Tasty Bakery

4344 Convoy St D, San Diego
(858) 278-2866

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Lilan Huang

Really delicious pork bun and curry puff. The pineapple breads is also gorgeous. The bakeries here don’t have a high end look but they are really well made! Highly recommend!

Dj Satoda

Excellent curry puffs; that’s what the regulars order, it seems. Great prices too

Linh N.

So happy I stumbled into this bakery! Not only do they have a handful of delicious options (pork buns, pork sun rolls, custard buns, taro buns, pate chaud, the list goes on and on) the price is right and they're family owned! Love supporting local and this is an easy way to do it. I've had a bit of everything I bought and the consensus is, portions were big, fillings were generous in both my pate chaud and custard buns, and everything is just so suft and comforting. Tastes like home! Customer service was also super nice!

Jason W.

We went Wednesday afternoon and got so many buns. Steamed and baked BBQ pork buns (delicious), chicken buns (pretty good), and the pork sausage and egg bun (very good). We also got pineapple top buns (yum), coconut buns (good), and the coconut custard buns (fantastic). The guy was super helpful - you had to ask for some buns cause they're in the back. He said they bake buns Wednesday morning, so we got there at the right time. Happy to find a legit Chinese bakery.

Tammy N.

Ordered 40 pate so from here, and they were delicious! So flaky and meat filling was perfect. I called ahead a few days before, and they had it ready when I came. Great small family business and very friendly customer service. I highly recommend checking out this bakery.

Emily S.

Price is very affordable Taste and Texture are perfect Variety of flavor in buns, the taro and pork are my favorite conveniently located next to Boba Time, yummy combo

Rohan P.

I found 'Tasty Bakery' through yelp, and was initially hesitant to order a cake here, simply because they didn't have a website. Man was I so wrong about them. The guy who picked up my call was so polite and accommodating! Typically custom bakes in SD require couple of weeks of notice, and I was here rushing just a week before my wife's birthday. Tasty bakery took my order just 3 days before, and baked such a delicious cake. I completely recommend these guys!

Andrew H.

We were looking for a Chinese/Vietnamese style cake because they are usually fluffier and not as sweet. We purchased our wedding cake from them and it turned out great. The cake was not only beautiful visually but it tasted amazing. It was super moist and had amazing Asian flavors. The lady was super nice and patience with us because we were trying to figure out what kind of design/style of wedding cake we wanted.

Samantha Meckes

Little bakery great flavors . So fresh and great snacks and cakes. Drinks are good too! Already brought coworkers in! Thank you for being so close to my job! ?

Dashan M.

Wonderful selection of savory baked goods. I recommend the pa te so, it's this sort of flaky baked food that has pork on the inside. It's extremely good freshly baked as well. The other buns are also good, I haven't tried the dessert yet. 10/10 would recommend!

Briann S.

Delicious pastries and buns, and the nicest people ever. Barbecue pork and red bean buns were yummy. Desserts are over the top good. Sponge cake was amazing. Green tea and Black Forest cakes, too. Beautiful and delicious!!!

Kavon M.

My girlfriend discovered Tasty Bakery a few months ago via Yelp and it's been a favorite spot of ours since. We go at least once or twice a week and at least once during the weekend because of their curry puff item - which is only sold on the weekend. That and the meat pie puff are our two favorite items. The quality is great, and everything tastes delicious and fresh here. I believe this is a family owned/ran business and we will continue to support them.

Nha P.

Delicious cheap bread. The owners and workers are super sweet and cute :) Definitely recommend

Eptx 8.

I ordered a 6" birthday cake for my husband here. He likes the spongecake/whipped cream frosting with fresh strawberries. The cake was moist and not too sweet. The whipped cream frosting was light. There were a lot of fresh strawberries, which we really appreciated. Next time, instead of whipped cream and strawberries in the middle, I will see if they have a strawberry filling/jam just to add a little more sweetness to the fresh strawberries. We also liked the other baked goods they had like the hot dog bun, coconut custard bun, and chocolate sponge cake.

Stephanie Clark

Just like the bakeries in Chinatown in NYC. A blast of flavor from my childhood. Amazing. Best sponge I've had since I left the east coat. Everything is great. The pork buns, the curry dumplings. Try it all. Very reasonably priced.

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