Tacos El Chino

2300 Humphrey Ave, Richmond
(510) 829-6734

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joe marti

Real good you should try it


I’m a day Oner since their opening. I was there on the first day of their launch. It was a barren lot with their truck only. Since I’m so proud of their expansion. They “had” outdoor seating with awnings and a mural. I watched their growth from the moment they posted signs of their opening. I support local businesses. So I always order their shrimp tacos. It’s something that brings it home for me. The girls get their burritos. Their service has never slacked for the many years I’ve known them.

Noah Pearce

One of the only places I get tacos

Paulina Alejandre

Love this place!! Best shrimp tacos around in my opinion, I come here as often as I can with my boys 13 and 6 years old.. and if they approve it it must be true because they are super picky when it comes to food ? highly recomend it ??☝?????


Horrible experience tacos were old like they've been sitting there seen flies all over the place someone needs too Call OSHA

Tej Gill

They best Mexican food in the bay. Affordable and filling are what food needs to be and this is it

Lindsey S.

Good service. I got the hotdog with extra cheese. It was good but not amazing. Not nearly as good as street dogs they grill up late at night or outside raider games. The onions were great but the hot dog it self didn't taste cooked all the way. Next time I'll try a torta

Zoe K.

**THEY WILL NOT SERVE YOU IF YOU'RE NOT WEARING A MASK THAT COVERS YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH** It looks like it was a happening place P.P.(Pre Planned-demic) But now that life sucks you can enjoy the music while you wait for your order awkwardly trying to avoid everyone Order: Tacos and horchata drink 1 chicken 1 asada 4 pastor Taste: flavorful They add a jalapeno and radishes (onion separate) There's salsa available on the side Not spectacular but pretty good Tortillas were yellow corn, those taste a little different than the standard ones. The horchata was tasty until.... I found a bug floating in it which grossed me out (that's why the 3 stars ) I couldn't say anything because I didn't know until I got home so I'm not sure if they would have made it right somehow or not. Give it a chance. They definitely have a following and they're super nice! I bet it was really fun eating there... Stupid planned-demic!

Andrew L.

I'm actually pretty upset at myself for living a few blocks away for a year and not stopping in. So. So good. Like, amazing good. Whatever you're doing please do. It stop doing it.

Kessashun Arthur

This is exactly what you'd expect from an authentic Mexican food truck. Nothing fancy, just a menu of all the essentials. Their salsas pack a good amount of heat and flavor. Everything's loaded up with the onion/pepper/cilantro fixings you'd want. I'd recommend the camaron tacos, but I doubt you can go wrong with much of anything here!


Burritos are very good and fast service I just don't like the new shells they're using on the tacos

Georgel Udiel

It should be 0 star but i dont have that option really bad food

Aaron G.

This place is great! My family and I love coming here and eating outside. They're seating area is really great, and seems to get better all the time. Great tacos, really nice and welcoming staff. Best taco truck in town

Raquel Castro

they are vary good all my family love there tacos

A B.

I feel ripped off... paid the taco truck man an extra 75 cents for extra sauce and the man only gave me 1. Bruh ... wb the first free one per plate? y'all fuckers getting real stingy outchea Other than that... they usually be coolin, but I like my sauce and didn't enjoy my quesadilla considering I was on the go. And that's usually the case I don't get the sauce I ask for. My only complaint.

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