2175 Meeker Ave, Richmond
(510) 620-1930

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Omg im so inlove with this lobster seafood sandwich with double meat.& there pastrami is off da hook to.to bad theres not quiznos everywhere like subway

Andre Polizzi

Great sandwiches and friendly service! We need more Quiznos in the Bay Area!

Charles Carlson

Solid, consistent - harder to get these days. ?


This Quiznos still has the honey bacon club which is my favorite Quiznos sandwich. Many have stopped serving it, but this location persists. I always stop when I'm driving by and get a sandwich.

davaughn hardaway

Came here today service was poor the lady didnt even ask what i wanted on my sandwich just put what she wanted and started wraping it up mind you the girl behind the counter had her shirt tied up stomach and everything showing i almost felt like i was at a minor strip club smh not recommended at all I will not be back good luck going here

Steven Holladay

New pulled pork was Awesome!

Josh Magda

Quiznos for the win. Thank you


Always delicious subway can never beat a classic toasted quiznos sandwhich

Marvfel Mills

Excellent service very clean

Chester Semanick

I like coming here once a week. The staff is friendly and the food is fresh and awesome!!!!!!

Legolas P.

Very less quantity and expensive ($10) fir 8" sub...didn't even have many ingredients it comes with. Also very slow service and only 1 person...love quiznos but none around in sac so tried this one on the way to sfo...what a disappointment. Not coming here again

Michael Hakes

Great food and service. Very fast and nice. Quiet nice location

Shawn Nielson

Went at 6pm on a Friday, lights, door locked, no one home.

Jonathan Jorgensen

Good service

Chris L.

Real Lobster -- Maybe Abalone next time? Honestly, I didn't believe it. Maybe I am too suspicious, but I was almost positive that this would be fake lobster. I mean, if it was real lobster, wouldn't there be big fish tanks, with lobsters swimming all over the place? Okay, I was wrong. I checked with the manager, and they assured me it is actual real lobster. I forced them to show me the actual lobster to prove it. Plus, they gave me a free sample. These are smart people here! Today, I ordered the chicken carbonara sandwich, before I realized they had real lobster. I really love that sandwich and I've ordered it many times. It's consistently good. Not too filling, but very tasty. I like to get it on the Parmesan bread. And of course, I love it when it goes through that magic toaster oven. Next time I'm getting the lobster--it's only about $1 more per a sandwich. I asked if they will soon have lobsters swimming around in those big aquarium tanks, but they said maybe next week. I'm pretty sure they were pulling my leg. I often come here after hiking in Marin. I've always had excellent service and great sandwiches. Plus, it's right across the street from one of my favorite beer breweries. Next time lobster for sure! I'm also going to request they start stocking abalone also. But that means they're going to have to get more aquarium tanks. I don't know if Abalone and Lobster can live together. They might need to put them in separate aquariums.

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