The Original Mommie Helen's Bakery

1440 S E St, San Bernardino
(909) 384-7052

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Crystal Henderson

It's a shame this business is sooooo far away from me....the PEACH COBBLER is Amazing. Open up in Carson! I will be there...promise

Charlotte Welch

Outstanding service and the Pies are simply out of this world. Can't go wrong when you get desserts from this great well known consistent bakery.

Brenda Jackson

I bought a whole sweet potato pie it was as if they used a ton of sugar it was too sweet.

Massie Ilori

Great food if have sweet tooth. But if you dont not like sugar rush. It like eating diabetes in every snack. They have wonderful customer service.

Sonia W.

The 7-up cake is stupid good. I just recently purchased the Peach cobbler and banana pudding for a graduation party and it was gone super fast so I think it was a hit.

Leilani M.

The sweet potato pie was outstanding. Unique flavors compared to others I've tasted. The balance of ingredients enhance the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. The substantial filling can easily be devoured. The crust was just right for a heavy weighted pie. I also tried the pecan it may just become your new favorite. Nicely toasted crunchy pecans. This place will enable you to bring hometown classics anywhere.

Victor Yamauchi

Was looking for a delish strawberry pie in San Bernardino like when I was a kid. Couldn’t find it but you guys led me here with your rave reviews.Yep. Bought a mini Roseberry pie and a bit larger peach pie. Couldn’t be more pleased. The woman helping was proud of her products and deservingly so.We asked for a small pie. She said “You sure?” Then pointed to her wall. Small was everybody else’s medium catering tin.Gotta figure out how to eat that small and not share. ? Anyways, I recommend this place without reservation…

Stephen J.

Dessert are awesome yet the 3 stars is due to the break in communication and lack of follow through. I have ordered 2 weeks in a row I have placed an order and upon arrival staff has no idea so I am asked to wait past the arrange pick up time to pick up my items.

Martha Ramirez

Peach pie was not cooked right. The crust was still raw and the filling was to runny.

Tina H.

Mommie Helen's is a small bakery located in San Bernardino CA. They are a family owned business that started out in Colton CA back in 2000. Then they moved to San Bernardino I believe in 2015...I have had them on my list forever and ever. So we decided to stop by and check them out. It was empty when we went in. We had a look around and found little selection...So I'm sure they sell out fast or maybe they just hadn't restocked their goodies yet. We decided on a mini apple Cobbler and 2 large carrot cupcakes and 1 RoseBerry Cobbler. Once we had our choices we we're greeted by a gentleman that must have been in the back baking. He welcomed us and rang us up in a jiffy and then disappeared back into the kitchen. I took a few pics of their wall of famous people who Love Mommie Helen's Bakery. It's pretty cool to see all the awesome pics! Now, on to the baked goods The Apple Cobbler was tasty but the crust on top wasn't completely cooked same as the RoseBerry But the filling itself was tasty. Just wish it would have been cooked completely through. The carrot cupcakes were tasty and moist. Overall a decent spot for some homemade baked goods. Definitely want to go back and try all there goodies to see which is the best. Hopefully the next Cobbler will be cooked to perfection.

juan murray

This is my favorite bakery! The sweet potato pies and the peach cobbler is what I always get for me and my family. Always friendly and make you feel like family. I've been getting my dessert from them for at least close to 20 years! Always the same great taste.

L Jean Reese

This IS the place to get your Sweet Tooth satisfied. Service is sometimes delayed, but there's seldom a disappointment on the product.After 20 yrs of visiting this store, though location has changed, I can see it's hanging onto Mommie Helen's legacy!

Fowaz H.

Hands down best cheese cake I've ever had in my life. Caramel cheese cake is to die for. Any of the pies are great on their own but pair them with a cold ice cream and you'll have a great dessert for your party.

Lakeisha R.

Everything is excellent!!! Mommie Helen's never disappoints. The cakes, pies and cheesecake are amazing.

Crista N.

Such an amazing place the workers were so so nice they accidentally brought out the wrong cake(no big deal) then ended up giving me a cupcake for the mix up which was soooo good!! I'll definitely be coming back here for any other birthdays coming up big thanks to the workers you guys were great!

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The Original Mommie Helen's Bakery

1440 S E St, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 384-7052