Wayside Noodles

3551 Truxel Rd Suite A3, Sacramento
(916) 285-9611

Recent Reviews

Julia P.

This place is amazing! I almost always get the beef stew soup and it is delicious. Any meal I have tried has been delicious. The staff is friendly and the restaurant is open for takeout or delivery.

Giselle N.

Love the staff, and the charsiu bahn mi was delicious! They practiced social distancing guidelines and made things easier for us since our hands were full with our baby. Their hospitality is definitely what is bringing me back soon!

Sal S.

If you want the real deal holy field PHO!This is not the place for you.Take the drive & look further.The broth is just salty & herbs,not authentic.Definitely will not be returning.

Michael R.

Went there last night for a pickup order and was pleasantly greeted by 2 employees..felt welcomed right off the bat! Ordered 2 sandwiches and they were perfect! So good and the thai tea was on hit too not to mention young lady hooked it up with a extra one so that was definitely cool...i never do this but i totally forgot to tip so incase yall reading this i got you guys fat on the next one which will definitely be sooner than later!! Highly recommend this place!

Susan Vang

Their pho is okay, it does it job when you're craving for soup, but I love their special Vietnamese Sandwiche!!! Customer service is good and it's been a good experience for me every time I go there.

james davis

1st time here very impressed with food although the cook disappeared for a few minutes and things got backed up

Laura B.

I love the vegan menu so much. Their food is always super tasty and I like to treat myself to their Strawberry Shake with at least one appetizer. So good.

Shirley Cruz Rueda

I love their Vegan Menu.

Chelsea H.

I love this place. I treat myself to one lunch takeout per month and I continuously choose here! I always get the phó and I love it. The owners are super friendly and always remember me when I call in my order. I'm planning on ordering my phó today, even though it's 100 degrees today! Always delicious.

Felicia C.

We ordered takeout, and they took an extra $5 on our card without consent. Never coming back here again.

Tracy Ciambrone

To say I'm hooked on chicken pho is an understatement. I'm here at the least once a week. I've never encountered a single issue. The pho is awesome and the staff is down to earth and so nice. So glad I found this place so close to work.

Honey D.

this has been my go to spot for like 10 years. amazing food always. so fresh and tasty. also the vegan menu is incredible! i order off both menus because it is all so bomb.

Lia S.

I first went to this place during the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge and was really excited about how many offerings there were. I just ordered take-out last night and was happy to find they still have a large vegan menu. I got the Teriyaki Tofu & Panko Eggplant, which is the closest thing I've had to tonkatsu since going vegan. I also got the Creamy Artichoke Wontons which tasted just like a cream cheese wonton. I will definitely be back! There's a lot more vegan items to try

Danielle G.

Not only was the food horrible the place was absolutely disgusting!!! I will never go back!

Karen G.

Best food ever! Friendly staff & they have a whole vegetarian menu . I highly recommend this place!

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