Taco Bell

2921 Advantage Way, Sacramento
(916) 285-9512

Recent Reviews

Suzzie Mcgreen

They have great 5 dallor craving boxes. They are of good value and very good. They also have a really good veggie burrito.

Walter P Hopkins

Good comes out fast and is tasty. Senior drink is only 27 cents with tax. Friendly staff and service.

Devin de Silva

Consistent, good food. It was late, so the meat was s bit too dry, buy sauce worked that out

Dana Nichols

Cashiers need more training on gift cards. If I buy 5 i dont want to pay 5 separate bills

Troy T.

Great service MARICELA...I get large orders all the time. Perfect execution. They normally are missing items or sauces. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Valeriy Of Chaos

I understand that it was 4 in the morning, so I would have pardoned the service; but the only way to describe the food that I received is simply unacceptable. Everything was cold, tasted old, dry meat that was also missing the typical sauces, and the soft tortillas had hard edges like they had just been left out for hours. I ate it because I was actually pretty hungry, but wouldn't be too surprised if I end up with food poisoning.


It's a Taco Bell like any other, but this one at least seems to have had recent renovations. It was for the most part clean and the service friendly. And new diet Baja blast whew!

Norm Stuart

Super clean restrooms. Don't like the new order it yourself system. Easier to order from a human.

Debby O

Food was not hot enough for my liking. Great customer service friendly and always smiling

Angelica A.

Can anyone tell me why I pulled into the driveway at 11:17pm with only one car ahead of me to order (by this I mean to actually place my order but more cars clearly ahead) and finally got my food at 11:44pm. This Taco Bell has always been trash but it's the closest to me. Manager sucks and clearly knows it by having this continue to happen and too coward to address the issue

Bette L Hall

Try the Gordita! It's delicious! The wait staff were really friendly and patient with my ordering. I wanted to take my time with my ordering and they didn't mind.

Wale A.

Just very nice burgers. Very tasty meat.

Lizbeth Hernandez

Great with the service, food is somewhat alright , greetings on time & patients .Iâ??ve noticed that costumers(us)seem to ask for a lot & feel like there in a experience restaurant i would request that if you want high speed and quality food services go to a place where youâ??ll demand fast results-got to understand that thereâ??s levels to this Industry & need to show patience and understanding towards the workers & timing donâ??t take your bad Energy towards them . Nice clean atmosphere always have there sauces on stock lol , love the hot ð?? .i loved the ferry dlt now gone sad ð???ð???

Alexander Steele

Food came out fast and exactly how I ordered

Daniel S.

Most fast food joints are scrooge mcducks about their ketchup and sauces. This place hooked it up! Actually friendly and polite staff. Pleasantly surprised.

Walter V.

The worst Taco Bell on the planet... and I've tried them all. Don't expect to get your food within a reasonable timeframe. My longest wait an hour and 15 minutes. And that was with only 10 cars in line. The employees are sloppy, rude, and borderline hostile.

Tim Saechao

Gave it a 5 because I don't believe it deserves a 3.6 (at the time of this posting). I've been here many times and the 4 is mostly because this is a WAY better Taco Bell than MANY Taco Bells. They've always gotten my order right (with the exception of my drink when I ask for no ice... Lol) but nobody is perfect. Being a guy that started in the fast food industry, I can tell that management is superior than many other fast food places

Aaron Andres

As far as Taco Bell in Roseville goes this one is my favorite. It is clean, bathrooms are not locked, and lots of room. In the drive through. The one on Foothills is harder to park at and the drive through sucks. You end up blocking people all the time.

Nick Kumulian

Can't get an order right and take your Money before they tell you that they are it if something that they already knew about. Tools you your boss would hear about it Marco! Next time have some manners before some one walls in and mops you up little buddy.

Lil Georgie

I went here to grab a quick bite through the drive through. There was a long line which was understandable, However when I reached the speaker I was greeted with "what do you want" and was just an absolutely rude employee and he never repeated my order, all he said was my price and that's it. And once I reached the window the employees were just there at the having a conversation laughing while im sitting there waiting for my food. After I got my food I received the wrong meat and the wrong order. Worst experience at this place! Those Young employees need to work on their customer service!

Delesier Carver

Taco Bell is something they cant hear from out side when you ordering so have to give them a 3 star

Joshua Mckinney

I always enjoy eating here. Fresh hot food and friendly staff

Erikka Robinson

There season fries are fresh a no hard and cold

Wendy G.

This is awful and not appetizing at all. I'm am very disgusted by the lack of service I was given. I waited 30 minutes for this ! Consider closing down overnight or hiring actual workers who are willing to put in the work to keep returning customers !

Ian R.

The owner has to come here and work with his bare hands. He doesn't know how awful his Taco Bell has become. I would be embarrassed to run this business! Shame on you bro

Vince Y.

I come here often after school is out because mu daughter likes TB as one of our fast food choices. This time it is in the summer and school is out. I went in and ordered. The cashier was friendly. When I got the meals to-go, there was no bag given. Just 2 boxed meals. So when I asked for one from this woman (possibly manager?), she was very rude and did not answer me. Her lazy ass just went to some worker on the line who was wrapping up orders to get me a bag. Seriously, this lazy trash B could not be bothered to say a word nor get a bag herself. She had to get another worker to get it. She is obviously throwing her weight around making others handle tasks that she could. Queen B needs to be gone. She will be as none of these managers last more than a year or so nor the workers. Bye Felicia! No wonder this place has a 1.5 Yelp rating. Service has been negative always here other than the cashiers have been mostly friendly. At least the Taco Bell on Northgate and the one on W. El Camino have much higher Yelp ratings, service and better management than this Del Paso one in North Natomas. I do recommend patronizing those ones instead!

