Burger King

12999 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 237-4660

Recent Reviews

Jon Gudmundsson

They only fill one order at in the drive through

Marcus Moreno

I like this place! They have excellent meals, their menu is varied, The cook in that spot is a real authority in the kitchen, I like very much eating all their food. The dishes are consistently of high qualtity, the service towards the guests is nice. I go often to this place and I not even once was disappointed. Highly recommended.

Marlene sandoval

We ordered breakfast through mobile order and it was before lunch and the app allowed yet they did not want to give us our order or a refund Because when we came for pick up it was five minutes after breakfast? Are you not supposed to have it prepared already? You guys are basically thieves if you don’t have the food provide our money back Extremely unprofessional and disrespectful will not be coming back !

Hayden Oneal

Superb ambience and very friendly service. The menu was crisp and delicious. Will easily recommend this spot to friends. Fair prices and generous meals. Keep up the great work.

Empress Sylph

The line was long but went really fast. Only had to wait a few minutes. Food was food. Order was right. Appreciate them!

Joey Stover


Mark Wimberley

3 for 3. Nobody can beat them in deals. Sorry M D

Margaret Huffman

Always so good I love crispin tacos

Michael Harvey

Had to return because my order was handled by two people and not correct in the drive thru. 10 to 15 minutes had passed because i went all the way home to be given the same burger that had been sitting there since I ordered it!!!! No attempt to make a fresh one. Will not be returning.

Rebecca Thompson

Chicken sandwich was the worst I ever had burned and mostly flour.

Carol Burt

Best BK around! The people that work there are the best.

Lorenzo V.

I ate there 4 days ago and now I have food poisoning. I do not recommend eating there right now due to what happened to me.


I like coming to this burger king. It's usual busy but the staff is good at bringing down the line in the drive thru. The food is good as well.

Latrina Coley

Normally I have a good experience at this location, today wasn't one those days!!! My little girl ordered a hamburger kids meal ,and the 8 nuggets for a $1 . When we got home she had some type of fried cheese sticks!!!! The sad part is we ordered inside the restaurant!!!!! I've called 15 times and the line is busy!!! Hang up the damn phone please!

nikia frison

I go to this Plaza for the Raley's, it used to be one of the better stores in the area however their standards have been going downhill. There's a McDonald's and a Mountain Mike's Pizza in the plaza that seem to do a lot of business also a laundromat other than that I'm not really sure what goes on in there.

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