Mariscos Kikas

424 E Hospitality Ln Ste B8, San Bernardino
(909) 381-0141

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Gustavo J.

Always great customer service and friendly staff! I have tried multiple items from the menu and have not been disappointed! Surf and turf burrito is my go to and it's always delicious! Highly recommend Mariscos Kikas!

Roberto M.

The best ceviche in the are muy bueno muy bueno good Service And professional very cold beer I will recommend this place 100%

Eddie C.

Tastes good and pricing is alright for the amount you get. Overall not a bad place to eat, but i have not tried everything.

Victor Villa

Not as good as it looks, very Spicy food. If you like you will enjoy if not, ask for something else that is does not have chile

Gwen S.

My husband and I eat here multiple times a week. The food is amazing, priced right and the staff is so welcoming. Shala and her father are awesome. Food is always fresh and tasty. The breakfast carna asada burrito, carna asada fry and taquitos are fire!!!

Tiffanie K.

A friend and I had a lunch date here on Saturday for lunch 6/9/22. I found this place here on Yelp. Very poor service. We ordered 2 micheladas cashier never brought them to us. I had to go up and remind her. Then when they were finally brought to us they were very salty to the point of not even being able to tolerate. Cashier re-made them but had an attitude. Ceviche was tasty ; however serving is small and served in a black cheap plastic bowl. Update - Eva was rude and did not have customer service. Eating a burrito/ taco at the cash register and forgetting our Micheladas?? Definitely not good customer service . Then later trying to charge us for 2 extra tostadas after her mess up. That's goofy.

alondra banda

The food is delicious & they’re very fast with their orders. Also the customer service is outstanding will definitely come back

Becky G

If I can give this place no stars I would! The staff is so rude and disrespectful! As I was looking at the menu to see what I wanted to eat and waiting on a friend one of the crew members approached me and said "if your not going to buy something you need to leave!" Mind you I was there 2 minutes! I asked to speak to the manager and they said there was no manager! And the owner Sheila is the one that set that rule! I felt embarrassed and discriminated!!! Will never go back to this place!!

Paul Andrade

I go to mariscos kikas at least once a week for lunch. On Wednesdays, any surf and turf entree gets you a free surf and turf taco. The portions are huge and perfect for sharing.The fuego fries and papitas are my favorites right now.

Antonio M.

Love coming here during my lunch. Great food, great service and ambiance. They have daily specials Mon-Fri. Keep in mind they get slammed during lunch so order ahead through their website or phone. Always enjoy my food.

ʍøяɓɨđ øղҽ

Good food but a little pricey. The taquitos were really good and my girlfriend really enjoyed them with the beans and rice. I had the campechana and it was good and had a lot of octopus and had really big shrimp in it. The micheladas are ok but overly priced for what they are. I will be back for the food.

Becky G.

If I can give this place no stars I would ! The staff is so rude and disrespectful! As I was looking at the menus to see what I wanted to eat and waiting on a friend one of the crew members approached me and said " if you're not going to buy something you need to leave " mind you I was there 2 minutes! I asked to Speak to a manager and they said there was no manager there and the owner Sheila is the one who set that rule ! I felt embarrassed and discriminated! Will never be going back to this cheap no class place . To the owner, please reach out so I can eradicate you on how to Run a business!!

Derek W.

My wife and I ordered a beer battered fish burrito and grilled shrimp burrito. The beer battered fish was mostly batter as you can see in the picture. There also wasn't much cabbage or cheese, mostly just tortilla. The grilled shrimp burrito was also disappointing. I counted only 5 shrimp in the entire burrito. There was a lot of bell pepper, too much in my opinion. For $13 per burrito, the meal was pricey and not worth it. We would only come back if they added more seafood.

Brittanie M.

I'd previously eaten at this restaurant a few times. The service was good and the food was good as well. The reason I am giving them a poor rating is that I work in the same parking lot as them and have been going to them since they opened at 9AM. Ordering online at 9AM. The problem I have is that 2 times I've been to this restaurant and I've tried to order food once at 9:45am and the other at 10am. This morning while trying to order food I get there and the signs say open. There google listing says they're open at 9am. The worker in the front sees me trying to open the door. She says we're closed. Walks away and ignores me. I'm knocking on the door to ask what are their hours because there is no signage on the outdoor that says 10am??? She then says no we've always opened at 10 and walks away. Previously I would have referred this restaurant to anyone. But now with the girls attitude I wouldn't think about referring any one. In my photo I have an example of where I ordered online between 9am-9:15am and my order was ready for pick up at 9:27am. How could this be when according to her "they've always opened up at 10am"??? Update: So you walking away from a customer trying to get information isn't having an attitude? Ok then, we won't say you had an attitude, we'll say you're RUDE. And since you can CLEARLY state everything else... then why are your business hours CLEARLY NOT stated outside the door. Your looked me in my face and told me you open at 10am. I was there this morning at 10am and you still told me I'd have to wait another 10mins for you to open. You expect your patrons to wait because your business can't open on time, ok? Thank you, I will have a blessed day and will no longer be doing business there

Aaron A.

Good food but really expensive. Massive size breakfast burritos tasted amazing but with a drive over $20

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