El Capitan Taqueria

3030 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco
(415) 494-5126

Recent Reviews

Thomas DeWitt Jr

I was working at the laundrymat next door. My associate said they make the best burritos he has tasted in San Francisco

William Stults

Beyond quesadilla was incredible!

Phil Dibowitz

The only place in the Bayview area with real guac! Their garlic tortillas are magic. Love this place.

vilma chun

(Translated by Google) Bad service burritos and quesadillas come out very watery and tasteless should improve that(Original)Mal servicio los burritos y las quesadillas salen muy aguados y sin sabor deberían de mejorar eso

Noe palacios

(Translated by Google) Rich cakes and burritos(Original)Ricas tortas y burritos

charles capenter

Very nice people and the food is great

Fahmida F.

They have a two dollar taco Tuesday ALL DAY and a free drink with any purchase! The al pastor was amazing too!!! Carne asada not recommended though but worth $2

Christian Saucedo

(Translated by Google) Tasty and good service(Original)Sabroso y buena atención

Stella J.

Delivery was great. Food not so great. I hate sour cream......guess what was on top of my taco salad. Yes, sour cream. Scooped of what I could. Wasn't worth it.

Lily W.

After receiving a 20% off card for El Capitan, I found myself wandering in for lunch one day. Indoor dining is open again, but since I live nearby I decided to do take out. I called in the order to pick up and pay at the restaurant. The order: California Breakfast Burrito: Can I just say I love breakfast, but I hate waking up in the morning? El Capitan does all day breakfast foods, which makes it great for people like me. The burrito itself was delicious. Big chunks of bacon evenly scattered in a burrito loaded with French fries, guac, and eggs. It is not a "real" burrito, but it is delicious and well worth it. I was pretty full on half of one alone. See my other posts about burritos: it should have three things. 1) Good filling (check, albeit not traditional), 2) well wrapped (check. This thing held together like there was glue involved. Delicious glue). 3) Fill you up (check. I ate half of this and was already full). Garlic Shrimp: My Mission-raised self decided to try and pronounce this correctly. I'd give myself...an 80%. She knew what I was saying, but her repeated order was much more accurate. Maybe I can say I know Spanglish... This dish was pretty great as well. The shrimp was nicely garlicky and not too overpowering. The shrimp cook was just right - not overdone and not...raw. It came with a side of warm tortillas, choice of beans (I judge you if you don't do refried), rice, and some veggies. The shrimp itself was cooked with onions and mushrooms. Side note - the tortilla chips! I love them. It's light and thinly sliced and very crunchy and delicious. I may need to just get bags of them constantly. The service was friendly and fast. They have a plexiglass guard for the staff to stay safe and practiced plenty of social distancing between her and the staff in the back cooking. Everyone was well masked and seemed to be COVID-conscious.

Whitney S.

This place does takeout! I called in and they are opened everyday. I ordered a super burrito and regular nachos. I would skip the regular nachos. The nachos were soggy and looks like they just put it together. Wasn't the best tasting nor aesthetically pleasing. The super burrito was alright but a little pricey. It's your typical burrito you would expect from a Taqueria. My burrito had very little sour cream and rice on it. This is probably the best Taqueria on San Bruno Avenue. I want to come back here but probably would only order the burrito again. The service and workers are super friendly and kind. Their service is fast too (my food was done in less than 15 minutes)!! I want to contribute to support small businesses so it's a 3 out of 5 for me!

Lexi R.

Just had another shrimp burrito and sadly it was just okay. Definitely not as good as the first shrimp burrito I had here so they need to work on their consistency. The shrimp was still well cooked! And I still appreciate that they put tons of shrimp. But I can already tell what went wrong with this one. This had far more rice and far less guacamole and sour cream and therefore was overall more dry. You can easily see the difference in the cross section between the last burrito I had and the one I had today (see pictures posted). Hopefully if you come and try the burritos, you get cook who I had on the first day I tried it lol

carol velasco

Bought 2 breakfast burrito, spinach & mushrooms, not knowing their size, price $10 each, I think. Those burrito are Humongous! I have cut into 3pc eating at break & lunch! Small complaint- to me, not enough spinach & mushrooms. Yet think slab of svocado makes this So Yummy! Flavor- Full! Also bought breakfast quesadilla. Huge! When I went, the credit card reader was not working. I had to get cash. I got a free drink for my hassle of waiting. Sweet Strawberry Water!

Nic B.

Decided to try this for the first time. Not really impressed. Chips - tasted like they'd been fried in rancid oil Carne asada burrito - the carne asada is more like shredded beef. Like slow cooked dried out beef that's chopped up. No sear, no steak flavor, just mush. Avocado salsa - tasted like the avocado in there had gone bad. Bummer

Kaylah M.

This is my first time coming here and this will most likely be my last time coming here. The customer service was terrible one of the employees was on the phone the entire time. She paid no attention at all whatsoever and when it was time for her to make my food she jumped up with an attitude. it was her and another girl they seem to be mad that they had to be at work they were also young so maybe they didn't wanna work. Maybe it's best if this restaurant can hire more responsible adults. Now let's get on to the food I ordered a burrito the burrito was very bland I ask for an extra crispy shell it's like it went in one ear and out the other I really wanted to ask for my money back but being that they are newly opened restaurant I felt bad I'll just do them a favor on never coming back here and I won't spread the word and if I do it won't be a good word!!!

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