Tropics Ale House Midtown

2001 J St, Sacramento
(916) 594-7286

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eat shmoogle

The nicest staff I've met so far in Sacramento, didn't eat, but the beverage choices were numerousFood: 5/5

Jorn Guilbert

Went Sunday 1/22 for the playoff game. The service was nice, but not good, there were 2 people working the floor of about 40 people and I saw them behind the bar working also. Maybe somebody didn't show up for their shift. The sound was of lower quality (that's my deal, so I don't hold that against them) but was really loud, at least in the corner. I really don't like having to literally lean over the table to hear the person I'm talking to.The food was pretty good however. The fish tacos and pork mac-n cheese were excellent. The fish and chips were really good, just a small serving size of fish but the fries even though seasoned were just ok. The Upcountry burger was just bland, no flavor at all.So, would I go again? Probably not, but I think the food is overall good enough that you should at least try it once.

Mondo Madness

Definitely a cool place to come hang out and enjoy a beer in Midtown! Gotta come check out DJ Bingo!! Man that was Fun! Definitely a fun-loving atmosphere!!??Food: 4/5

Adri L.

I like this place! I think it has a good vibe, some good food and a great beer selection. It can get a little loud but the service is always great! I love their happy hour and it's a great place chill and talk to people. The last time I went they ran out of the beer I wanted and the server suggested several alternatives and brought me two to taste. The bar wasn't very busy but I feel like he always gives outstanding service no matter how crowded the place gets! I'm sorry I don't remember his name but I"ll update this the next time I visit.

Adrian P.

The food is pretty darn good for the price! The beers are also good. They don't mind giving you their thoughts on the drinks and always willing to offer help. The service is great, believe that! The ambiance is really good! If it's not too busy they'll make sure you feel like family. You can sit anywhere, and they have deals all the time. They also do trivia nights, and discounts on stuff during major sporting events. There are so many TVs and I usually find myself watching 5 different games at the same time... it's beautiful!

Jazmin H.

Omg, where do I begin. I wish I can give 0 stars. This place is garbage. Quality of service and food is bad. Place is dirty and so are the employees. Servers do not aknowledge costumers at al, it takes like 20 minutes to get a drink. We decided not to order food after seeing how unsanitary kitchen staff were. How is this place still open, Health Department should do something.

Drake L.

Definitely don't bring your families here. It's a pity what goes on right under the owner's nose. They should rename this place the cocaine Cabana. yes you read that right. If you come in here don't bring your families. It's a shame what you will observe if you just watch the staff along with the lowlifes who continuously share cocaine amongst themselves there. I witnessed not only the staff but also some regulars going into the male bathroom stalls to do cocaine together apparently this happens a lot here. Definitely not the place to bring your family.

Jarred D.

Tropics Alehouse is a chill place for happy hour. They have really good deals for cocktails, beer, and bites for happy hour (ranging from $6-8)! The selection of beers is really good too. It's quite spacious and good for big groups. Service was quick and very friendly. Definitely have to come here again for happy hour!

Alex Mayou

Always great food and service. Also has an amazing gluten free pizza crust.

ellen m.

How have I lived in Sacramento so long and not appreciated Tropics Alehouse? 1. Sunday ticket = Buffalo bills airing live despite your zip code 2. Masubi bites 3. LEGIT chicken wings with real blue cheese 4. Your choice of local beers on tap and/or TOPLESS mimosas Lovely bartenders (Jaysah & Santiago) who welcome you in and keep it fresh.

Mia D.

