Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

1064 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 881-8400

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Dannya Mishelle Martinez

AVOID THIS POPEYES AT ALL COST!The staff is rude and incompetent. Not only do they not care about reading the order to get it right, expect to wait an hour to receive your food and another 20 to get the right food. Every staff member had an attitude even when met with patience but we simply wanted our food to be correct. Also, if you order for pick up, expect to repeat your name 5x to each to and every staff member as they all seem to have short term memory loss. Instead of fixing your order they will take the easy way out and pick it out i.e. pickles on sandwiches etc. Beware if you have allergies as the people at this establishment could not care less.


I ordered online and when i went to pick up my food i got off and walked to the door. As i tried to open the door it felt like it was stuck. There was a sign on the opposite door that stated PULL OTHER DOOR. So THATS what i did! A young girl came to the door and opened it with the most rude disrespectful attitude and told me i need to go through the drive thru n if i was dumb! I will never go there again. None of the employees there should be working customer service AT ALL. I will make sure any of my friends or family go there again.

Currey Panda

I wish I could find the receipt to my last visit here. Just so i could take the survey. The younger gals at the drive thru were so sweet and nice. They were fast and the food was a hit. Thank you.Food: 5/5

eva malverde

My man that is not my mans ordered the box with shrimp and chicken, and he paid FULL price and everything and he only got 1 order of only shrimp no chicken, my baby is gunna starve and not just that he paid in FULL thats money he’ aint getting back and im NOT ok with that

Daisy A.

Dining area is usually always closed. Drive thru only and expect to wait at least 30 mins in line. Service is always slow.

Jocelyn O.

Sad that they no longer have the 5 pieces for $5 or $6 dollars so I was forced to buy the 11 piece family meal. It comes with 5 biscuits and 2 large sides for $24.99. Even though we still love their chicken, bring back the valued prices!

Christian Marrujo

I will not ever order any food from this location.While doing uber eats orders I see how sloppy and careless they are with their food items.They stand and talk taking over 10 min to fill out a chicken tender box going at the speed of one tender per minute.All of this is happening while flies are going all over the chicken that is sitting under the heat lamps. Do not ever come to this Popeyes location


They won't let u order inside,gas cost to much to be sit'n in a drivethru!!!drive-thru!!!! SO I went Kentucky Fried chicken

Jazzmin G.

Zero stars poor service had no pickles and no ice and did say anything until we paid and was waiting for our order got home my soda was flat and nasty

Anna G.

The cashier at the drive thru window, Alexandra, was extremely rude. On top of that she gave us (1) sauce for a whole (11) piece family meal. It's crazy when they act like it comes out of there pay. Lol I would avoid this Popeyes, food was not fresh at all

Kay L.

I'm not sure why the ratings are so low for this place. The food tasted like it was supposed to taste and they didn't get my order wrong, nor did I have to wait in line forever. So I ordered a 2 can dine meal with 5 pieces of spicy chicken, red beans and rice, coleslaw, and 2 biscuits. That was $10. Then I added 2 large mashed potatoes, and a large Mac and cheese, and 3 extra biscuits. The total was $31. The prices on the app are not the same as at the store though. I really like their mashed potatoes with gravy. My one issue with them is you don't get to choose what type of chicken you get. I wanted all dark meat but I got a breast, a wing, a leg, and 2 thighs. We don't like white meat so the breast was wasted for the most part. Idk why they couldn't just give me a thigh instead of the breast. It's smaller and cheaper so they would have saved money. So, unless I could actually choose my chicken pieces, I won't be going back.

Olga & Stephen

Honestly it was our first time getting the family meal. And let me tell you the mashed potatoes with the gravy was awesome we super enjoyed the macaroni and cheese. The crunch to the chicken was the best from now on we for sure will be going to Popeyes to feed our family instead of KFC. If you haven't tried it you have to try it the biscuits were super soft super moist and very enjoyable.

Yolanda Rosales

My husband went to a local Popeyes and paid over $20 dollars for two three piece chicken meals and soda. He drives home only to find three chicken strips, flat soda, no ice and had to drive back to return the food. I called this location thinking it was the other that messed up the order. Got a young girl Yesenia who says she is the manager. Extremely rude, hearing herself talk, not listening or should I say unwilling to listen, when I wanted to know is if they had fresh chicken and fresh fountain drinks so my husband might go to their location. Hung up because I can't stand toxic attitudes and people. We the American people work hard for our money to be treated like dirt by these fast food joints, over priced meals, with people who probably BM on the food. Popeyes is a disgrace!!!!

Maria Perez

Wen Aug 24 ? My order was terrible. Coleslaw was sour and mash potatoes saggy ordered 12 pieces got 2thighs, 1 breast ,, 4 legs the rest wings. Was very disappointed with order.

Tranquilino R.

Don't waste your time waiting to get an order take too much time.. everything is already pre-heated.. had to wait over 30 minutes for a online order

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