6710 Five Star Blvd, Rocklin
(916) 624-2309

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Matthew Tate

If I was going to have to listen to Ranchero music I wouldn't have come in. It actually offends me as I grew up in a migrant town.

James Wolfe

The one near me closed down so I have to go to this one now. I gotta say, as far as KFC goes, this is the best one I’ve been to. The biscuits were the freshest and chicken the tenderest I’ve had at any of them. Highly recommend.

David Cameron

I get it. Fast food is going to have wack service. But this location will let you buy something they don't have in stock and shrug their shoulders when you ask them to fix it. Almost comical. Unfortunately it's places like this that solidify KFC as a trashy restaurant.

Mikki Aglaganov

there is nothing from the menu. we order for take out 12 pieces of chicken. later we found that in the bucket only 9 pieces. check the order before leaving this KFCFood: 3/5

Sarah BaF.

bad service we were in line and in the end they told us that there was only drive thru service, the place with very bad presentation (dirty) and bad treatment.Service: 1/5


I usually order 3 pieces of chicken for my kid form this KFC, but this is the 2nd time missing pieces in my order. I call the number in the receipt, but no one answered the phone. bad service.

Cindy B.

Ordered 3 hours in advamce for pickup. Picked up and later learned part of order was missing and it was not all dark meat as ordered. Then after that, the chicken was not good. Maybe the worst KFC we have ever tasted. We will never use this location again.

Jerry F.

They are to lazy to open the lobby even though Covid restrictions were lifted long ago. The drive through is too small to fit a work truck through. One star

craig allgood

Bot worth the money, guessing about $3.00 per tender and some tenders only 2" inches long and mostly reading.no lo ger worth the price, KFC is just galling short of all competitors and soon to be falling off if they keep this up.

Jenny Alsip

I pre ordered my food through the app. I walked in and they just put the bag and sodas down. Glad I checked before I left the parking lot. Missing straws that he said were in the bag. No napkins, no sporks and they forgot the cookie that came with my bowl. Not to mention the fries were cold and hard to even bite through. Chicken wasn't dry but overly greasy

Chico Late

They will take 30 minutes for a simple order. Bunch of lazy slouches sitting around chatting and hanging out. Not working whatsoever, wonder how the owner feels about paying people to sit around. Hiding from customers, how absurd. At least look like your busy.

Jorge M.

I ordered via Drive-thru yesterday (27 Sep 22) at approximately 2050hrs, ordered the 4 wings & biscuit meal, original. I was told they didn't have "Original", just crispy. I didn't understand why they didn't have original flavor when they still had over an hour before closing. This is my second time patronizing this location and I had the same experience. No original. I settled for "Crispy" which I totally dislike but i love wings and i was starving. When I arrived home, I get me a drink from my fridge and a hot Serrano, seat down, open my box of chicken and no biscuit!!! I was like.....UGH! That's the worst, arriving to your destination and your order is incorrect! The biscuits are my 2nd favorite item from KFC! I called the manager and relayed my disappointment. I didn't want to drive back since I had to get back to my home which is 85 miles away. She did offer to give an order of biscuits next time I am in town. Whippy.....I still didn't get to have a biscuit with my meal! Very disappointed and still don't understand the lack of original flavor.

Christy Rivers

Worst place I’ve ever eaten at. It’s been that way for 10 years. My husband came home with Kentucky fried chicken last night and I about died. Gave it a second chance… but nope, worse than ever!!!!

Sherree S.

4 o'clock on a Wednesday evening. Try to get a bucket of chicken through the drive-through and was told they don't have any chicken. What??

David Jenkins

The 3 peace meal I purchased was burt from sitting in the warmer for hours. I could not eat it at all.

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