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2132 Hilltop Mall Rd, Richmond
(510) 669-9897

Recent Reviews

Michael Pincus

This restaurant provides amazing service as well as tasty food. One of the best place ever. The food arrived quickly and the prices were economical. Will definitely recommend this place.

Vincenzo Keith

Excellent and delightful food, I loved the character this spot has, and the cashiers were very nice. Will surely eat here again.

Gordon Torres

This place is worth trying. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Constantly neat and with good character. Will come visit again.

Ramiro K

Finest food, super friendly employees, consistently great vibes. They charge reasonable rates and the food quality is fantastic. 5 stars.

Arin Pallen

This place is awesome! The food is reasonably priced and very good. I'm not qualified to rate the authenticity of the food. But it's very tasty, reasonably spicy, and a good portion. We had the tandoori chicken and the chicken tikka masala. The chicken was very moist and flavorful.

Daniel H.

They are officially closed for good. The poor mall that nobody wants to go to is just bad for business. Hopefully the mall can do a turnaround.

Alyssa C.

Review is based on my visit in May 2019. Another underestimated food establishment in Hilltop. Loved the food! Friendly and personable service. Inexpensive prices. Generous portions. The Orange Chicken was super tasty! I can literally taste that fresh burst of orange peel & the citrusness in both the chicken and the sauce without it being dry. Sweet n Sour Pork, Salt N Pepper Fish and the others were also very delicious! However recently I noticed that they've been closed. There's no one there. Not sure if they renewed their lease or if they decided to move over to another location. Will write an update when I find out.

Andrea G.

It wasn't very good. I like the food at uncle chungs better but I needed delivery. I ordered the crab cheese puffs and they were very hard and not much filling. And the pork bun was weirdly square and the potstickers were rather doughy. I give it three stars but I like my five star places much better; like Uncle Chung's or Kong's dim sum on Pinole Valley Road.

Sebastian Reith

Really nice food, very friendly, thank you!

Brandon R.

This is my 5th time ordering from this place and will be ordering more in the future. Although I have not been to the actual restaurant itself, this is my go to spot on uber eats when I'm craving Chinese food! I am a salt and pepper fish enthusiast and the way they make their dish lands on my top 3 all time places I've tried. Every bite I take leaves that crunchy sound from the crispy outside breaded layer balancing out the softness of the seasoned filet center. Once you dip this into the sweet and sour sauce provided in small packets, it will complement the prawn fried rice that will leave your face smiling full of satisfaction! Overall, great food with generous serving sizes. Salt and pepper calamari / salt and pepper prawns are as well! Check em out, you won't be disappointed!

Isaac D.

One thing I don't like being called is a liar! It's not hard to admit you made a mistake and take care of it but it's another to accuse the customer of lying! This will be the last time I order based on this!

Astrid h.

Excellent Service, Delivery punctual every time, Food is so delicious and the portions are hot and fresh and perfectly portioned. I have ordered 4 times and have never been disappointed. Dont Change, and thank you for great food.

geo bern

Great soup

Sathish Kashyap

Average / below average food quality. Not friendly staff. It is hard to find this store as it inside a mall food court that has most stores shutdown. The ambience is not great.

Bar Harel

Super friendly staff, good prices and awesome food.

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