Mariscos Kikas

424 E Hospitality Ln Ste B8, San Bernardino
(909) 381-0141

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Stefan M.

Great food, hospitality and ambience. I appreciated the fact that they don't go cheap on the ingredients. We had the shrimp cocktail and fish tacos. Lots of large quality shrimp and fish with great service. Will be back to try the asada and pastor tacos!

Alyssa T.

Wonderful service, and great food, plus the establishment is always clean. ALSO chilaquiles are delicious!

Beverly M.

Delicious Shrimp cocktail ! Super tidy place! Great service ! staff very attentive and friendly!

Nick B.

This is the best Mexican food I've had in the IE. And I've been to many spots from the fancy ones to the hole in a walls. The establishment is clean and has vibrant colors inside that shows appreciation to the culture. Nellie provided great service, explaining all of their best dishes. Next time I look forward to their shrimp ceviche and breakfast burritos. Fantastic spot all around!

Romulo L.

Okay, picture this: you walk into Kika's, thinking you're just there for the legendary chilaquiles. Spoiler alert: you end up getting way more than you bargained for - in the best way possible. The chilaquiles? Out of this world! I mean, if those perfectly crispy, salsa-laden chips were a dating app, I'd swipe right every time. But here's the plot twist - the super-friendly staff at Kika's not only filled our bellies but also played Cupid! Thanks to their magical mix of charm and cheer, what started as a casual lunch turned into securing a second date. Yep, you heard that right. Who knew a plate of chilaquiles could be the wingman I never knew I needed? In all seriousness, if you want great food, a laugh, and maybe a little romance in your life, Kika's is the place to be. It's not just a restaurant; it's a love story waiting to happen. Second date, here we come, and it's all thanks to Kika's!

Rick J.

Good Nayarit style mariscos, depending whos working the kitchen portions go from modest to good.

Lex G.

My husband, our baby and I ate for the first time here and we were not disappointed. Delicious and authentic food and customer service is awesome. Our server Arianna was excellent. We ordered the taquito combo , quesadilla kids combo and ceviche. So many yummy options and we are excited to go back!

Ro J.

Great spot in San Bernardino, close to Loma Linda. Huge portions, great food. Excellent service.

Amy G.

Food was very very good customer services was awesome and the cleanliness of the restaurant was excellent the lighting and the art decor was great

Nancy F.

From the moment you walk inside you are pleasantly greeted with the warmest hospitality. The menu options are carefully crafted for all types of palates including options combining surf and turf deliciousness! The food is nicely plated and the taste is exquisite! The quality is impressive and the prices are too. The atmosphere is lovely and very clean. No shame- I've been a repeat customer and plan to remain one. Looking forward to our next visit!

Jasmine M.

best place in San Bernardino hands down food was delicious great flavor great drinks great customer service thanks to mark and any for making this an amazing experience y'all should check it out awesome vibe. great music.

Sara T.

Food was really good and the candy shots were along with the Michi. The fish tacos were also good.

Richard M.

I have never left review on Yelp before, but the food and service I ate and received today deserves the highest of accolades. If you are on the fence at all about whether to eat here, or you do not know what you want, I guarantee (as much as a stranger on the internet can) you will have a fantastic experience. tl;dr: This was the best Mexican food I have had since moving to California. The taste, service, dining room atmosphere, and value start to finish was worth every penny and more. Your only regret will be not ordering more. I saw Octopus on the menu and decided on that right away. I also ordered the tacos Al Pastor. I lived in Japan for a few years and used to get octopus somewhat regularly. I have tried preparing it at home because I enjoy it so much and it is a difficult enough ingredient to prepare that I have missed the truly delicious octopus since moving back to the states. It has been nearly 15 years since I last had octopus that comes close to what I had today. It was tender, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned and prepared. It was truly a delight to eat. The portion was generous to the point I felt I had underpaid and the speed with which it arrived was remarkable. But it wasn't just the octopus. The greens were fresh and varied, like a spring mix, so that they didn't feel like fillers. The seasoning and sauce was phenomenal and developed flavor not just an initial taste. It had depth and you can absolutely tell from the presentation, from the first bite to the last, that the person who prepared it must care about the food they are sending out. Everything, everything, from the salsa and chips to the guacamole and greens was incredibly fresh and flavorful. The tacos al pastor were heavenly. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly plated, and filling. The entire meal was balanced and you can tell that a great amount of care and thought went into every detail. It's quality that you can sense and appreciate even if you cannot put your finger on exactly what makes each individual part stand out. The atmosphere was such that you noticed it initially, and pleasantly, but it did not interfere with conversation or dining. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Last, but (as cliched as it may be it is warranted) certainly not least, the service was perfect. The people who helped us were people. Sincere, polite, professional, but true people. I love food, and if you love food you know that a good meal can be inspiring and leave you feeling as though more than just your hunger has been satiated. This was one of those meals that you think about when you go out to eat again. It's the kind of flavor and preparation that you tell people about and compare future meals against. It is not just worth your money to eat here, or pick up food from Mariscos Kikas, but it worth your time and thought. It is the kind of meal that feeds more than just your belly. I will be returning, and often, and you ought to as well.

Joseph H.

Amazing food and amazing customer service ! Augachile is on point and the oysters were fresh! Worth checking out

Joel Villegas

Kikas was a great find. One of the biggest shrimp cocktail I’ve had. Quality, fresh seafood.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Shrimp Cocktail

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