Tous les Jours

7725 Balboa Ave, San Diego
(858) 836-1016

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First time there and pastries were delicious!!!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Bakery

Jade Bonifacio

I just bought a large Assam milk tea. Just taking 1 sip, I could tell it's about 90% milk! What the heck! ? Not ordering drinks here anymore. (Just the croquettes)

michael chen

They have the best choco raisin bread in the world!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5


This review is for the cake (I have never tried their drinks or other bread before). We got to H Mart in the evening to buy a birthday cake, and still found a pretty good selection of cakes. We chose the strawberry cloud cake, which was decorated nicely. The cream had a great texture and wasn't too sweet, and the sponge cake was light and fluffy. There were strawberries inside of the cake in the center, which was a nice surprise. It was a delicious cake and everyone had seconds.

Iris Feng

The asama boba milk tea is really not good. It’s made with brown sugar boba which tasted like cough syrup. I asked for 25% sugar but it was still very sweet. I asked for a refund and they helped me make that happen.

Food: 1

Service: 3

Amy F.

This was my second visit to the bakery inside H Mart, and I must say it continues to impress. The items are consistently fresh, the selection is good, and I appreciate the attention to detail with everything being individually wrapped. The check-out process is quick and friendly, and there is plenty of parking available. Well worth a visit.

Michael G.

This Bakery is located inside the H-MART grocery. Went here to pick up some fruits and on my way out passed by this Bakery, and got a Curry Croquet for a snack, you guys won't miss out on this Bakery because this is what you will pass first before going inside the actual grocery area. The filling of my Curry Croquet was tasty, the curry flavor was really in there but the pastry itself was greasy. Not my first time buying here, they have a lot of good selections of food and drinks here.

Anika R.

Tous Les Jours is located near the entrance of Hmart and you can't miss it. I always pick up a few pastries and baked goods on my way out of Hmart. All the baked goods are so yummy, but my favorite is the Garlic and Cream Cheese bread!

Miran R.

The cake we bought here, which was called "strawberry and lychee" cake, was apparently once frozen. The area that had the fruit jam was still pretty much frozen when we ate it. Either they froze it to store it longer than a few days or they always get frozen cakes from their factory, it was very disappointing because they seem to advertise "premium quality cakes" and they charge $35-$43ish for each cake, which isn't very cheap. I assumed they would at least make cakes on site and sell them within a day or so. The reason why I am leaving 3 stars not 1 star though is because the cake still looked pretty and the flavor wasn't too bad one day after, when fully thawed in the fridge. We still wouldn't buy any more cake here. I would rather go to other bakeries like Paris Baguette or 85 degrees.

Alex Kim

Great Korean chain bakery with good prices. Made fresh daily.

Noelle E.

I can't say this enough: their healthade drinks and cakes, especially the garlic bread -are to die for! Ok maybe don't take the parting ways quite literally, but just at least swing by and try their baked goodies. However if you decide to skimp and/or avoid their healthades, you're truly missing out. It's not a seat down patisserie, but the HMart food court is conveniently right across it.

Karla Estrada

Got a Ube latte I thought was gonna mix of course latte and ube I only got mix with Ube colorant and milk no flavor no coffee at allVery disappointed

emme coco

the strawberry tiramisu is so good

William Stratton

The pastries have my entire heart

Pinyada S.

Everything was good been here so many times except a customer service very slow the cashier was lazy and talked back to customer very rude.

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