Porter's House of Draft

7456 Foothills Blvd #8, Roseville
(916) 749-4791

Recent Reviews

Haleigh P.

I love this place! Such good beers on rotation and wine down wednesdays for 50% off wine bottles. Their serves are the best. They keep me coming back!!! Food is bomb too.

Shawn Searle

Great food (brined and fries chicken sandwich was bomb), great service, and great beers!

Sacramento Honey

After reading all the reviews, I had high expectations. Porter's House of Draft is a pub like atmosphere. It's dark with TV screens spread throughout the pub. It would be a great place to get together with the guys. It's not an ideal date or family spot. The beer is cold, the air conditioning is blasting and there's plenty of sports to watch on TV. The chicken tenders and fries were pub quality. They carry local beers, which is a huge plus. I normally offer recommendations, but Porter's House of Draft is a guy's place and they are fulfilling that niche quite well. IG: SACRAMENTOHONEY

Alejandro Perez


Dave Veach

Excellent food and beer. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Shannon P.

Tried this place for the first time today. Ordered a wine slushy for my drink, it was so tasty. I'd go back just for that. Also ordered fried pickles as an appetizer, I was pleasantly surprised that they were SPICY pickles for my main course I ordered the shrimp salad with raspberry dressing and the shrimp was cooked to perfection with amazing flavor. The service was awesome! I'll definitely recommend people here.

Joe Skiba

Great bar for family. Food was very good and also the service was awesome. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Mireya Gaton

If there was a place where I would go every week to just unwind, this would be it. We have been there 3 times since May and it is the same top quality and same top service. The beers, the food, the onion rings, the burgers, the pasta, the tacos, all of them, sooooo good!!! Worth every penny and…excellent customer service!

Steven Hart

Freindly staff, great beer selections, food was hot and fresh. Oh and they pump the ac so you better believe this is the place to be when its over 100 degrees out. Cheers!!

Wade Ammon

I don't know what I liked the most, the easy-going nature of the waitress/server or the beer and snacks themselves. Will be back here for sure.

Rob's Axe

Great food and beer. Pub style

Ken P.

This place is laid back and the staff is super friendly. Didn't have any food, but the menu looked like it had some tasty bar fair. The bartender was on top of it with recommendations and tasters. This is a little hidden gem. Highly recommend checking it out.

Mireya G

I started a review yesterday and my phone messed it up so here I am again making sure this goes out because we LOOOOOOVED the place! I took my fiancee to this place for his birthday and 24 hours later we are still talking about it :). Let's get to it: Food quality: 10 out of 5 stars, yep! that good. I ordered the bacon blue burger and although I never had a burger with marmalade this one has orange marmalade and I can have it every day! My fiancee had the Cali burger and he told me that he is not interested in going anywhere else for burgers! Beer: the selection is amazing, the taste is unique. Mahi tacos: worth every bite! I highly recommend this place, really, really good! oh, and the pretzel buns, go for it!

Kirsten S.

We ate there recently and thought the service was great! Kudos for the chicken sandwich too. However, we felt that the value for what we got just wasn't there. For example, we paid $9 for the fried pickles appetizer and received 5 spears, two of which were on the smaller side. They serve some of their IPAs (not double or triples) and other beers in a 16oz cup, but only give you 13 oz and still charge $7 each. In addition, we ordered the chicken wings, one of their specialties. They have an Asian seasoning which was very salty and then they served it with ranch dressing, which was a very odd pairing.

Jim Blackburn

Great little place with great food and awesome beer choices.

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