La Lupita Mexican Eatery

2167 Meeker Ave, Richmond
(510) 680-5410

Recent Reviews

Robert Isaiah Lorensen

good food friendly staff.

Marisela Rodriguez

La Lupita is a amazing! I came in for lunch and was greeted immediately with kindness and hospitality. The staff were great and the food was amazing as well. Would definitely recommended if you want some authentic Mexican food. 10 out 10 !

James Tibbett

Great service, considering the times we are in. I thoroughly enjoyed my super burrito with steak. The flan brought back memories of my time down in Baja.

Francesca Dezza-Parada

La Lupita is an incredible family run restaurant. We ordered tacos and horchatas and it was all so delicious! Although they were very busy, with customers and a large catering order, they still made sure we had everything we needed and we felt very well taken care of. We’re looking forward to trying more things from their menu next time!

Kristen Loken

The nicest people and super tasty burrito ready right on time and delivered with a smile! I'm already back for another one, thank you La Lupita!

Mary R.

We have lived in the area for a little over 3 years. The place is tucked away in a part of the Marina Bay that is nicely clean and away from the hussle and brussel of lots of traffic and noise. Quiet eatery with a great selection of items on their menu.They also have daily specials. During this time of covid-19 it's tough to find a place that you can rely on for service,prices and lots of protection which they have followed all the guidelines for you to be safe.We recommend that you support the local restaurants and come in and try their fish dishes with the famous green salsa,it's delicious. Tacos are super packed with lots of meat and veggies. And you can get the soft or crispy. Amazing,we love this place.

Alondra I.

Amazing food! We just try the Sexy Chorizo Torta I believe is call and all I could said is "WOW" definitely I recommended and definitely I'm coming back. The service just right and the food just perfect and affordable. keep it up!!!


Great food, great service. Very nice humble people just making sure if you need anything else . The Super Burrito with shrimp is the bomb. I been coming to eat here for a week straight. I really recommend this place.?

Annabelle H.

We love this place because we live in the Richmond Marina and it's like a 2 minute drive away, 10 minute walk. Our favorite is their wet burrito with carnitas or steak or chorizo - SO GOOD! Fair warning, we are not a fan of their chips... but the burrito fills us up anyway. It's big enough for 2 meals or 1 meal and a snack if you're hungry. We've also had their ceviche once when SIP had just started but it's been out of stock since - we hope that comes back soon because it's so good! Also, they tend to throw in a freebie with our order which is super nice of them. Thank you! It's usually a Jamaica which my boyfriend enjoys or a Melon Aqua Fresca which I LOVE. The Tamarindo was a miss for both of us, but we appreciate the chance to try it :) We'll definitely continue to come support and get our wet burrito fix! Oh one more thing to add - they're very good at packaging - never any leaks or spills because they go an extra step and plastic wrap everything too!

David T.

Place is open now in October 2020. Interior was clean and customer service was friendly. I ordered a carnitas super burrito and it was delicious. Price was also fair. I would recommend.

Luna Magica

Really good food

gina O.

This is an awesome place for food as well as friendly customer service. I placed an order over the phone and since I was craving a torta I asked if there were any tortas that were not in the menu. I was offered several that I had seen on the online menu as well a new torta called "la torta especial " or the special torta. The food was ready in a flash ! I went in to pick it up and the order was complete as ordered. The owner is very friendly and works with his wife. I was offered a spicy salsa, to which I couldn't refuse. I pleased with the great customer service. When I tasted my torta, it was perfect!! Everything I wanted in a torta and more. It had chorizo, ham, cheese lettuce and avocado. I drizzled some of the spicy salsa and OMG!! It was delicious I cant wait to go back and get another one.

Tiffany Hobbs

First I stopped for an emergency breakfast burrito. Delish. The next week the special was burrito de cameron de diabla (hella hot shrimp burrito). Too hot for us, but reheated with lots of cheeses and yogurt on top, outstanding. This week I got the shrimp with NO HOT SAUCE. The man giggled, as he remembered my bravado from the previous week.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my delivery experience DURING the COVID-19 pandemic. **It's not every day I see a whole chicken leg in my soup (photo: I guess they didn't want me to mistake it for any other kind of soup. It certainly worked as the $10.99 Chicken Soup was exactly that with a poultry-rich broth providing a virtual swimming pool for a carrots, broccoli florets, onion, Mexican rice, and cilantro (photo: No complaints there except I kept splashing myself with the leg as I didn't have the foresight to use a pair of tongs to steady the leg for easier chewing.This wasn't even my main dish. That honor belonged to the $13.99 Pollo Azado, which were grilled chicken breasts hammered within a millimeter of their lives. They were still surprisingly tender though, and like any satisfying dinner tray, it came with a side salad, more Mexican rice, and frijoles topped with melted cheese (photo: The world needs more melted cheese. Not as much as a vaccine...but close. They left me a nice thank you note and plenty of corn tortillas, too (photo: Life is good.FOOD - 4 that a chicken leg or are you glad to see me?AMBIANCE - n/a...just a delivery but it's somewhere in Richmond south of the freeway SERVICE - 4 stars...came pretty promptly and well packaged TOTAL - 4 stars....they take chicken seriously RELATED - Rambling in Richmond? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Kelly S.

I super recommend this guys , their food is amazing fresh all the times , very good flavor , very fast deliver ,they are amazing

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