Acacia House by Chris Cosentino

1915 Main St, St Helena
(707) 963-9004

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Ant Tur

Overpriced and dry steak. Pompous owner who cannot take criticism. Wouldn not recommend the "lobster".

Jen W.

I have mixed feelings about acacia house. We spent the night at las alcobas and decided to eat here for dinner and breakfast. Different thoughts for each visit which led to me realizing that the service and food here are both inconsistent. For dinner, service was extremely slow. We didn't meet our server for quite awhile after we sat down at the table. Finally, we saw someone emerge from the back. No greeting as of yet. We did eventually see him go to another table and let them know about the specials of the evening. Once he got to us, no specials whatsoever. I overheard something about a steak and had to actually ask him about it. Anyway, we finally ordered our drinks and food. We received our starter before our drinks came. Frustrating. When I did finally get their signature margarita las alcobas, I was glad that it tasted amazing. Probably the highlight of the meal. Anyway, for our entrees, we ordered the steak special and the pork schnitzel. We absolutely loved both of them. Cooked well, seasoned right, tons of flavor. We had a meyer lemon dessert with lemons picked from our server's tree. I thought that was a super nice touch and it was delicious and light. The food at dinner was a success but the service was definitely lacking. For breakfast, service was also up and down. Food was just ok this time around. We started with the breakfast pastry board which was passable. For our entrees, we ordered the avocado toast, add smoked salmon roe, and the fried chicken sandwich. Don't get me wrong...the fried chicken sandwich was put together really well with a super large portion...but it lacked any seasoning. Bummer. We also chose salad instead of fries but it came out with...fries! The avocado toast was brought out to me but I couldn't find the roe. After flagging down the server, she had no idea and went back to the kitchen to find out. She came back to tell me that they were out. Usually, this is something you are told prior to the dish being served, no? Disappointed, for sure. Anyway, it's safe to say that acacia is hit or miss. Food at dinner was better than breakfast. Service was meh all around. With a little bit of work, this spot could be a gem.

Joey M

This restaurant is my preferred one. I eat in a lot of restaurants but to this restaurant I keep coming back again and again. The team is very amicable and the food they offer is so flavorful. I never decline to have a good dinner here. I highly recommend this place.

Stacie J.

The night before going to Acacia House in St. Helena I was at Chef Cosentino's other restaurant in San Francisco, Cockscomb. Two out of 2, 2 days of good eating at 2 restaurants by one chef.....fuqn amazing!!!! Acacia House is a beautiful place to have lunch located in what seems to be an converted Victorian Mansion. Ahhhh yes the's really clean, fresh and farm-to-table-ish. I live an hour away from Napa and would drive up every day if I could. I had the must comforting meal of tomato soup and a Croque Monsiur.....just Telicious as my nephew would say.....Fuqn Telicious.

jennifer b.

We had an amazing dinner at acacia house. Great service/food/setting. Colin our waiter made our experience fantastic.

Cliff L.

My wife and I stayed at Las Alcobas for my birthday. We heard the Acacia house was very good so why not give it a shot since we are staying there. So our first night we had dinner here. I ordered the Prix fix dinner which was very good! My wife ordered the monkfish. Both we very good and the service was excellent. The next two days we stopped by for breakfast. Their breakfast is very good. My wife has the continental each day. On one day I had the two eggs breakfast while the second day I had the breakfast sandwich. Both were very good also!!! Long story short, very good food and extremely nice employees!!! Only short coming is the small menu. Not much to chose from. So staying anything longer than 3 days and your almost eating the same thing. Still a great spot.

Marty Piombo

Beautiful spot - outdoor eating if nice out

robin tully

We had a fabulous dinner. The meat and sides were perfectly cooked. The waiters were top notch. The whole atmosphere is modern and tasteful, we had a wonderful evening. Nice wine and spirits selection. Special date night evening.

Christian C.

