucked into a small plaza, and is no frills... But so yummy. As soon as you walk in you know it's going to be tasty. Done as a buffet style with a $11.99. /lb or all you can eat for $19.99. It had all the classic Brazilian style of Rice's, beans, stew, various chicken, pork, beef & onions, fish, the salads and toppings, plantains. I had a little sampling of everything.. 1 loaded plate. All was delish. Tastiest Brazilian food I have had in the US besides home cooked.

Grover Hulse

This spot is excellent! Reasonable pricing, big portions and the staff members are regularly very welcoming.

Michael McElroy

This spot knows how to serve their clients. Always with a helpful approach. The food is affordably priced, constantly flavorful and neat.

Joseph Mahan

One of my favorite spots to eat. fantastic location, well kept, and fantastic customer service. A must try!

Gary Burrill

We enjoy going out. Last night we came to this fine place which friends told us about. We had a lovely time there with excellent food and a courteous team and a professional cook. We put this fine restaurant in our list and we shall certainly visit again soon. We warmly recommend.

Donald Drake

I adore this venue a lot. there is a special spirit. The meals are marvelous. the service is efficient and the stuff is very professional. The cost is modest. profoundly recommend.

Vanessa Barros

The food is generally good. Although sometimes the pastries a bit old. The prices are a bit high for the buffet.

Ludmila Cesario

Just food the service was great.

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Tempero Goiano - Brazilian Restaurant & Coffee House

12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94805
(510) 237-9000