City's Choice Cafe

301 5th St, San Francisco
(415) 896-1888

Recent Reviews

Paradise Productions

I told the nice old Asian man that I'd like a Turkey Sandwich on Sourdough and a Pastrami on Sourdough, instead, I got a Turkey and Pastrami Sandwich... On Sourdough... LoLBut it's Delicious!

Thomas V

This is a little bodega with a good selection of groceries plus some prepared foods. Very convenient for those with apartments in this area.

Carl I.

The food here is fire and well priced, and I enjoy picking up snacks from here. If you're hungry for a quick bite, like a bagel, sandwich, or a hot dog, support small business and drop by here.

Brandon L.

One time I needed 1 more egg for a recipe and the owner sold me 1 individual egg. Goes above and beyond if you ask but just isn't very talkative. Not many places in the city you can get a toasted sandwich for $6.50. Drinks are a little more expensive than places like target but cheaper than most of the corner stores/markets in San Francisco. Get the pastrami with provolone on Dutch crunch.

Justin K

Great little shop. I come in here a few times a week either to grab snacks and essentials or prepared foods. The business owner is very attentive. Definitely a great spot for the neighborhood. I always try to check this place out before going to a big box store or chain.

Kerry James Harris

I love the Food here and it's just like the (New York Flavor Baby)!

Dom J.

Literally costs the same price for a bottle of beer as it does at the bar. Bought a six pack of Sculpin IPA and a Bic lighter last night for $25. Insanely over priced

Shawn M.

Very convenient corner store with lots of drink/snack options. They serve home cooked chinese food during lunch and sell sandwiches any time of the day. The owner Kenny is not very talkative but once you become a regular he's friendly. The hours are pretty random. Sometimes they close early, sometimes close late, sometimes not open. Regardless, big fan of this place. Reminds me of a solid new york bodega

Angela L.

Solid little corner store. Has a nice selection of wine and beers that aren't ridiculously overpriced. There's also a drudged section of alcohol too. The store closes at 10pm on Friday and Saturday so it's perfect to pick up any last minute house party contributions. I've never ordered food from them, but there's a significant line that often forms in the afternoon when people arrive for the lunchtime rush. Given all of the options at the mall nearby, this place must really stand out judging by the size of the group it consistently draws. The owner is your typical Chinese man of few words. He comes off as disapproving dad whenever I'm there to stock up on alcohol, but I'm glad he recognizes and acknowledges me each time. You won't get five star friendly service, but you won't get a bunch of small talk either.

Darien Jackson

Pretty normal deli. I’m from Brooklyn NY and this is the closest to what I’m accustomed to back home (no bodega cat

Taj Pegues

Friendly, and good prices.


This historic building and business have played an essential role in San Francisco. If you want a freshly prepared breakfast bagel or sandwich at a reasonable price, this is a good place for nearby residents to walk to.

Reed S.

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