Simurgh Bakery

112 Ohio Ave Suite #3, Richmond
(415) 624-5384

Recent Reviews

Huseyin Kuyuk

It was delicious, especially ones with pistachios and chocolate.

Sadath J.

Love this spot. Good breakfast sandwiches and good lunches. Idk how this spot has a lower rating. Friendly service and overall just nice spot to grab a quick meal that's enjoyable.

John D.

They're open for take out for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner, during the current stay at home practices. Quality can vary here but I like to support a local business

Sevde B.

Woow! After over few weeks of the Corona Virus, I was tired to cook and wanted to eat some delicious foods but I should be careful more than ever because of this virus thing. The owner of Simurgh Bakery answered all of my questions and she was so nice in the process. I ordered baklava, dolmah and bourek. Everything is so fresh and delicious even though it came all the way from CA to NYC. The shipping was extremely fast and every bite reminded me of my childhood. The quality of the ingredients was incredible. I would recommend this to everyone but do be careful they are so amazing you might finish them in one sitting.

Auntie J.

We've had wonderful lunches here many times in past year. The food is always fresh, cooked properly, and tasty. Restroom clean. Wanted to add that we ordered takeout lunch online the night before pickup during first week of mandatory shelter at home order. Our order was ready on time and just as tasty as when we've eaten in.

bob h.

Throwing in my 5 stars too - LOVE it! A friend brought me a care package yesterday from the Kensington Farmers Market with their dolmas, bourek and cig kofte, and I was soon swooning. Other reviewers have been so eloquent in describing the flavors and textures that combine to make this food so extraordinary. All I can say is that it's made with love! And right, just try and eat one dolma and stop there - good luck with that!

Erin B.

This is an amazing bakery. Everything looks fresh and delicious. Also, Hatice, the owner, is amazingly sweet and accommodating. I ordered Baklava and Turkish delight for a friend and picked up my order at the Kensington Farmer's Market on Sunday. The pistachio baklava was fresh and loaded with pistachios and the phyllo dough they make was crunchy and delicious. I will definitely be back to try some of their baked goods, the spinach bourek definitely looks tempting.

Lorelei M.

I like it here cause of the vegetarian options. I was about to order online but they now require a minimum amount in the online order. :(

Lesly I.

I have tried many of the delicIous dishes from Simurgh at the Kensington Farmer's Market. Today I bought a treaat for my family; the honey cake. This was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted! This is a gorgeous cake with thin layers of delicate cake layered with a cream cheese/condensed milk frosting. It sounds simple, but it was complex and moist and not too sweet. I am hoping they make whole cakes for special occasions.

Carlos C.

I come here at least once a week and the workers are really nice and always have excellent customers service. I recommend the Chorizo breakfast burrito probably the best one I've tried so far

Trevor N.

Exceptional food, fast, and healthy too! So glad this place is near my home. I wish I'd discovered it sooner. I love their veggies! I wish they were open for dinner, but I'm happy to have their lunches.

Irene Y.

I love this place. The food is always fresh, with big portions, and incredibly tasty. There are several sandwiches that are my faves, and I will admit it is a pleasure to eat the garlic fries. The staff is very pleasant. The seating, indoor and outdoor is good. I am not a Peet's Coffee fan, but I go here for the excellent food, not the cup of Joe. And plenty of people do love Peet's. The internet is fast, and the jazz standards they play beat Starbucks constant riff by a long mile. The pulled pork sliders they periodically offer is a great special. There is so little commerce here in Marina Bay, thank goodness we have The Artisan Kitchen and Cafe.

Juvet Carlo M.

I ordered the buttermilk chicken sandwich. It's a good size sandwich but it's doesn't match the price. It doesn't come with any sides and quite overpriced.

Shonda D.

My cousin and I met at Artisan Kitchen & Café for lunch. Artisan's is a very cute place with a great vibe. The customer service is awesome! The owner is uber friendly. I'm a Richmond native. I've always loved this area. I ordered pancakes, eggs and a side of potatoes. The food was ok. My potatoes were somewhat hard. Thus, the 4 stars. I should have ordered the salad as they looked delish! When I return, I'll order the salad and maybe I'll give them 5 stars. Word to the wise: around lunch time, parking can be challenging. But, it isn't horrible.

Leme K.

I love Baklava and when a place says they make their own phyllo dough, you just have to. I found them selling their Baklava at the Grand lake Farmer's Market on Saturday in Oakland. Their booth is usually across the charter school on Grand Ave. They have a variety of sweet treats like a milk custard, something that looks like Turkish Rose Petal candy and various shapes and fillings of Baklava. I sought out for the Baklava I know and love, which are pistachio filled and square shaped. They also have it in roll form (for less mess to clean up from crumbs). And they have it with Walnut filling. I bought a smaller package which is 4 peices (about an 1inch cube size) for 5$. They also have a 12 pack but I forgot the price. I am eating it a day later and they are just absolutely phenomenal. Honestly, the possibly the best Baklava I've had in the West Coast (and for a good price). The phyllo dough still flakey and buttery even though it's absorbed so much of the syrup. The pistachio filling are tender and buttery and abundant. The Baklava was good on its own or paired with a hot beverage such as tea or coffee. They've definitely won my heart over and I will definitely frequent back for them. I suggest if you love Baklava too, it's a must try!

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