Seattle's Best Teriyaki

424 E Hospitality Ln B1, San Bernardino
(909) 386-0540

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Balc Bar

Local favorite ?Restaurant quality, fast food.Spicy chicken plate is my favorite, but everything is great!Support Small businesses and remember that it is good, so there may be a 15-20 minute wait?Vegetarian options: You can make just about anything a vegetarian optionKid-friendliness: Ana is the best, she is very efficient and extremely friendly!Parking: Easy to find parkingWheelchair accessibility: Small dinning area but wheelchair accessible

carlos flores

Good food and quick service. Seating limitedFood: 5/5

Brigitte Little

My salmon plate was excellent. Came just for that. Friendly and clean.Food: 5/5

Huy D.

Highly recommend this place. The Teriyaki Chicken was delicious. The price is reasonable for the whole meal. Service was fast even during peak lunch time. I will be going back and will be bringing my friends.

Ryan S

Almost walked of this place because they took a 1/2 to bring my food, but MAN it was phenomenal, the teriyaki spicy chicken I recommend, delicious

Janelle R.

Over priced. Took forever and portions are super small and greasy. Was a shame since I was super excited to try this.

bryan Rasmus

It was good and fast. The food tasted good the only thing I wished was the A/C worked a little better inside but after all the building is older hahah. Besides that the place tasted really really good. Great little place to go eat.

Blue Dream

Stopped by here as I was in the area and was craving teriyaki. The place is decent and the lady at the front that helped me was nice. They did have a sign that said they were out of Sriracha and I cannot have teriyaki without my spice which is why I deducted the extra star. The food tasted good, and the teriyaki has a good flavor. I will definitely be back to try more items in their menu but will bring my own hot sauce next time.

Connie MK Reyes

Been going to this place since 2011, great food, nice atmosphere and always happy when I leave Mahalo ?????

Zack P.

Great teriyaki and good sushi. Friendly and Family owned. The Soup is the best soup!!

Thomas K.

As of June 20, 2022 appears to have gone out of business. At 5:00 pm tables are stacked in front of all doorways and no employees are present.

Erick G.

Felt discriminated as soon as I walk in it took so long to get attended and when she finally got to me she seemed upset that I even took steps into the building she took my order and I can see her make hand gestures to the cooks which made me feel uneasy, it's because they gave me the worst parts of teriyaki they can find even tasted like spit i was really upset money wasted... Also they pick favorites because another customer came in and she was really happy to see him and even asked if he wanted the same meal and usual which is unprofessional.

Sandra A.

I am very conflicted with this restaurant. I was very excited to try this place as I'd seen it often but never stopped. We got steak teriyaki bento boxes and when we got them were very disappointed. The serving was only about 7 pieces of meat. The taste is good but definitely not expecting this for the amount paid. Will likely not return.

George N.

I have mixed feelings about this spot. 1st time here. It was hot outside and even warmer inside? Why no AC? I ordered a combo steak and chicken and drink. The Asian lady looked like she didn't want me there?? She had a nasty attitude. Maybe she had a bad day. I don't know. Anyways I sat outside bc it was warm inside. She brought the food and almost through it at me? I was confused. I really wanted to say something but just bit my tongue. I was afraid to ask for sauces lol but I did anyways. She brought all the sauces Maybe she didn't like the way I looked. I don't know. 2 star because the food was decent. Mind you it's San Bernardino and the only reason I was there was because KIKAS next door was closed. Mexican Mariscos which is amazing!!! Sorry won't be back. I'd rather goto Donut Star off Redlands and waterman for a bowl!!! Much better cheaper and way nicer people!!!!

Fanny A.

Delicious! Good size plates and very nice staff! Below is a picture of the Chicken Katsu and Teriyaki Chicken plates.

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