Taqueria La Bamba

12345 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 235-2288

Recent Reviews

Eloise R.

Mad at myself for not coming here sooner food. Family feel and the food is good what more do I need to say? Well one more good useful tip call ahead to order your food. They are always busy. My personal favorites are the stake quesadilla and the cheese papusa

Josiah M.

Excellent pupusas! Had a job a block away for almost a year. Got a recommendation from a coworker who lives in the neighborhood, and boy was he correct! I dream about them at least once a week! And I'll be a repeat customer whenever I'm back in the area.

Tiaja S.

Unfortunately didn't get to try the food. I had to just walk away the service was so poor and the woman I was speaking with was so short with me and rude. Like my presence was bothering her. Won't be returning.

S N.

Carnitas tacos and the pork and cheese pupusa are excellent! Picked up to go orders after a long workday. Everyone was happy. During Covid days so precautions were set in place. Easy to pick up and take home. Friendly staff! Will return again and again!

mantra p.

Slow but incredibly good homemade soul food truth from El Salvador, !platanos included!

Hayden Oneal

We had a fantastic in this place. We enjoyed the nice ambience and the meals. The waiters were very affable. I am glad we eventually managed to try this restaurant.

Ryan Y.

I've been going to La Bamba since the 90's and its always been my consistent go-to place for epic Salvadorean cuisine. And yet even during the age of this terrible epidemic, their food is still excellent and delicious. I simply can't enough of La Bamba's delectable burritos, pupusas, tacos, and chips.

Antonio Duncan

The food is great. I have been going there since they opened.

Theresa S.

This spot is a little hole in the wall on San Pablo Ave. in Richmond. During the pandemic they are open for takeout only, no dining room. The food is very good, very tasty, fresh El SalvadorianDishes cooked from scratch. The pupusas alone are worth driving over there from Oakland. The prices are great, this is a good value for the money.

Susangela M.

I will stand outside in line for an hour for just one of your pupusas. I love that they will put it all in; laroco, queso and beans so I don't need to choose which combo I want. They also sell handmade tortillas which is a whole nother thing than what you buy in the market. Buy a few, take them home for the next day. I add cheese, salsa and avacado and my lunch is envied by all my coworkers. Support our local businesses during these tough times so they will be able to stick around.

Renee Suniga


Rachel R.

One of the best burritos I've ever had and I'm from San Diego so that's saying a lot. Get the super burrito with chicken or steak you won't regret it

Renee S.

I've driven by this place , no joke at least 15 years . I've always believed it was an abandoned building. Oh my I WAS WRONG so wrong. I'm almost mad for waisting all these years. Food was amazing the popusas , the plátano frito. The frijoles! Lesson learned , NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A HOLE IN THE WALL 100% AMAZING GREAT JOB LA BAMBA

Jamie Z.

Reading all the reviews on here, you can obviously see that some people have had really bad experiences here with customer service but I came in with really low expectations knowing this and I really liked everything about la bamba lol! I ordered 4 pupusas over the phone for pick-up and I asked them when it'd be ready & they told me 45 minutes then abruptly hanging up... I was excited! But any who I waited the 45 minutes, showed up. They have a line outside with 6ft markers and you just go up to the cashier who's at a kiosk in the door way so you don't have to go inside. She asked if I was here for pickup, paid for my order, she was really nice & we left. My cheese & beans pupusa was to die for and it was still warm but my cheese & jalapeño pupusa was cold, my beans & rice were a room temperature. I could've heat it up at home but was lazy. Next time I'll probably show up around the 30 minute mark to make sure everything's hot & I'll probably just order the cheese & beans pupusas.

Renee Musicana

This is my go-to pupusa place now. I’ve gotten pupusas and tamales from here, both delicious. One thing to note is that they have a spicy salsa for the pupusas instead of the tomatoey one, and the curtido is the less pickly kind.

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