Taqueria La Bamba

12345 San Pablo Ave, Richmond
(510) 235-2288

Recent Reviews

Quiti C.

Pupusas are made fresh! Expect a wait, but they are so good. Only place I go for pupusas in the area.

Leshanti Smith

They food was so good and well seasoned. Definitely can't wait to go back.

Leshanti S.

Love this place they True to taste. Stay going back and recommend to all. They alaon have pupusas and tamales at the same place. Yaaaazzzz would Def recommend.

Stefany Calix

Pupusas are so freaking good and their shrimp soup as well and the burritos! The Chicken Fries could definitely use more cheese though, but overall, freaking good food!

Tiffany Hobbs

La Bamba remains delicious, Covid be damned. The Pupusas Revuelta was tender, juicy, handmade....perfect. Never gets old. The pickled cabbage, pickled to perfection. The salsa....a nice kick but not overbearing, not gonna overpower the pupusa, and provides a nice little bit of heat. I doubt I’ll ever get tired of this place.

Leticia S.

OMG yall need to try this place. The food here is fucking amazing. Everything was well seasoned. This place is now in my top 3 favorite Salvadoran spots. I got a super chichen burrito(fire), bean and cheese pupusas, chicken tamales, plantains and rice. Everything was amazing;I can't wait to go back there. I'm so happy I got extra food because now I have food for tomorrow. THIS IS A MUST TRY. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES.

Stephanie Blaine

This spot is a little hole in the wall on San Pablo Ave. in Richmond. During the pandemic they are open for takeout only, no dining room. The food is very good, very tasty, fresh El SalvadorianDishes cooked from scratch. The pupusas alone are worth driving over there from Oakland. The prices are great, this is a good value for the money. must try

Jed Wheeler

Good food, cheap. Love the papusas in particular and they have one of the beat breakfast burritos in the bay area.

Clara S.

I bought two meat super burritos, the staff was very friendly & super fast, the problem was they had dumped so much salt in the carne asada I could feel small salt particles! It thought I could handle it, but ended up throwing away two burritos :( It sucked because I was so hungry.

Jonathan Delgado

Good pupusas.

Duane Howard

Going there for the 2nd time.I enjoyed the food. It was very good . My taste buds was very HAPPY !!! A GREAT SIGN !!!!!

Adam Fry

I had to give them 3 stars but felt like it was 3.5. The food had nice flavor, but after wait long 25mins for our food I noticed they were microwaving our food which was really dishearting after I waiting so long for our food to go to that low when I can do this at home for cheaper.

Eloise R.

Mad at myself for not coming here sooner food. Family feel and the food is good what more do I need to say? Well one more good useful tip call ahead to order your food. They are always busy. My personal favorites are the stake quesadilla and the cheese papusa

Josiah M.

Excellent pupusas! Had a job a block away for almost a year. Got a recommendation from a coworker who lives in the neighborhood, and boy was he correct! I dream about them at least once a week! And I'll be a repeat customer whenever I'm back in the area.

Tiaja S.

Unfortunately didn't get to try the food. I had to just walk away the service was so poor and the woman I was speaking with was so short with me and rude. Like my presence was bothering her. Won't be returning.

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