Big Mic

Taco bell is great... Just don't go to this location, don't know what it is about Natomas fast food spots but this is the line every weekend (this picture was taken after 10 minutes of not moving, and the drive thru line is enclosed so you can't bail).

Bryce A.

This is literally the worst Taco Bell ever. And I love Taco Bell, so it's gotta be pretty bad to give it one star, which it is. They either mess something up or forget something every time. This particular time I've been waiting over 30 minutes for my food. Like I said, worst Taco Bell ever.

A.A. Butt

I really like Taco Bell Nacho fried, egg potato skillet, spicy potato tacos and nacked egg tacos. Its just hit an miss though. Sometimes things r fresh and sometime NOT!

Linda Matoske

Customer Service was great. Food was made fresh, my wait time was the time it took them to make it.

Sarah P.

Talk about slooooow! We came in on a Saturday night, drive thru was packed to be expected on a busy pre holiday weekend but still..it was sloooow! Spent a good 20-25 mins just sitting in the drive thru with about 4 ppl ahead of us..seemed a little lengthy to me.

Jenny S.

The SLOWEST drive thru experience I have ever had. We approached the drive thru acknowledging there was a long line, but figured we'd be in and out within 15 to 20 minutes tops. NO! It took us 27 minutes to get through the line, order and get to the window. Then an additional 6 minutes sitting at the window after we paid waiting for our food. As far as the quality of the food goes, some was nice and warm while other items were barely lukewarm. Definitely not going to come back here if I can avoid it! A trip that was supposed to save us time ended up costing us 30 minutes.

Cole G.

I was here maybe about a week ago. Myself and many others waited over 45 min for our food. The manager refused to come out and give people refunds so we could just go home. Every time I've gone here service has been unusually slow. Will absolutely never go here ever again.

Noel B.

This place was terrible, I don't hold fast food places accountable for great customer service because it's fast food. But I don't appreciate shitty service and associates with shitty attitudes. It should not take 17 minutes for a Chulupa $5 box, a cheesy Gordita and nachos bell grande. This experience has forced my hand to not return to this location. The staff yelled at this old lady who went to the bathroom and while she was in the bathroom, her number was called and no one answered so the order was trashed. Mind you there was only 4 other people in the restaurant. It was my party of two and another Party of two elderly customers. The restaurant wasn't busy the drive thru window was busy but the dine in area was not overwhelming to the point to lose track of the dine in orders. It's not rocket science to see who orders for dine in and or drive thru? And the lady at the register shouldn't have spoken to the old lady who must have been close to 80 years old because she was asking about outdoor seating because the restaurant was too cold for her and not one of the staff acknowledged her presence. I just wanted to say my piece. I know fast food isn't the easiest place to work and it's a thankless job but at the same time this old lady may have been annoying but not to receive the treatment she got during the 19 minutes I spent here that I can't get back.

Christina Granum

Got hired in March 2019! I love my job! I enjoy all aspects of my new position. I am over joyed with my manager Amber sheâ??s the best overall. I greatly appreciate the customers and mostly my regulars they make my day. Thank you kindly to all who took the time to submit a survey for me. I really appreciate those who recognize my great work ethicsâ??s and all the compliments I received and continue to receive daily. Being a Taco Bell worker means a lot to me. I am fortunate this position was giving to me. This opportunity has been the best job decision in a few years. I will follow through with what I do by me demonstrating excellent customer service to the public.

Damien Alexander

Ordered steak crunchwrap which was cooked to perfection. The service was quick and courteous.

R S.

One of the worst Taco Bell I have been to. This place is always understaffed. They always have long lines, long wait time. Staff is not very professional or friendly.Management/owners don't give a damn about their customers.

Shayla S.

If I could give this place a ZERO I would! Let's start off by saying when we entered we noticed an employee sitting on a stool at a monitor playing on her phone. The next thing we noticed was how disgusting the lobby was. Food on many tables, trashes over flowing, floor was super wet in front of the soda machine. We ordered 2 $5 boxes at 9:30pm and didn't get them until past 10pm. Ridiculous! We saw people who came in behind us getting their food before us. As we were waiting we heard many employees cussing at each other, loudly. Mind you the lobby was full of customers waiting just like us. We were not the only ones shocked by what we heard. Then we hear employees screaming to go lock the doors a little before 10pm, one of them told a customer that they were closing the lobby an hour early with no explanation why. They were turning customers away as they came in. Once we finally got our food we noticed how sloppily put together it was. The soft tacos had meat on one side but not the other. The burritos were barely wrapped. This place is so poorly managed. Can't believe the things I heard coming from the employee's mouths, if they don't know already, it's a pretty wide open place so voices tend to carry but the employees don't care anyways. Why would they? They aren't managed. We will not be returning.

Melanie W.

Just go some where else. Attempted this place many times and each time I get frustrated to no end with the wait time in the drive thru. Last time we went I ordered a mexi melt no pico and was told they "ran out of mexi melts" so i ordered a soft taco no lettuce and melted the cheese at home (same thing) Then we tried to order the same thing at west sac taco bell (because we dont go here any more) and was told " we dont make them any more" ahhhhhh okkkk now I get it. Parking lot really stinks too. Save yourself the aggravation and eat some where else.

Jay D.

Smh !!! Horrible customer experience 5/25/19.. waited from 3am-4am to receive service, and when the young Caucasian male with the forearm tattoo finally spoke, I was told he wouldn't be able to take my order until 5am. I know the system has to reset that early in the morning, but the communication for the exchange could have been way better and quicker. No empathy at all, reassurance, or apology. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to this Taco Bell after 2-3am. Should be a option for no stars