Came here for my birthday last night and, well, didn't exactly love it. I was debating between a 2 and a 3 star review. I feel that the food itself is worthy of 3, but I really didn't enjoy it.....I have come to realize that I am just not a big fan of Chris Cosentino's food that much. At his restaurant Cockscomb, I felt that his food very much encapsulated the ethos of 'more is more', and there was a similar sentiment here. Now I know and won't be making the same mistake again. It wasn't so much that the portions were too big, just that I felt they were out of balance. Too rich and too much protein seemed to be the theme of the night. Duck Breast - HUGE portion of duck and not enough of the apple and endive. The sunchoke listed on the menu was a relatively small dab of sunchoke puree underneath everything. I guess I wasn't really missing it, as I felt it didn't really add much to the dish in the first place. The apple was good, but I wish there was more of it. The endive was nice, but, again, it didn't really balance out any of the richness of the duck or anything texturally interesting to the dish. Also, the duck was a bit too rare for me. In retrospect, I should have sent it back to have it fired up a bit more, but I started with the end that was cooked more and by the time I got to the other end, I started to notice it getting chewier and chewier to the point where I was just over it and could not eat any more. I noticed that they only fired one side of the duck, as the bottom was really red. I generally prefer my duck to be a bit more on the medium side with a little red in the middle only, and not all the way to the bottom of the breast. Brussels sprouts gratin - Total miss for me. The bechamel and cheese did nothing to balance out the pungent flavor of the sprouts. I figured that the brussels would be roasted or fried first to add some necessary texture and crunch to them, but, alas, they were not. Basically they were stewed in cheese and cream. Unnecessarily richness that did nothing for the dish. The flavor of bechamel is mild, and the least they could have done is put a more pungent cheese in there to play off the sprouts. Oh, and there was supposed to be bacon (aka brussels' best friend) in there. I tasted no bacon. Patatas bravas - Meh. Potatoes were nice and crispy, but there was too much aleppo pepper and not enough aioli. There was also no romesco sauce like I have seen in other iterations of this dish. Basically, the dish was dry. The cocktails were very good, however. The margarita and the drink with mezcal and prickly pear were both awesome. The service was generally good, but they forgot our second round of cocktails and we needed to remind them. In general, I would say that this is not a bad restaurant, but it certainly is not for me and I have no desire to return.

Steve J.

We arrived on the last day of Restaurant Week, and ordered the croque monsieur, that was preceded by tomato soup, and finished with chocolate pudding. The entire affair was a sloppy inedible mess, coupled with terrible service. Burned toast w a VERY thin slice of ham, drenched into oblivion with a slop of watery/dripping w grease gruyere. Inexcusable off the menu fare milking diners for 100s of dollars. Rather throw my money in a ditch. Shame on you 4 taking advantage of a disgusting money grab with terrible food.

Erin B.

I went to Acacia House for lunch during the January 2020 restaurant week and it was phenomenal. The tomato bisque was a perfect blend of creamy parmigiana cheese and fresh tomatoes and there was a touch of olive oil. The duck confit on frisée was delicious. The duck was cooked PERFECTLY and the frisée salad with lardo and radishes was a very large portion so I was unable to eat the dessert which was a chocolate pudding .... I ended up taking it to go because you know, it's just chocolate pudding right?? Wrong! The chocolate pudding was more of a chocolate ganache and it was amazing! If you like chocolate with salt that's creamy and decadent you will definitely not be disappointed by the dessert. Every dish I had was excellent. I can't wait to return to follow up on the consistency of the food here .... I might make it one of my staples or go too places for excellent food in Napa Valley.

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Went for restaurant week. Enjoyed to food and wine pairing.


Thanks, Karen, for taking such good care of us. We tried the squash soup and scallops as starters. Then for mains the rigatoni and the malfadine (beef with noodles)- both HUGE portions. No room left for desserts. Completely enjoyed this dinner!

Mahwish R.

It was my first time here last Wednesday afternoon, and the restaraunt did not disappoint! The decor was so modern and aesthetically pleasing. The location is just beautiful with amazing views of the valley! And the house itself is so cute and classic. I made a reservation in advance, but I don't think one would've been needed because the place was pretty empty at the time we went. Very quiet and nice. The servers and host were all so kind and friendly! 10/10 Now to the food... just delicious! It was lunchtime and I ordered the burger, friend ordered the avocado toast with smoked salmon. The burger was delicious, but honestly tasted just like an in n out burger except bigger. The avocado toast however was probably the best I've ever tried! We also ordered the burrata appetizer- super flavorful and yummy. And lastly, the apple cinnamon crepe cake- and I've never had a restaurant dessert better. I'll forsure return for brunch on the weekend! I loved this place. 9/10

Tyler Anneliese Moselle

Wished the porch seating was available, but the nouveau-Victorian parlor-style interior was beautiful. Breakfast was delicious and the coffee was magnificent. It felt a bit like we were being rushed when it was practically empty. We were catching up with local family, and despite noting my birthday, that went completely ignored as well. Probably wouldn’t visit again due to the awkward service.

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Acacia House by Chris Cosentino

1915 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574
(707) 963-9004