I've been here a few times with friends and family and loved every time we've been here. Everyone here is super friendly...patrons, chef(s), servers, bartenders, (game) hosts, etc. It's always a friendly environment whenever we walk in here. It's family friendly and that's easily an A+ in my book. They have tv's all over the place so whether it's any sports game or a trivia game night, it'll be an eventful day/night. I try to order different items every time I'm here so I can give a thorough review of things I've tried. I've ordered the Boneless Hawaiian Honey Bourbon BBQ Wings, the Golden Coconut Shrimp, Buffalo Cauliflower, Steamed Edamame (Roasted Garlic), Soft Pretzel, Vampire Slayer Pizza, Hawaiian Style Poke, Spam Musubi Bites, Loco Moco, Surf Sesh Poke Bowl, and the Kalua Pork Mac. Loco Moco and Spam Musubi Bites. My only grip about these two items is the rice. I'm full on Asian (Filipino to be exact) and I eat A LOT of rice. The rice that has come with these two items was hard and super crispy. It was a mix of overcooked and undercooked like it was still raw. I didn't like it. I think I ended up with a broken filling because the rice was THAT crispy or undercooked. I've ordered these two items more than a couple times to see if it was a fluke and the rice has ended up the same way each time. Other than the rice, the Loco Moco itself and the spam musubi without the rice were super yummy. The Loco Moco was filling while the Spam Musubi was a good appetizer, even if you wanted to share them. They are super cute. It's like they cut two regular sized Spam Musubi and cut them into 4s so that it's 8 bites. The Wings were delicious. I could easily eat this as my main meal if it came with more than just one order. The Hawaiian Honey Bourbon BBQ was tasty, finger licking good, and delicious. It had the right amount of sweet and tangy that had you wanting more of the sauce. The Golden Coconut Shrimp were super crunchy. I normally don't like coconut but you can barely taste the coconut on the shrimp. It adds to the crunch of the shrimp. I could've easily eaten more of these as well, as a meal and/or just an appetizer. It's served with their Ginger Sweet Chili which adds a little twist to the normal sweet chili sauce you would eat it with. The Buffalo Cauliflower was surprising to me. Who would've thought veggies could taste so good if you added some sauce and made them taste like wings. It was a good trick on my taste buds because I really thought I was eating boneless wings instead of cauliflower. The buffalo cauliflower are beer-battered and fried. It's tossed in buffalo sauce and comes with ranch that they make in house. It's a great addition and super yummy. The steamed edamame with roasted garlic was ok. It's one of those items that you just eat if you are heavily involved in conversation and you don't want anything too messy. I think if they added a little angry sauce with the roasted garlic sauce I think it would added a little umph to the dish. Otherwise, it's just meh. It's still good but it just needed a little bit more flavor to it. I love flavor. Can you tell? Soft pretzels are always good when you have know suck up the alcohol while you're filling your belly. It comes with 3 pretzels and they are soft and warm when they arrive on your table. It's served with cheese sauce and mustard. I love grainy mustard with my soft warm pretzel. It's soo good with whatever I'm drinking so that's always a plus too. The vampire slayer pizza was so good but it took awhile to receive. It's made in house and not frozen. It comes with white sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, red onions, fresh garlic and then of course topped with fried garlic. I do love me some garlic. It was delicious. I should've asked to add some pepperoni and italian sausage to put it over the top. I'm going to have to try that next time. My favorites are definitely garlic but

Felipe N.

So there's nothing special about the buffalo wings at all? (Same item, same price. Even though it's on the specials menu) lulz. It's like going to happy hour for beers and paying the regular price. Maybe a Larry David moment, but am I right?

Nathan Lehmer

Amazing neighborhood bar and grub. Great food, amazing people, great drinks, great location. Can’t come up with a single downside to this spot. Such a great midtown sac spot!

Justin Fryklund

Great place. Went during happy hour and had a great deal on happy hour selection. Dinner had the fish and chips and was excellent but a little smaller portions. Great place to have drinks and dinner as a very relaxed restaurant and very friendly staff.

Christopher Carson

As a consistent customer of this bar I have to say this is some of the best service, food and drinks in all of midtown. Best happy hour in Sacramento for food and drinks. Staff is very kind and often times you see the owner inside bussing tables and doing everything he can to support his staff. Best place in midtown to watch football or any live sports. Best meals are the spam masubi, and drunken chicken.

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