La Fusion Restaurant

1257, 1045 23rd St, Richmond
(650) 921-0228

Recent Reviews

Kenneth Armstrong

Great service, good food, great prices and nice place.

Francisco Villarreal

It was alright pretty average

Rudy Torres

I visit this lovely spot often! This is the best place to to have a good dinner. I visit this place regularly. The cooking is excellent, the staff is friendly and the payment is good. I enjoy eating in this place over a tasty supper.

Jeffrey Kimbrough

Would definitely recommend trying out this place. Excellent atmosphere, delightful food, great service. Fantastic work.

Maria Stevens

We went as a six-some and ate a variety of appetizers and a few main courses along with some of the house sangria (yummy). From fried yucca to two kinds of empanadas to interesting seafood dishes, to chicken sandwiches and main courses, it was all delicious. The prices are fairly high, but you get the quality you pay for. They took a reservation, which was helpful since we were a largish group. It was a fun place for adventurous eating.

Di Samuel

Great food and Carol is awesome!!!

Anne Wilson

This spot is worth visiting. They serve large portions for reasonable prices. Regularly well organized and with fantastic mood. Would recommend to others.

Jordana Fagundes

This place deserves more than 5 stars , excellent people working with excellent boss. The best food quality you can find at bay area and the most delicious menu. Really good Brazilian food that you rarely find. My mom loves to come by and get a “to go” and many brazilian appetizers. Carol is always nice and and gentle. The best food I can eat everyday of my life at the most cute place with awesome people. Here you can lunch how much you want for 12$. Good juices, brazilian snacs and appetizers ( I recommend everybody to try QUIBE and CHEESE BREAD ) I recommend everyone to come visit LA FUSION and Carol ❤️❤️

Ze Trindade

Best homemade Brazilian food.

Jennifer Mann

La Fusion Restaurant on Venice blvd has maintained its standard. Yay ! I ordered the veggie plate and it was packed with lots of veggies. I hope they take note at the other location. The black beans were tasty and had just the right amount of heat ! Yum !

Tere Stevenson

The cozy atmosphere, relaxed setting, and excellent service only make the food taste even better than it already does!

Oscar Gonzalez

My co worker introduced me to this spot a month or two ago . At first when i got there . There was no sign outside indicating that is was a resturant nor what kind of resturant ? So i was confused yet i saw a brazilian flag so it gave me a clue . Walked in it was very empty with a few ladies walking around . So its buffet stlye you pay by the plate which to this day i still dont know how much it is to eat there . I just remembered handing a 20 and getting 4.50 with no drink ? But the food selection is pretty well rounded from white rice , black or pinto beans , noodle salad , ribs , fish , all kinds of veggies as well . They serve can and bottled drinks as well. I wel say this there has been times that ive walked in alone and a little bit after lunch it filled up with Brazilians ! So it does have cliental . Only thing i wish the inside made me feel like im in brazil ! Wish they had pictures or brazil or brazilians , capoeria , shoot hang more brazilian flags up ! Hopefully one day they re decorate and make it a Brazilian resturant! the only reason i didnt give it 5 stars . But great food highly recommend coming in on weekends !

Janio Christino

Lugar muito bom para Brasileiros e latinos. Vale a pena conferir. Parabens pela comida.

Juan Parra

Good food

Nirlene Marques

Excellent food , my favorite place to eat brazilian food. Carol is so cute and always a good person to talk. Love brazilian appetizers and I eat here almost everyday.

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