Fifth Arrow

430 Mason St, San Francisco
(415) 872-5744

Recent Reviews

Diego Bartolomé

Nice bar to have drinks and food while you are blowing. I was there for a work reception and all was ok in terms of food, quality, quantity, variety of drinks. Many thanks!

Mike Stecher

A fantastic spot to nom and hang before a show at August Hall.

Dgfn Dimes

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Zara H.

We hosted our post wedding event at Fifth Arrow to end our wedding weekend. It was perfect for both adults (full bar) and kids (bowling and games). It fit our 90ish guest count perfectly and was super roomy. It was also right around the corner from Westin St. Francis where all of our family and friends were staying for the wedding which made it super convenient. We worked with Nicole to coordinate and she was great! They curated signature drinks, had a welcome sign for us, and they also catered some food - pizza, chips/dips, empanadas. Would definitely recommend for private events!

Preeti R.

Pre-pandemic review. We came here to celebrate a birthday and had such a fun evening with friends. Reservation and check-in was super smooth and service was spectacular. You can order everything from the menu right at the bowling lane and food gets delivered to the table. Food was delicious. There are only 3 lanes at this location but truth be told, I was surprised to see a bowling alley this size in SF in the first place. They do have a huge bar area, great spot to hang out and enjoy some beer/drinks with friends :) Will definitely be back when they open back up again!


Went for a company event. No complaints! Good drinks, good food, fun bowling. Would recommend.Keep in mind the bowling alleys are not regulation, they are smaller and use string tethered pins.

Monica B.

My previous employer rented this whole place out for a late holiday party! This was in January 2020, before the pandemic hit. We entered and there was coat check! We went to the lower level first ("the basement"), down the stairs. There was food along a wall and a line for it. There was also a bar, a couple of bowling lanes, a photo booth, a hoops arcade game, and some tables/seating for eating! The drinks we had were great and we had quite a few (I enjoyed them soo much that I don't remember what we had lol, mind you this is also a review for an event almost a year ago). We later did some bowling down there! Because my company rented out the place, the photo booth and printed photos were free! As was the bowling. So, based on that alone, I highly recommend this place for a private event! There are lots of games and activities. The photos were engraved with the company, the words "holiday party," and the year 2020 to signify the occasion! As for food, we enjoyed some sliders and tacos. Then, when we went up to the main floor, there is kinda like a large dance floor space in the middle. This venue used to be Ruby Skye, and I think they still do live music events/concerts here. Along each side of the dance floor area, they had tables with more buffet food. Finally, you can go up to the mezzanine level! It's fun to people-watch down from this level. There was a hidden speakeasy bar on this floor too. The one thing I would point out for a space like this is that it's so large and expansive that it may be hard to find your friends here haha. Like you can be on completely different floors or in hidden rooms on a floor! Overall, the vibe of the venue is really hip and I really enjoyed it! Make your events memorable by booking a sweet space like this.

paul m. carey jr.

It used to be the old Ruby Skye nightclub managed by my friend Reggie from around 2002 until 2017. The original venue was a movie house convert to a nightclub called Ruby Skye then in 2018 it was converted to the FIFTH ARROW RESTAURANT at Geary and Mason in San Francisco California PS anyone coming to San Francisco you have to come here.

Adam Dicker

Good food and great fun

Katie V.

This review is overdue! Fifth Arrow donated food to our hospital staff at CPMC 2 days in a row last week... and both days were tasty!!!! Fried chicken & mashed potatoes - YUM... and a Ruben sandwich that was delicious. We greatly appreciated their thoughtfulness AND tasty eats.

Emma W.

(Pre-quarantine review). Can't speak for the food, but customer service is tops here. We stopped by after watching Cursed Child at the Curran Theatre around the corner for a few beers with friends and it was super chill - we could actually hear each other talk, which was a huge plus for a bar on a Friday night. If you like games this place is for you. They have bowling, arcade games, and a ton of boardgames scattered about. The staff came by with waters unprompted and checked with us a few times for last call for food and drinks, which I really appreciated. Our friends got a pizza, which smelled and looked excellent. Would definitely go back. Great space for a special event.

Nicole Smith Daniels

Cool little bowling alley and restaurant.

Katherine N.

Updated- I changed this to 4 stars because they write me to try to make amends (greeter was sick) ------- Is it a bowling alley? Went in and nobody greeted us and we were confused because we were looking for a restaurant....

Kimberly L.

Came here for a birthday dinner and bowling tonight, it was surprisingly really good! We got some food and drinks before heading to bowling. We tried the wings, sliders, mushroom pizza, sausage pizza and the chopped salad. For bar food it was actually pretty tasty! I was impressed. The service was good, we had a few minor mishaps but nothing crazy. After we finished dinner, we migrated our food and drinks over to the bowling alley. With only 3 lanes, we got an hour in but it was fun and I hadn't enjoyed the techno music! I'll definitely be back.

Viktor I.

I was celebrating my thirtieth birthday. I reserved the bowling line trough the yelp and it was super convenient. Just choose your preferred time and lines, you can pay online with a plastic card. Then you receive a confirmation letter and it is done! Don't forget to read the service policy about the max quantity of people for one bowling line, socks and etc. But first of all, you have to find this spot. It is kinda hidden because of reconstruction process of the building. The entrance is right under the August Hall roof. You will see the glowing neon ad "Stay Lucky". This is a way inside. When you are in, just tell the manager your name, names of your friends, if you are with the company, and shoe sizes. And that is it, when all set you can see the names on the monitor above the bowling line, pick your ball up and let the game begin! If you are tired of the game you can take some food. You can count on fast service just behind your bowling line. You don't need to go anywhere, just grab the menu, call the waitress and in a few minutes, you can enjoy your meal. One little con of service: I didn't find any special service for my birthday like a birthday cake or even a discount. But it is no big deal, course the price was not high. And the waitress is super friendly and nice, so the can't claim the service:). There are three bowling lines inside. By the way, if wanna drink something without the bowling, please welcome, there is a bar inside with pretty good cocktails. They have a small amusement park inside but it is highly likely for kids, waiting for their parents playing a real game. One little con of area: the tables between the couches right behind the bowling lines are super tiny. They are just for drinks and don't have enough space for food, especially if you are playing with a big company with other five friends. In conclusion, I would say this is a place for grown-ass men and not for kids. Enjoy your time being there like in the kinda underground club with nice service and not a pricy price.

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