4500 Macdonald Ave, Richmond
(510) 253-1000

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Christian Vazquez

Pretty good chill place

Internet User

Ok I stopped trying to get anything from here for over a year and apparently they still CANNOT keep in stock the basics for any of their popular beverages. This place is in IMMEDIATE NEED of a real supervisor. Or is it the lazy workers that refuse to do any type of work? We need answers SBUX!

Martin rivero

Came here to get a cappuccino!? And only one person was working behind the counter!! And like 8 costumers waiting!? Really bad place to get your coffee!!

Victor G.

Starbucks has the same latina barrista pic at every starbuck location. haven't seen her at any. this location is inside a target. my usual experience at starbucks inside a target/safeway/department store isn't as good as at free standing starbucks.. brew: black coffee (2.10) -usually the same pike peak roast. hot brew with little body. -seldom any other roasts.... 2.5 stars

Ediht Gudino

This Starbucks is a joke the girls there , they don’t want to work every time I go apparently they don’t have have it or they can’t make it .. I won’t even give it a 1 star ... I’ll take my service elsewhere... Either they need to have people that actually wants to work or change management. Worst Starbucks ever don’t bother going ...don’t be shocked if they don’t have it save your time from going there I recommend the Starbucks on San Pablo by the San Pablo casino better service and they are willing to do your drink great.

Gabriel Santee

the staff is so kind and positive. They all deserve raises and promotions. Please be nice back, even when lines get long from complicated drink orders.

Jackie m

Love this place they are always on point

Sadot Gonzalez

Bad never come back

Gloria Bump


Paige A.

The service here is always excellent! The baristas are friendly, and they make my drinks exactly the way I want them! Perfect way to start my Target runs. :) Thank you!

Mignon C.

So I'm standing here watching the barista completely ignore me; as she goes on to clean up without acknowledging me. I've had enough to complete this review.

Moises Madrigal Zamora

Your typical Starbucks with more seating. Great service, good food and drinks.

Samantha N.

This place is the worst. All the tables are always dirty and nasty. Every time I come here is takes forever. They're incredibly slow.

Elias Acosta

I love Starbucks but this place it is so bad, customers service. Their iced coffee is obnoxious like tea instead of coffee. Ufff

Farahim Alili

Be aware: They don't have outlet to change your laptop and work.

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