Phil's Charbroiled Burgers

835 E 3rd St, San Bernardino
(909) 884-0564

Recent Reviews

Jose Lara

I see why this place is highly rated. Don’t let it’s looks fool you!! The pastrami burger I got was OFF. THE. HOOk. Definitely worth it and for the price? You’re paying the same amount as any regular fast food chain for a better quality burger.

Jorge R Torres

I have visited Phil's very frequently with my family. The hamburgers are delicious, the house sauce is tha BEST and the fries are well seasoned and thick. I would recommend .

Susan Gonzalez (Suzy)

I been going here 4 a few years they were very good when i 1st started going here ,but lately the hamburger bread has been hard n nasty ?, all my cheeseburgers bread i got 4 combos that day, but their fried zucchini r really good


literally so rude. the asian lady that runs the restaurant looks my mom in the eye and says “your english is bad. you need to make it better.” racist

Templeton Benner

The large hamburger and fries no relish I took away one star ,because, first I called on the phone and I was told t

James Velasquez

Phil's is a great local spot for breakfast and lunch. Simple menu and good food. Definitely come here if you're looking for something quick to eat.

Gerald Blake

Excellent Pastrami sandwiches and the onion rings are a little crispy, just the way I like them. Highly recommended.

Mz. Yvonne

I love this place so much the fries are good the burger has big chunks of onion and lettuce it just reminds me of a good old school Burger sorry no pictures because I ate it so fast it was delicious

James Reed

Everything I ordered was good. My sister enjoyed her food to. Glad we made it before the line got long.Small place with limited seating and small pArking lot and can be very challenging to find a park.

Mario Molina

Not bad,this hidden gem has great potential if they expanded their menu slightly,keep breakfast all day long and maybe setup some outside seating ,the staff and cook were friendly and the prices are reasonable, its definitely a must try and ill be back next time I'm in the area

Valerie Edwards

The food is amazing. My family has been going there for as long as I can remember. If you like pastrami sandwiches, Phil's is the place to go as well as their CharbroiledBurgers. I don't eat redmeat, but their turkey burger is also amazing.

Amethyst Kitten

Sorely disappointed with this establishment. The cleanliness is not to par. Fingerprints and dirt build up on table edges and chairs. The menu is taped to another dirty menu on a dirty metal lid. . Just take off old dirty menu clean the stainless steel lid, place a clean menu and repeat as needed. Clean your windows, windowsills and dust your blinds. Also the door and its handles thank you. Please keep in mind there is still a pandemic in our country. Now to the food. It smelt so good I ordered a vegetarian omelet it comes with hash Browns and toast. The vegetarian omelet was missing some ingredients and had other ingredients such as an Anaheim pepper in it. I was really looking forward to the avocado that was missing and I cannot finish this because I can't eat spicy peppers. Its not too hot but the expected flavors are worng ? the hash is more like mash with a slightly crispy outer layer, even my toast was stale. Too far to drive back and really don't want to.

Mark Schrader

I have been eating at phils for 32 years! They have good food, the fries are ok just need to be more crispy for me

Marisela Reyes

Great burgers. They provide fast service and even take phone orders. Have stopped going to in n out because of these burgers. Hidden gem in SB.

Timothy Crowhurst

Pretty good breakfast burritos. The restaurant has been on the location for quite awhile. I always like to find the local favorites and this one does not disappoint. This place gets a high recommendation.

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