Chipotle Mexican Grill

3830 Truxel Rd #300, Sacramento
(916) 574-9671

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Jeff Smith


Tesla N.

Chipotle with address of 3830 in natomas I came in to order some food when I noticed a guy behind me without a mask so I asked the guy serving if there serving people without mask he said no.So I placed my order only to then see he served this guy and another couple.I ordered 60 dollars worth of food.I had to cancel when speaking to a manager who called herself Medina she said we are not the mask police.With that being said I'm requesting this store be investigated

Adam Harris

Unfortunately, when I was here they prioritized online orders, even when the line was out the door. They should be trying to minimize the number of people in their restaurant during COVID-19, instead the line was long when I arrived and even longer when I left!

Victoria T.

They messed up one of my online orders. My order had extra fresh tomato salsa (order number 1) while the other had no fresh tomato salsa (order number 2). Upon opening order number two, after stirring around to look, we see there IS the tomato salsa in it and also NO MEAT when it was a steak bowl. I call to explain they did one of the orders wrong and they explain to me extra tomato salsa was requested, to which I have to explain that only one order requested that. I even reviewed my online order receipt to ensure I didn't make an error myself when entering the orders. They said they could remake the order or issue a refund. We had to drive back to get the new order and made sure to double check it was correct this time. If the order was correct then it'd be more stars with how quick and easy it was to get my online order. They have tables near the front door with the name of the order printed on stickers. Just grab and go! Hit and miss with accuracy of online orders. I'll still be returning to this location since it's close by.

Nylisa V.

My experience at this location was mediocre. First thing first! There were several customers who did NOT have a mask on while waiting for To-Go orders and in line for food. So that bothered me how no employee brought attention to those customers. Second, I ordered a steak bowl with rice and beans. The amount of rice and beans they served was sad. It seemed they were being cheap with it. I am used to great, big, bowls full of rice, beans and the meat. After adding toppings (sour cream, corn, salsa, lettuce) it still seemed like a small bowl. My first time trying this location and last. Next try will be the location on Del Paso!


Rude staff dont ask them to double chicken They add you 4 small pieces in $2 And this happen all the time

OnlyHalfSane Void

Great food and fast service from a friendly staff. The portions were perfect in my burrito, same as the ingredients.

Nestor Finney

From time to time when we go out at least once a month we go and have food over here. As usual we went out with a couple of friends and decided to go eat here. They had a bit of a wait but We were seated fairly quickly. We enjoyed our drinks and it did not take too long for our food to come. As usual it was good and we have a good time sitting there and talkin. The wait staff is fairly attentive even though that they were busy. We will definitely come back again.

Giovanni Segura

ordered two bowls with toppings and both of them are halph empty. This is unacceptable for the extra charges I paid

Dallas M.

First bad experience at this location. The girl who was working was doing everyone's food by herself so I felt bad and was being super understanding and nice. But I felt rushed and yeah I understand your coworkers don't want to help you but please don't throw my food around especially when I'm paying $40. Then you throw it in the bag and you seen that the guacamole went everywhere but you walked away. I didn't even have to ask for a new bag from the guy working the cash register because when he looked in to ring up our items he was even in shock about how she put everything in. I rather go wait in another line at any other location.

Jacob K.

I love chipotle and it hurts me to say but I found a piece of avocado along in my guacamole, and a piece of charcoal off the grill in my meat.

Walter V.

Employee at this location were extremely rude. Just chatting amongst themselves, barely acknowledging the customers. Kept whining about wanting to be off. They were terse and abrupt when they did speak to me. One of the employees was off the clock and he was walking around with his mask halfway off his face (this is during the pandemic). He brushes by me while I was standing in line. He proceeds to order 4 entrees to take home. Jumping ahead of his customer who got to listen to him complain for the next 5 minutes. There's another Chipotle 2 miles from this location. I'll never come back to this one.

Jessica S.

Very disappointed the person making my order voiced outloud that the steak was dry, I advised that I did not want that steak if it was dry she continued to make my food with that steak. She ignored my husband when he was asking for certain items. I also paid for chips and salsa and she didn't even give me half a cup of salsa. Now we spent over 30$ on food for stale steak and a tiny bit of salsa. Not going back to this one ever! Also would love a refund. The burritos were tiny square burritos and one wasn't even wrapped they just threw it in the bag.

Nick K.

So I just left chipotle and this is the burrito that t I recieved not just mine but my daughter's also and then I paid for chips and salsa and they didnt even fill the small ass container they gave me. The burrito literally fit in the palm of my hand, so lets just say that we wont ever be coming back to this location ever again, so others beware!!!!! Also, the serving area was a complete mess, no covers on the meat so our burritos are also cold, I should of left when I walked in but was super hungry, lesson learned!!!!

Thomas Y.

I ordered the Keto Salad for dinner. Brought it home and was so disappointed. Smallest salad I have ever had at $10. The chicken was old and hard. Only had lettuce, chicken, guacamole, and cheese. Didn't even fill the plate. Sucked.

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