La Selva Taqueria

1049 23rd St, Richmond
(510) 237-0913

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Amanda Prufer

Whole Chicken w/ Everything is the best deal around! Chicken is juicy, well seasoned, and the perfect amount of charred. Their rice, beans, tortillas and salsas are also delicious.

Andrea Gamboa

It’s sad how in COVID times you want and feel like helping small local businesses. This was one of them. The items were incorrect, I order two wet burritos and it wasn’t even close as it shows in the picture and it wasn’t a wet burrito either, they both came cold with a little bit of sauce on top, I got seeds of lemon inside and my husband got a piece of bone I’m his burrito. How sad and disappointing it was to order from here and I gave it a two stars just because the flavor was good but didn’t even eat the whole thing.

James K.

I have been craving lengua or cabeza tacos and saw that La Selva had cabeza as one of its meats. I also read about their chicken, so I ordered a cabeza wet burrito to try and half just chicken.The chicken had a good flavor and was pretty yummy. I loved the burrito. Everything together mixed well and had savoriness, acidity, and little bit of heat. The portion was huge so the food will probably last me 2-3 meals, which is great cause I can enjoy it for longer.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my delivery experience DURING the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** As Jamie W. and I were made fully aware at last year's Cinco de Mayo festivities, 23rd Street in Richmond is chock full of family-run Latin American eateries each one likely drawing their own devoted followings. Jamie and I, for example, are pals of Portumex since the menudo they serve there is really good. This raging pandemic has offered a glimpse at other nearby restaurants that otherwise wouldn't have drawn our attention. That's due to delivery apps like Door Dash which treats all these spots on a level playing field. What drew me to La Selva was the $21 Pollo al Carbon. On the menu, they accommodated us uneducated, unilingual souls by describing it as "Whole Chicken Everything". It was an entire chicken cut up in eight pieces and accompanied by six flour tortillas; sides of rice, refried beans, and pico de gallo; and a paper bag filled with tortilla chips and served up with little containers of a typical salsa bar selection. In other words, it was a family meal for a relative bargain price much like my mom used to get at KFC when the empty bucket magically turned into a Christmas card holder. The poultry was surprisingly tasty. Not really succulent but the breast meat wasn't dried out as I was fearing. I got the impression they make these whole cluckers en masse, so we were happy it was quite edible (photo: The rice and especially the frijoles were quite flavorful though likely calorific if that's a concern (photo: Presentation is not a strong suit here but flavor is as we ordered two of the $6.25 Super Soft Tacos with the pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, cheese having shifted around on its travel to our home (photo: For an extra fifty cents, Jamie had pieces of pork added to his, while I had yet more chicken added to mine. Sloppy was just not a big deal to us as our bellies were getting filled. FOOD - 4 stars...get the chicken with the fixings...get sloppy tacos at your own discretion AMBIANCE - n/a...a 'shelter-in-place' treat SERVICE - 4.5 came fast and warm TOTAL - 4 hungry?...come here! RELATED - Roaming Richmond? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed:

Rollito C.

Another disappointing delivery! But again, the food is really good. I called La Selva and remind them to be careful not to spill the sauce. A lady said that my food has been picked up by my dasher already and they always reminding there dashers to be careful handling the food and I can call my dasher to make sure. Call my dasher and remind him to be careful handling the food and he said, "no problem!" And this is what I've got...

Johnny C

We went to try some chicken dishes, but it was raining and it didn't seem they were grilling. We ordered chicken tacos and quesadillas, while they were very fresh and abundant there didn't seem to be much flavor. Next time I'll try the whole grilled chicken. Salsas were a bit runny. Staff was very nice. Decor seems dated.

Freniesha Hollman

The food was actually OK . But I'm leaving a 3 star review because I ordered over door dash and when I recieved my order it was missing cilantro and onion which were standard ingredients for the tacos. And when I called a woman answered the phone and hung up when I begin talking. When I called back the lady gave the phone to a guy and he was a bit more helpful and agreed to take care of the issue next time. I will leave a 2nd review if I ever end up ordering again from this location.


Tasty tacos!

James Taylor

The food is amazing

I B.

Ordered super nachos with everything on them. Came without refried beans, loaded with a bitter (way too many onions) green salsa. Maybe to cover up the fact the missing beans. My son's words, "Worst nachos ever" Disappointing.

Jj Duran Rod

Tacos el chino delicious at 23th Street Richmond

Ronald C.

Got the Pollo la Carbon, 1/2 grilled chicken. $13 Was very good as was the beans and rice. Could really been better if the served homemade tortilla. They have free chips choice of green or red picante sauce. No salsa fresca but did get some on my plate. You can get some pickled vegi, radishes or grilled jalapeno too. The decor is a bit odd with giraffes and elephants painted on the wall. The black panther statue I'll give them as there are some in south America. Guessing this was an African restaurant before. They have a nice little outdoor patio where the also grill the chicken.

Jose H.

Don't bother to waste your money - because you will waste it. My son ordered a burrito - simple meat, beans and rice. Well first they put cheese - my son is lactose. Second I couldn't tell u what type of meat they used BUT carne asada was NOT it. Tasted like boiled carne de res. It is pretty hard to mess up a simple burrito and this had to be one of the worst burritos I have ever tasted. I would give u my son's opinion BUT he is on the pot from the cheese. When I told the lady about their mistake this idiot responded with "well I am not the cook" Given her response their customer service gets no stars. Won't even get started on the tacky decor.


If I could give 0 stars I would. The food was unedible, the carne asada from the tacos had gone bad. I would not serve this to my dogs,It was an extreme disappointment.

Sean V.

The nachos here are bomb. Everything else is trash. I ordered the burrito, which was a waist of my money. No flavor or seasoning to the meat. Just not my favorite. I've ordered from here twice and my opinion is the same. I only come here for the nachos.

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