12221 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 234-9898

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Xzavier R

The food and service were ahead of my expectations. I really liked the atmosphere of this place. First-rate restaurant to take my family out for dinner.

Jennifer P.

There are tons of other places to get sushi. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Especially if you're ordering off of a food delivery app. Just don't do it.Our experience was really bad unfortunately. We just wanted a few different rolls (5) and to have a chill sushi dinner. They missed one and messed up the other 3. They got the lion king right though. Still the worst lion king I've ever had lol. The other rolls included were 2 California rolls (we ordered a dragon roll and a super California roll LMAO) and those weren't even amongst the best I've had. So yea, just not a good experience, not a good place to get sushi considering the tantamount of other options. I made the mistake so you won't have to ;).

Ying S.

That's a very good restaurant, and the price is very cheaper. The sushi and soups are delicious. You are worth to try it.

Empress Sylph

I was surprised at how good the sushi was. I never would have found this place if it wasn't for a friend. Ive driven passed it hundreds of times and never noticed. Well worth going to!!!

Vanessa M.

There food is not that good I asked for a bento box with shrimp tempura which shows on the menu 5 pieces I only got 1 piece of shrimp in one of my boxes and 2 in the other . There food has no flavor and the chicken taste like my elementary food

Shine-Od Chinzorig

Their foods are very tasty and quick service. I recommend this place

Victoria E. C.

This is where I got food poisoning. Was sick for several days and had to receive intravenous fluids for dehydration. Service was horrible. When we arrived we waited for such a long time without seeing any employees (even though there were customers eating), that I had to walk into the kitchen to get staff.

Trudy Preuss

The food is constantly fresh and tasty, workers hands over good service. I liked the cleanliness and vibes. Would recommend to others.

Cecilius Douglas

This place is delicious. My favorite is the tsuivan, which is the closest thing to Mongolian BBQ you will find in Mongolia. Beef, noodles, and veggies, yum! My son ate most of my wife's dumplings because they were so good. Good tasty cheap. If you are looking for a not pricey treat, consider this place. Russian or Mongolian dishes are better than Japanese ones. Fast friendly service great choice for Pho, Egg Roll & Chow Mane... small parking lot but there is two hour parking across the street rite on Pablo

Amara Ganjuur

Try Mongolian dishes here. You would absolutely love them.


The best Mongolian Russian restaurant in the Bay Area. It’s a small mom and pop restaurant so you don’t expect a lot of service because the family is cooking inside the kitchen. but the food is good and people are very kind.

David T.

We had Huitsaa mongolian cabbage soup, buuz chicken dumplings and a salmon bento box. We'll try some Russian dishes next time. Family run joint so lower your waitstaff expectations and you'll be fine. Very hearty and meaty soups, fun dumplings and pretty good bento. Its a nice addition to this area with Huong Tra next door.

Liz T.

Great traditional Mongolian cuisine. If you like meat this is the place you go for a Mongolian food. Buuz , hushuur , gulyash are the best

elbbub du

包子,炒饼,汤面,牛肉馅合子,You don't know they come from Mongolia, do you. Try here no doubt if you are from north eastern of asia. Im Beijinger 人er, even though the soup it's a little bit salty, the whole meal is amazing and dreamingly delicious, this is the most home like taste only of mine. A Mongolian young lady recommend me here with her favorite food in photo. You just try what i was trying if no ideal in menu. There is not table service or care by the way, the waitress beauty and cool, and busy, maybe she is also chef, I'm not sure that. And it's ridiculously cheap, I puzzle confused, by comparison all restaurants what my one year almost USA visited, whatever taste nor price, it worth an International Human Rights Prize.

Etta Alex

Authentic Mongolian cuisine (not Chinese Mongolian Beef) is a hidden gem. You wont find this many places!

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