Taqueria La Bamba

12345 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 235-2288

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Jackie G.

Been coming here for a few years now. I enjoy eating in or to go. I really like how they have a lot of options for food. I've eaten their burritos, tacos & pupusas! The staff is friendly and that's always a plus.

Antonio G.

Avoid. Takes forever to get a pupusa. Please make sure that you have a ton of time before coming to this place. The waiting is more than they commit to.

Scarlett L.

Take out only as of yesterday 10/24/2021. I absolutely love the pupusas here, wouldn't order anything else. I stick with revueltas or revueltas con frijoles. I'm writing because I was very sad to walk 3 miles to get here yesterday to find that they have changed to take out only, not sure why. The front door is closed with a sign that says "use the other door" and when I walked to the parking lot door they have it completely closed off with plastic and set up like a window, and of course there was already a line into the parking lot at 11:15 am. This wouldn't have surprised me if it was how they had been set up all along during the pandemic, but I ate here last 4 weeks ago indoors prior to even having to show proof of vaccine, and the dining room was completely full. Thankfully Richmond Pizza House is in the same building and delicious. I really hope to be able to eat indoors here again soon!

Tony L.

Probably the worst burritos we have ever had. California was filled with some velvets cheese crap and wrapped like a wet loose rag. At $11, it was also one of the most expensive burritos we have ever had. I only give them 2 stars because their pupusas are passable. Generally, though, this place is not good. And what's worse is they make you wait FOREVER to get your food. 20 minutes for 3 burritos? Seriously?

Jimmy A.

I used to love this place. They've gotten hella rude. I drove home from Redding tonight and was starving so I came here. Get a grilled chicken burrito put the bag in my car I live literally 1 minute from here. I get into my driveway and the burrito is extremely cold tortilla isn't heated up. I take a bite and the Fuckin chicken isn't even cooked. If I was Spanish my burrito would have been cooked

Too Lean

One of the best places in town! Food is always fresh. Great flavor and friendly stuff

Dena Delaviz

Maybe best tacos I’ve had in the bay that didn’t come from someone’s moms kitchen.

Gabriella Bracamontes

Terrible customer service! Today I called to order four popusas, (a Friday at 8:00 PM), and they told me it would take an HOUR until they were ready. And this is after I had to call like five or six times until they finally answered. I like their popusas a lot. I don't know about the other stuff on their menu. I used to work in restaurants and my manager would always tell customers over the phone that food was going to take an hour to keep them from placing an order. That's just a theory that entered my mind at the time, but it was just so ridiculous hearing that 4 popusas would take an hour. This restaurant closes at like 9:00 and that would have meant that my order would have been ready when it's almost closing time! Why not just say, "We're not taking any more orders". Popusas should not take that long to make. That means they are working way under capacity. I did not like that. So one star for running a business like that and telling me my food would take so long. Never buying there again because they are not able to provide good service. I'll just continue going to Las Montañas. They make good popusas there too and it only takes 15-20 minutes.

Jenna G.

I have been coming here for about 15 years now. I must say that the service has gone straight out of the side door. I don't live in Richmond anymore but when I'm in the bay I always try and support labamba. Ordered pupusas around 428pm and was told 35 mins. Okay that's cool I'll wait. I'm there inside waiting for another 30 minutes until I asked them what's going, on you said 35 mins it's been an hour. He checks the clock as if I'm lying about how long Ive been waiting and then starts apologizing. If he said it was an hour wait when i placed the order I would have respectively not placed the order, lying about wait times to place orders is what's going on in here now. Not coming back here Finally got the food,.... No utensils whatsoever. Steak fries cold soggy covered In tomatoes. I watched the girl make the fries and they sat there for 20 mins. Disgusting

Christiana H

Absolutely delicious!

Isabel Lopez

I go to la bamba for. Pork tacos but this week I tried their burrito it was awesome the steak was nicely cooked and had plenty of avocado.

Rayo R.

The pupusas were delicious. It the service was Horrible!! I waited over an hour for lunch. I don't think I'll be returning to this place.

Wonder Dave

great pupusas. Queso with Loroco is my favorite.

Divine P.

If you're looking for pupusa, this is that spot. Wait can be long so like we've seen others do they call in their order.

Simon Trabelsi

Fantastic. Ordered pickup, had. super burrito. Very tasty, hefty size. I will come back.

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