Antigua Coffee Shop

1131 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 683-3259

Recent Reviews

Saxton T-J

Great! They have tons of options for everyone and it’s always a nice calming environment.My gym teacher always stops in every morning to get a juice and swears on his life that it’s the reason he stays so healthy!The breakfast sandwiches are always perfect! A great pick me up when you come in.Definitely come here is you’re looking for a good neighborhood spot before you start your day.

Jiayan Tan

Definitely try their hot match latte!

elvia doria

Horchata Latte is the best here! Also bomb breakfast bagels!!

Josh M

I wasn’t happy with the latte and lox bagel unfortunately. Something about the taste

Patrick Roob

If I could give less than one star I would. Do not come here if you’re ordering more than a straight black hot coffee. We waited 30 minutes minutes for our order including a couple coffees and food. When the lady at the cash register handed me the food, it was missing a sandwich so I pointed that out which triggered a massive attitude from her. Avoid this shop.

Fernando M.

Very nice place and the coffee delicious

Nichole Atkinson

A very warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as a very comfortable environment. Good coffee and food were available for a fair price. Many of my questions have been answered by the staff, who are very polite and supportive. The internet connection is also really strong. It's strongly recommended!

Eric Lien

The store front was full of food and container garbage on 1/20/21. I asked the girl (clerk) for the shop street address . She wouldn’t give.She lied that the garbage belong to next door, a computer shop, which is not true. I complained to the City after finding out the street address which shouldn’t be a secret.I write this review hoping potential customers would refrain from patronizing this irresponsible neighbor.

Collier Coffey

I've been at this coffee shop. I still crave coffee from them. It tastes so different from the other coffee shops in the city. Their staff are also very friendly and accommodating. Keep up the good work

Cyprian Skiba

This place has not disappointed. They have a more homemade taste compared to your chain coffee locations. To my surprise and delight they were able to make a Late with Oat Milk. So so good!

Jerald Hersey

Very beautiful place. Well designed and the food is great. Best cookie ever!

Lacey-May Schmitt

I really like the atmosphere, good coffee, and nice interior. This is a good place to study or chill with friends. The drinks and foods were all tasty and worthwhile. If you're up for a fresh place with beautiful architecture then this is a must to visit. They have also a big space for parking. Don't worry about that. Thank you very much!

Grace Fleming

It's one of the best places in town! The foods, coffee, staff, and ambiance were great and fascinating. I had proved it when I visited there last week. The place was really captivating. It was polished, tidy, and the design was beautiful. Also, the coffee and the foods that the respectful staff served to me taste better and worth it. I greatly love to visit here from time to time. Thank you!

Gabriella Kenny

I feel relaxed and alive! This coffee shop really pumped up my day because of its amazing coffee and enthusiastic barista. The service was all good, and the atmosphere was really beautiful. This coffee shop is such a nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee either with your loved ones or office mates. Great job, guys! Thanks a lot!

Harpreet Schwartz

This is my daily morning coffee spot, and it has been shortly after they opened about 2 years ago. I highly recommend because 1) the coffee is great, 2) the team is nice and welcoming. I highly recommend asking for an iced caramel vanilla latte. It's not on the menu, but it's THE BEST THING EVER.

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