Build A Scoop

424 E Hospitality Ln B-7, San Bernardino
(844) 872-6677

Recent Reviews

Lura W.

Great gelato and easy to use the check-in coupon. They have premade creations which is what I picked, or you can create your own, which could easily get very expensive. The only thing I didn't care for is there was a weird smell kind of like an old skating rink and it made me wanna leave because it was giving me a headache and I felt nauseated, but I had already ordered so I had to wait for my order.

Lexi V.

It's very similar to a la minute in Redlands. Really yummy! But poor guy was working alone and was so busy. It takes more than A few minutes to make each ice cream so the wait was long. There for sure needs to be 2+ people at a time. -the toppings are mixed in the ice cream, ask for light. They put a lot to where it can be overbearing.

Lenny C.

The presentation of the shop was very hip and cool. My daughters loved the gelato and watching their gelato be made was very cool. Very good flavors and and we will definitely be back!!!

Melissa H.

Great place to go. Watch your order be made in front of you. Nice old time feel but still modern.

Matt S.

The experience was better to me than the ice cream. The kids loved all the smoke and the service was top tier. But the cost of the ice cream didn't really match the price to me. But overall if you add it all together it's a 4/5 for me.

Marina P.

This place is so cute! Emily served us tonight and she was such a great beautiful soul. So kind and sweet. I appreciate her patience with us.

Veronica OBrien

I went to get some ice cream for my daughter and asked for vegan ice cream. I ordered the biggest size they had of red velvet with oreos and she charged me $17.72 (with tax). Then I seen the list on the counter for the vegan flavors and red velvet wasn’t on it. So I told her that I had asked for vegan flavors and she said she doesn’t know which ones were vegan. I changed my order to peanut butter ice ice cream with oat milk and oreos and she wanted to charge me again. I told her I had asked for vegan as soon as I walked in so she didn’t charge me again. When I got home my daughter told me it didn’t have oreos in it and I was overcharged. My daughter told me that I was charged double and they didn’t even get my order right. I would not recommend this place if you’re vegan. You will not get your order correctly and you’ll be overcharged. Veronica

Melanie T.

Super fun & yummy spot. I had the Lemon Meringue (ahhhmazing), my friends had Birthday cake and Banana Cream.

L.g. S.

The Gelato is refreshing and DELICIOUS. The staff is very accommodating. Please give them a try

Chanda C.

Toppings! Great spot but they ran out of regular milk for my milkshake --- that's okay, Almond milk works too!

James Hartsfield

Recommend visit, love the concept and gelato. Will return after I shed a pound or two. LOL.

Mark N.

Interesting little ice cream shop. Everything was done fresh and the employees are friendly and very knowledgeable when it comes to their flavors.

R. M. D.

Cool spot, steam punk aesthetic and ambience. Very clean and tidy establishment. Service was pleasant and engaging. The Gelato treats ordered were absolutely delicious ? and fun to watch in the making. Would definitely recommend!!!

Wendy D.

First time at Build A Scoop. Such a cute interior with a nice photo wall on the side! They make your ice cream right in front of you, and it came out DELICIOUS. I ordered vanilla frozen yogurt with Oreos and strawberries. 100% recommend! Perfect dessert spot to go on a date or with some friends. Outdoor seating has a couple tables.

Andrea N.

Delicious !! It was such a great experience for my boys. They were so excited with the dry ice experience and were supper happy to choose their own toppings.

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