1400 Taraval St, San Francisco
(415) 592-9850

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Nice cafe and nice ladies working there. Unfortunately, their espresso drinks are El Crapo- sour and acidic. Perhaps the Nomads shouldn't be growing coffee after all, at least not roast espresso.Also it'd be actually nice to have your expensive coffee drink in an actual porcelain cup when dining in- not in a to-go paper cup with a plastic lid... But I guess it doesn't matter at the end, seeing how the cup won't improve the taste of bad coffee.

Javier Garcia

Great service. Family operatedGreat variety of breakfast dishes. Be back soon.?.

Robert George

Fun spot in the Sunset for coffee, smoothies and sandwiches. We sat outside but the inside seating looked cozy. The staff was very friendly and helpful with food suggestions.

Emily H

We ordered the Turkey Club sandwich, the Yummy Salami, iced caramel latte and a house coffee. Total was about $30 for two people. Between the two sandwiches, the yummy salami was our favorite because of its unique spicy jalapeño mayo. Photos are unavailable because we chowed it down pretty fast.There was only two pleasant staff members working, but we only waited maybe 10 minutes or so for our items. There are 14 seats inside and some seats outside as well. We didn't have an issue with getting seats. Wifi was also available.

Marilou Tolentino

A cozy cafe in the corner of Taraval and 24th. It's worth trying the Mexican mocha ?

Shea S.

This place is awesome. Reasonable prices and good food and drinks. Everything comes out quickly. Great curry chicken salad !!

Diana M.

El Café is such a great place to catch a quick bite! The staff is super friendly and everything is made to perfection. Some of my favorites are the Parkside sandwich, the Sunset bagel, the Mexican mocha, and their strawberry banana smoothie is delicious!

Ron C.

This is a great little local cafe. I stopped in for a breakfast pannini and it was first rate. Very fresh ingredients made to order. I was going to go to Starbucks but came here instead and I am glad I did. Would definitely come back.

Paige O.

Friendly and offer gf toast for sarnies and bagels! Outdoor seats and a park across the way. Near post office too!


Who wants to pay $7 for a cup of hot milk? I don't know what is going on with the coffee shops here in SF but only 1 shot in a 16oz drink or 2 in a 20oz and then $1.25 for 1 extra shot is absolutely asinine and this is a common occurrence at almost every other shop. You are literally gutting people for money by not giving people the coffee they should get and also gouging the price charging 350% of cost.

Juan V.

This is a good cafe to get some ice coffee . Very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy some liquid caffeine. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The Ice White Chocolate Mocha hit the spot.

Oleg H.

Basic neighborhood cofeeshop. I cant definitely vouch for coffee being superior but the overall package fits really well in the neighborhood. Also the coffee cake was pretty tasty.

Ron Mandel

This is our go to for coffee in the Central Parkside. The panini and breakfast sandwiches are big enough to share and the coffee is solid. They are lovely folks behind the counter, just be patient waiting for your order. If you sit at a table outside, they will bring your food to you.

Lili P.

Love this place and always enjoy their services. Great lattes and fresh pastries I definitely recommend this place to try !

Mark D.

As we were in the area, we decided to get a small breakfast before starting our day. As we walked in, we were greeted by one of the staff members and asked us if we needed any help. After a few minutes browsing through the menu, we decided to order the parkside panini ($9.95), strawberry smoothie ($5.75), and iced mocha ($4.65). The panini was pretty good. It was very cheesy and toasted nicely as well. The strawberry smoothie was probably my favorite. The consistency was not too thick which made it easy to drink. Overall, it was good enough to fill our tummies to start the day.

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