La Lupita Mexican Eatery

2167 Meeker Ave, Richmond
(510) 680-5410

Recent Reviews

Hector Nodal

The #1 Mexican restaraunt in the Rich. Eat thier watching tv or take your food down the street to the marina for a exotic picnic. Thier 7seas soup is full of vitamins if you need refueling and thier steak fajitas need no hype. Beers horchata and jaritos. Get you some for breakfast lunch dinner. Gracias

Daniela Garcia

I usually never do reviews but wow, this is my first time and I have to say, the food is so authentic! It tastes just like homemade food at a Hispanics home! I ordered a sausage breakfast burrito and it’s the best one I’ve ever had!! They used the breakfast sausages and they are BIG! The horchata was super good too! Not too sweet, and very refreshing! I will definitely be coming back and this will be my go to spot to come whenever I’m in Richmond! Also I have to mention the staff is so friendly and welcoming!

Mark McKenna

This was one of the most amazing finds I have found during covid, for sure! But, honestley in a life and carrer that has innvolved some of the best restaurants and hospitality experiences in the world, this place and this family is special. Elder is one of the finest pure chefs I have ever encountered. Every detail is seen to, if he can't find product THAT MORINING that doesn't meet his standards, it comes off the menu. He is doing things with seafood I thought only Eric Ripert was doing in the US. If you are ANYWHERE NEAR Richmond California, it is the ONLY place to eat. If you live in Richmond or nearby there is no better caterer. I take food very seriously, this is a serious restaurant. #eastbayfoodies #activeartists #72cookies

Alejandra Vargas Johnson

Very cool to find a local spot serving California- style burritos. This is a family restaurant with amazing service and food!

Justin A.

Amazing service, nice ambience and delicious food! We ordered the shrimp soup and wet vegetarian burrito - both were excellent. This is a local business run by Elder, who was very polite and welcoming. You can tell the food is made by someone who is passionate about cooking. Highly recommend!

D Pier

Elder and his staff are truly amazing they made my wife and I special burritos and the micheladas were bomb so if r looking for great food friendly staffing this is the place to be.... Thanks Again Elder You Are Amazing

Levi Reyenga

Clean space, friendly staff, delicious food. I ordered the California burrito with steak. The fries were crunchy and the steak was tasty. There were no cold spots throughout the burrito from the sauces. I’ll be coming back!

Rebekah W.

So I'm a bit of a Mexican restaurant connoisseur... I can tell you about Mexican restaurants all over the Bay from Petaluma to Alameda. I've tried a lot of them because I really like Mexican. I also am opinionated regarding quality, presentation, ambience, and service and I love to find a great place in my neighborhood. La Lupita is a find! The food is delicious. The owners are lovely. And the ambience is welcoming. Thanks for taking care of us during the pandemic!!!

Pamela Draper

Family establishment with good food and friendly atmosphere. I love chicken quesadillas and tacos with rice and ferried beans.

David K.

Gave them a few tries, meat is always off smelling, prices more expensive then the menu, owner letting people eat inside. Always giving them 1 more try and always disappointed.

Kike V.

Awesome food and great service. Called this location around 9:20 didn't know they close at 8:00. Dude answered and still took my order. Two fire burritos. Good space for truck drivers too. Dude save my life lol

Robin H.

I really don't think running around the eating area playing tag with your kids without masks is social distancing. Just highly dangerous inside there right now.

Daniel Jensen

They have the best quality food in the Bay Area . The service is great with great courtesy family friendly environment.

Jacob Deleon

I very much enjoyed their dishes and customer service, fantastic location next to my apartment. The employees are always very kind. Highly recommended.

Zachary Buckner

I use to come here everyday. Today the guy there had the nerve to sell me 2 tacos for $13 with beans on the inside as filler

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