Cafe Royale

6511 University Ave, San Diego
(619) 795-0995

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david timberlake

Excellent service, food and drinks just away from all the tourist bustle. I recommend getting a reservation online to sit in the dining area instead of the bar if you are just looking to eat.

Han S.

The rice was delicious but the order we receive was wrong, my husband had fish but didn't receive it and instead when we got home we saw that it was just two dishes of chicken only! Not happy with the quality of service!

Chase “ArmoredRunner556” R

Wow! This place is amazing especially under the new owners. Muhammed is taking care of the place interacting with customers and service is great and better than it used to be. I would give it more stars if possible.

Stephen K.

This place serves good Somali cuisine. I love all the East African cuisines I've tried although Somali ranks very high on my list. I would recommend the goat, and the coffee. Also, their hot sauce is amazing. There was another chicken dish I tried that was also amazing although I can't seem to remember it.

Jason B.

Hidden gem of San Diego. It gives off a homey vibe when you walk in, the staff is amazing and they treat you with care. I love coming here on my off days to get a relaxing bite. I would definitely recommend the Goat Feast Royale. It's packed with flavor and done absolutely amazing. Their rice is delicious and has tons of flavor. It comes with this amazing green sauce that wraps the flavor perfectly together. I'd definitely recommend coming here with an appetite as the portions are astonishingly large for a fair price. Love you guys !

James M.

I've been here twice. The first time was good. I had to wait about 30 minutes even though I ordered over the phone 20ish minutes before but it made sense because I didn't realize I was calling just before sunset during Ramadan (I know, just it). The food was GREAT and I was really impressed with the hospitality because while I waited, the young man at the counter brought me figs, bread, etc... while they broke fast (quick note, I am not Muslim but I respect everyone who isn't a horrible person and that was cool to receive their offer. Today was different. I called in my order again and when I got there it was seemingly slow with 1 person ordering food. But apparently not. I'm going to call the "customer" Uncle (insert name here) because I don't know him. I'm standing behind him for what feels like 5-10 minutes while he talks to the cashier and the young man behind the counter even looks me in my eye a few times but they continue to talk. Obviously not ordering anything. I eventually get fed up and leave. My car is parked directly in front of the door so when I turn to get in, Uncle "insert name here" is looking at me. Nobody says a word! I wouldn't have accepted the food anyhow at this point because I don't beg businesses to take my money. But it goes to show that these folks don't care about keeping your business. I like to think I'm objective so I'll end this review saying, if you don't mind being treated like a second rate individual, GO. The food is good. But if service matters, try another place.

Deema A.

The one and only sumali restaurant in the area! Worth the visit! I like the sambosa and goat dish.


Decent food. Large portions. Worth a visit but perhaps skip the philly cheese steak. Great little hole in the wall spot.

Chris Holloway

my girlfriend and I just ate the lamb shank and beef suquar. Absolutely fire. So much flavor. And such a nice guest! Muhammad is so accommodating. Definitely will revisit.

Abdimajid I.

Mashallah very good. great quality. Great service really tasty. I recommend the goat plate!

Ismail Agsalud

Absolutely delicious food. Been coming for a while and the food is always worth it. They recently got new friendly owners and their portions are big and the taste is great. Wait time is isn’t long and they even had free chocolates for the kids. My favorite is the Chicken Deluxe Fries but their wings are also a must-try. 100% Zabiha so I definitely recommend, 10/10

Patricia Basaldua

Well I honestly never been to this place but I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to stop by because of its previous review however I did and I’m so glad I did because they have a wonderful burger and amazing French fries well the sauce was top notch tasted so delicious. I also had this drink which I had never had before but it’s an apple flavor but comes in a glass bottle I believe it’s an Arabic drink but definitely will be back for same meal.

abdurRahman Nelson-Bey

This restaurant is one of the best eating wonders in San Diego CA. The goat is cooled so tender that the meat falls off the bone and melts right your mouth. The brother is inviting and provides an awesome atmosphere. Alhamdulillah! The food was great. Thank you I will visit again. Salaam

Modern Shepherd

The owner told us that he actually slaughters the meat himself humanely in order to make sure everything in his restaurant is kosher and halal. Amazing! He even told us that he makes sure his to-go boxes don’t include any pork fat in the plastic since most restaurants do since it’s cheaper. Incredible! I don’t mind paying a bit more since he’s actually caring enough to use safe and halal ingredients, and labors enough to slaughter his meats and chickens in a humane way! Blessings to this owner !

Mason Allison

That scrumptious little pumpkin pie was so delicious that my friend ordered another! Thank you Fahad for the free sprite ;) lol

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