The Original Mommie Helen's Bakery

1440 S E St, San Bernardino
(909) 384-7052

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Sara Goynes

Cannot Bad mouth nothing abt this bakery 😋 other than they are the BEST coming frm Mississippi!! And every body I hve gve a pie frm here always want another one BUT won't put NO cash in your Hand OK!! So I jst don't mention the name after giving them the flyers and Menu's with the PRICE LIST !! My turn Buy me ONE this go ROUND !!! I AM DONE !! Wish we had a great Bar Be Que in the Inland Impire. Like MommIe Helen Cooks her pies I knw it would be the bomb tasty Ribs & Chicken & Links u Could get but we Don't SAD Ok! Hint !! OPEN UP MUMMY PLEASE 🙏 😢


I LOVE their carrot cake. It is unique from them. If you try theirs, you won't want anyone else's ever again. The same goes with their cheesecakes! They have plain, fresh strawberries or caramel with toffee crunchy pieces in it for the topping. Make sure you order ahead if you want a whole cheesecake! They sell out very quickly!Everything I have tried, I have loved. The staff is very helpful even when they are really busy.

David Tufts

Very, very slow service.The sweet potato pie was very good.

Latricia Evans

The peach cobbler, sweet potato pies, pecan pies, and the red velvet cupcakes are AMAZING!

Daniel R.

first time trying this did not disappoint...bought a red velvet cupcake and a slice of pecan pie...both were gone in less than 5 minutes

A R.

It is tradition to have peach cobbler and sweet potato pie from The Original Mommie Helen's Bakery at every major holiday gathering in our home. We also stop by throughout the year! Everything is delicious and the service is friendly!

Lyeshia B.

Best best best, pies and cobblers . I absolutely love this place. The people are nice. But make sure you pre-order for the holidays because the lines are out the door. That's how delicious their baked goods are.

Chase C.

Drove from Los Angeles to get the famous Dessert from MH didn't leave disappointed hopefully next time the banana pudding will be available

jackie ferguson

I spoke with a gentlemen to place an order, he was AWESOME, went to pick up my order, the young lady was very unpleasant. Where is the Professionalism in person contact.

DJ CrunchTime

Great place. Clean environment. Great and friendly staff. And the deserts and of the chain. Super good. Yummy. God bless

Melanie S.

Well, we went to Mommie Helen's in San Bernardino and we were not disappointed. I got more of the Church Cake and another slice of that scrumptious cheesecake. My Mom tried their Roseberry Cobbler, which she said wasn't sweet enough for her liking, and the Sok IT 2 Me cake. I am so glad that they come to the Farmers Market in LA because I'm gonna need my fix!

Michael C.

The sweet potato pie was great and service was heavenly. I recommend trying anything they have.


So far I’ve had the pecan pie, strawberry cheesecake, 7up cake, chocolate on chocolate cake, carrot cupcake and the vanilla buttercream cupcake. Each item tasted as though it was made with love. My only tip would be to try to get there early before they run out.

Crystal Valdivia

Tried this place for the first time and omg!!! Best strawberry cheesecake ever fresh strawberries and omg just so good definitely going back again .

Amber Joy

Tastes good every time. Sweet potato pecan is my fav! ?

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The Original Mommie Helen's Bakery

1440 S E St, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 384-7052