Taqueria Chavinda

3330 Cutting Blvd, Richmond
(510) 965-9452

Recent Reviews

Upright Mayhem

Excellent Food and Service. ??

Chance Burgess

Amazing ambience and super affable service. The menu was fresh and enchanting. Will surely recommend this restaurant to others. Affordable rates and big meals. Great job.

Stephen Clearwater

Made my chicken super burrito quick, it was big and looked tasty..but it was almost completely full of rice. I might as well have eaten a bowl of rice.. probably the second worst burrito I've ever had, maybe tied for second with the one from baja fresh that had a roach inside of it.

Charles Rosales

I call this outstanding restaurant many times since I like the good air that is part of this place. The crew is extraordianrillyremarkably helpful and professional. The service is absolutely rapid. Also, the food they prepare is great. I have been there more than once and I was always delighted. The expense is fair. I highly suggest this restaurant to to all.

Nubia Carter

I get vegetarian burritos from here they are bomb !!

DeAjuané J.

Great food, great service, friendly & funny! I ordered nachos and started eating them while I was waiting & ended up ordering a taco before I left bc they looked so good.. I love spicy food/salsas & they have a bomb spicy salsa! I'm def going back to get one of those arm length burritos, they looked so good on the grill! I love local spots like this always have the best food and take pride in what they do!

Jessie Moreno

Good cooking taste delicious at your request..

G Febo

It always smells so good walking past this spot.

Christopher Terlesky

Best and biggest burrito in town.

francisco carbajal

Birria is so good, with hand made tortillas. Definitely coming back.

Dovie Arnold

Awesome food, and they teach me new Spanish everything I go in. Great environment..

Carlos Reyes

Great Service. Great Food.

lorenzo parks

If your going to run a business try to stick to your actual business hours . If your page says 7pm then 7pm.

Tychelle Roberson

They put a lot of fat in your burrito and a ton of rice ‍♀️ others like it. I like things that are worth my money...

Rayan Vasquez

I visit this place a lot since I work in the area. I love how the customer service is always good and they keep the place well organized regularly. Pricing is reasonable and they serve large portions.

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