Burger Mania

930 S E St, San Bernardino
(909) 885-7226

Recent Reviews

cesar h.

Definitely a great Burger Joint! The Mania Burger meal is everything!

Dan Reade

A solid burger spot in San Bernardino. Pluses are the portions, which are large, and the fries and onion rings: even when we were stuffed, we kept nibbling on the fries and onion rings because they were so good. We also got a burger and a pastrami sandwich and these were fine, but the bread was dry and the meat somewhat lacking in flavor. Overall, though, this is a nice little spot.

Alba Reyes

I ordered Pastrami Sandwich Melt with fries, but overall I was disappointed. The Sandwich size was big with a lot of pastrami on it so I was hoping it would taste great. Unfortunately, the bread was soggy, oily and very salty.the cheese wasn't melted all the way and the pastrami meat didn't look nor tasted fresh and it also had too much oil. The fries were thin cut fries and they were also very salty as well. I had to throw away the fries and half the Sandwich because it was overwhelming salty. The one positive and the reason I am giving the stars is because of their service, the cashier was nice, she deserves 4 out of the 5 stars. But I'm only giving 2 because of the food.Good:Portion sizeFriendly ServiceBad:Quality of foodSeasoning of food

Elizabeth Howe

Great Customer Service,Fresh and delicious. Grand portion. Ate inside clean and pleasant EXPERIENCE

Karen Davis

Everything was really good nice atmosphere and large variety of choices. Definitely will be back!

missvanessa91 Morales

Best of the best ??. Everything is delicious ? staff super friendly and professional clean beautiful atmosphere. Best San Bernardino burger Stan ? love it ? ?.


I would say this is one of the best places to get hamburgers in San Bernardino the people are always friendly at least every time I go in they are the food is always great in the big part is they're not very expensive I normally get a hamburger special haven't tried anything else but that's well worth it. The biggest part is a friendly staff in the quality of the food and they're not overly expensive.

Anita Lambert

Enjoyed patty melt made as requested. Servicer friendly as always..

Ronda Mitcham

Steak sandwich full of fat. Fries were reheated. Bacon not fully cooked on BLT.

Arthur Juarez

Sad service. Breakfast there was horrible, and I'm being as kind as possible.

ken hardiman

Great....the food was goodie and excellent service.

Linda Monville

This was my first time there and it's sooooo amazing, I'll difentally go bk.

Michael Crosson

Excellent stuff and self serve refills on horchata, Jamaica and Orange Whip!!?

Keirstyn C.

This is not my first time here. Not even my 10th. I've been coming here for years. But I think today may be my last time. Today I found not just one hair, but a handful of hair fried into my French fries. I understand one hair sometimes gets into food, but this is unacceptable and a clear sign to me just how unclean this place is

Elia C.

Not sure if this info is correct but according to drive thru receipt servers name says its Generic L. Not only was our steak dinners delicious but the attention to detail from the Male cashier was just amazing. His costumer service was amazing, to a point that he took it upon himself that we had everything we needed for our meal including the A-1 sauce, ranch dressing you name it . Greatest experience ever, thank you.

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