Raymond’s Pizzeria

130 Railroad Ave, Richmond
(510) 609-4961

Recent Reviews

Schmitty G.

One of the best pizza slices I've ever had and the garlic knotts are a sin-so delicious. You can tell that these guys take extra steps to execute detail and get only quality for each ingredient. One word-DELISH!

Matthew Holmes

Great pizza.... So long as you eat it their way. ? Luv the spot just don't take your kids and ask for ranch.

Cinde Lou D.

I am being respectful of our current situation, ample patience but ... business is business. The voice mail is full for days. Web site has the wrong information. No one answers the phone during "open" - it's now 12:25 and they are suppose to be open at 11. A woman barked at us all and closed the door. They lost at least 10 customers waiting and hopefully the woman learns how to treat customers. Suppose to be the best pizza people have rave reviews! Yes, I will try again because it is COVID19 :)

Amber P.

We got this for delivery during Uber Eats and was pleasantly surprised! We have ordered a couple times during the pandemic. Yum!

Joshua M.

One of the best pizza spots in the Bay Area. Customer service is great. Rambo!Pliney!Knot F'n Around!

yvette hills

Stopped for slices after biking at Miller Knox. Fantastic NY style pizza, so fresh and delicious. We will be back!

Ed G.

The real deal. I'm from New York and very particular about my pizza. To each his own but I'm not looking for cauliflower or grapefruit on my pie. I just want good crust ,good sauce, fresh cheese and fresh ingredients. And they have Pliny. I rest my case.

Nick F.

Killer pizza. I drive just from SF to come! I couldn't recommend this place anymore. When you find somewhere with good crust AND good pepperoni, you take note...

Lorem I.

Food was alright but the service was extremely unfriendly. Thankfully there's many alternatives, including making my own food at home.

Carl M.

This place is a 5 star for the taste. We've ordered from here 4 times now and had the McMushroom, Uncle Don, Happy Birthday, Rules Are Meant To Be Broken, and their Garlic knots. We've spent easily over $200 here because the quality is great, they use fresh ingredients, their marinara sauce is amazing, pizza is thin New York style, crust is just perfect, and the menu is simple but delicious. Our favorites in order are: 1. Happy Birthday 2. Uncle Don 3. McMushroom 4. Rules The place looks really clean and you can order individual slices, which are pretty big. About the size of Costco slices. They only have 1 size for their whole Pizzas. The reason for the 3 star is their customer service. 4 out of the 4 times I've ordered, they've made simple requests impossible. 1st time: I requested to have half Rules Are Meant to Be Broken and half Uncle Don. They said they couldn't do that because the spicy sauce or oil would mix into the other side. 2nd time AND 3rd time: I ordered via Grub Hub. I put in the special notes to add extra ingredients and they didn't do it. When I looked at the sticker on the box, it shows the Special note for that order, and the direction is right there, but they didn't add the ingredient. *Note: I get that GrubHub pre-pays the orders and there is an additional charge that needs to be added to the total for requesting additional ingredients in the special note box, then GrubHub needs to fix that in the app. But the worker should not disregard any special requests just because an additional $2 hasn't been paid for because the app didn't add it to the total. People can always pay that difference when they pick up the pizza. 4th time: I placed an order via GrubHub again for 2 different pizzas and pre-paid. I called back 5 minutes later and asked if they made it yet. Worker: No. Me: Can I edit the order and change one of them to your other specialty pizza? Worker: No, because it's been prepaid. Me: Even if it's the same price? Worker: No, we can't do that. My issue here is, just because a computer order has told you an order, does not mean you can not deviate from it. It's not like a computer is making the order. The beauty is that a person is making it and can choose to change things as they go. What if it was something regarding allergies to ingredients? Would they not remove it because the order didn't state it? How is it that a person can't override a computer when they are the ones making it? What ever happened to customer service? My only issue with Raymond's is that it seems they're the type of joint where it's either THEIR way, or you just don't order with them. My experience the past 4x is, it seems like they don't need your business if you don't accept their way. Which is sad because we really like their pizza and would like to support the local business. I don't know if I'll come back again unless they put their customers first.

Ceci L.

So facking good. The McMushroom was in the top three pizzas I have ever had. My fam also loves the Margherita. They are especially busy right now with COVID and their spot is small, so BE PATIENT. It'll be worth the wait!

David Cammack

I have visited 3 times this month. Each time around 7pm. And each time they didn't have any slices. ... Just to be clear, they were open, and their sign says they sell slices, but they weren't selling slices. Once or twice, i'd understand. 3 times means it time to change your sign, and menu. ... Also I called twice before arriving (to confirm they had slices), and they didn't bother answering either time.

Jerry M.

This place has delicious pizza but the problem I'm having is that every time I go in there to grab a couple of slices, they are sold out. I can see if I'm going as they are getting ready to close, but it's happening when they are still open for a couple more hours. This is the 3rd time now and it's frustrating because A) I'm hungry and this place has great pizza, and B) I'm trying to support local and small businesses during this pandemic but they are making it almost impossible. There are only a few places to eat as it is in Point Richmond, so I suggest either closing earlier so you don't get people's hopes up, or make more pizza. I would definitely call ahead before going if you plan on making this place your meal for dinner.

Scott S.

I'm from New York so I'm very picky. This place is deff the best pizza in the Bay Area. I kind of want them to make the crust a little less and have more of the sauce and toppings, but still very good.

Logan Jones

Just picked up a pizza, some garlic knots, and a growler. Staff is extremely nice and I got to talk to Brad for a few seconds which was cool. This is hands down my favorite pizza and I wish I had ordered about 20 garlic knots because they are one of the best things I've ever had. Had a slice of Happy Birthday and McMushroom and you can tell they use the best ingredients possible. Great flavor and the crust was perfect.

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