Phil's Charbroiled Burgers

835 E 3rd St, San Bernardino
(909) 884-0564

Recent Reviews

Marisela Reyes

Great burgers. They provide fast service and even take phone orders. Have stopped going to in n out because of these burgers. Hidden gem in SB.

Timothy Crowhurst

Pretty good breakfast burritos. The restaurant has been on the location for quite awhile. I always like to find the local favorites and this one does not disappoint. This place gets a high recommendation.

Raul Diaz

Great-tasting burgers! The service is quick and the fries were spot on. My only reason for the 4 stars is that the inside of this joint is worn out and some table definitely need to be worked on, which limits indoor seating.

Arlene Hamilton

I showed up here the other night and found that some new remodeling has happen, the wall were extra clean this evening, looks like they just painted not too long ago. The floors and table looked like they received some extra special attention too, meaning they either refinished or new.

Lili L.

Always delicious each & every time I go. Service is good and fast too. I like to order the Jr Cheeseburger Meal & it's just enough.

charlie seanez

If you live in San Bernardino you have probably already ate here... solid food for lunch and breakfast. Good breakfast burritos and burgers. Quick bite and good food...

Pablo Olavarria

Food quality and pricing, facilities were inadequate.Not clean enough in and out.

Rick Barrios

So I haven’t been to Phils in quite a long time since they sold the place because of the new owners weren’t serving the same pastrami. I just gave them another shot and very disappointed very disappointed ordered eight pastrami sandwiches and one of them was almost completely bread no pastrami. My family and I will not be going back there ever again!

Raquel S.

I lovveeeessss their thousands island sauce soooo goood even all the fast foods were BOMB !!!! Good deals !!! Come and check it out !!!!!

LaDonna Edenfield

Love the food! Love, love, love it! Traveled from out of town for it!

Elizabeth C.

I dnt know what the hypes about. Its a plain no season patty and unseasoned fries. Its very affordable 7$ for a cheeseburger combo. Other than it being affordable I wouldn't drive to it and it definitely was not char- broiled... it was cooked on the griddle. I only recommend it if your budgets tight.

Jack White

The staff is always courteous and helpful, as well as patient. The prices are always good, and they are generous with their portions. You can't argue with that. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But their Pastrami Burger is amazing and worth trying once.. You won't regret it.

Charlotte Benitez

Great place to get a bite to eat and if you're looking for a good pastrami this is definitely the place same owners for years mom and pop business no dining in at this time because of covid but all in all a great place I would definitely recommend it its a small place kind of hidden if you're not really looking for it one thing to remember is the place does close early

Tracie Montgomery

I have been going here since 1988 and the food is still Great!

Donald English

Food is great a little expensive they don't have bottle water or sugar free gatarade it's take out right know I got a club sandwich Fry's my wife got pastrami sandwich zucchini and soda my daughter got avocado baccon cheese burger soda it came out to$34:89 three lunch meals kind of expensive

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