Thai Place

1689 Kendall Dr, San Bernardino
(909) 887-7644

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Don Morton

GREAT place, great staff, great food! The food is very reasonably priced, especially considering the portions, and amazing flavors. Thank you!Food: 5/5

Gino Jauregui

I brought my wife to eat at this establishment. When I arrived at the location there was a lot of shady characters loitering outside. My wife said ,”I don’t know about this” but I convinced her to stay. We went inside and realized this place was tiny! We sat down ,ordered our food ,and ate. Not too bad for a little hole in the wall in the hood. It was about to be 9 pm so they told people they couldn’t come in anymore. I had my glasses on my forehead and sat them down because they we’re taking long to give me my check. When I got back to my table my wife had the leftovers in her hand so I took them from her and totally forgot about the glasses. The glasses were an anniversary gift and they were not cheap. I called the next day and to my surprise they said they did find them but did not know where they were at the moment. The girl said either the other girl or the chef had them?! Then they began pointing the finger at employees who were not working that day. Bottom line these people are complete thieves and should be ashamed of themselves.

Jennessa S.

Best food in San Bernardino, hands down. I could eat there everyday if I could. Every Thursday will have to do for now. I constantly crave it and am always recommending people to the Thai place. The cooks come out and say hello and thank me. The servers are always polite, in the best mood and great you by name. I always see the same customers in there when I either eat there or go to pick up my to go order. Their customer's loyalty alone says it all. The place is small but they are very accommodating to their customers and big parties. They make it work. 10/10 recommend.

Noel B.

I Finally Got The Best Thai Food in The IE been Here since 1992 .Haven't been for a Long time But Let me Tell You It is the Absolute Best No more Rice an Spice for me boy I miss Gordos but it all Good My Tasted Buds Are now Satisfied .I'LL BE BACK not ever Disappointed

Eric Navarro

Food is authentic and really good! Good prices not to expensiveFood: 5/5

Katherine B.

Decided to try this place out. glad i did. they also have gluten free options which is also a bonus(besides being close to home)

Daisy R.

just moved to san bernardino and wanted to try this place out! the jalapeño cream cheese wontons is what caught my attention. will definitely be coming back.

Magdalena R.

Be careful when buying @ this restaurant, I ordered 3 dishes and was totally disappointed when I realized that the portions were considerably small. This is totally dishonest; they increase the prices but at the same time reduce the portions on half.

Elizabeth H.

This place is hit and miss. But when it's hitting- you absolutely can't beat it. The portions are huge. When ordering one entree I eat it for 2 or 3 days. They will also sub in tofu for the protein to any entree. The orange tofu is amazing, and my go to is the teriyaki entree with tofu, add broccoli. We had it last week and it was amazing. I highly recommend you give them a shot. The jalapeño cream cheese wontons are so good!

Tiffany B.

This place is an extreme hit or miss. Some days the food is good, some days it's a waste of money. I recommend EATING IN only, that way its hot because as soon as it's cold you're basically f*cked.

Wendy S.

Rediscovering Thai Place. I use to go here several years ago, and not for the last 5 years or so. My friend encouraged me to give them a try again. I'm so glad I did. The food is it was back then. I live 5 minutes from Thai Place. Now I don't need to go to Highland or Redlands for good Thai food. I ordered Spicy Thai Salad with beef. It was enough for 4 people. I also got Pad Woodsen and Pad Kea Mau. Good portions.

Native Mega-Art

Thai place is super yummy ?

Ryann M.

Great Pad Thai. In fact, I have searched for pad Thai like I remember from my favorite New York Thai restaurant for YEARS, and this is the best. Great coconut lime soup too. Looks like a hole in the wall but the food is great!

Vanessa S.

My sister recommended this place and it did not disappoint. The ambiance is ok. It's clean and decent. The food was delicious. My husband and I love Thai food. By far, this is one of the best Thai food places we have dined at. I had the Green mango salad and a young Coconut to drink. My husband had the Tom Kha Kai, (Chicken Coconut soup). I highly recommend this place. We shared a Mango Sticky rice for dessert. I can't wait to go again.

Desiree G.

I love this place, bomb food! Small Place is in the corner but family owned for 25 plus years and you can't complain about the authenticity!

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